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Hello, Goodbye…

I think it’s past time to close up shop here at ILB land. I don’t have a lot of WoW talk to share these days, and despite making an attempt or two, can’t bring myself to blog non-WoW stuff here, either.

But fear not!  You can find me over here form now on, instead. I promise I will still toss out the occasional flowchart, the content will just be a lot more…random in topic.

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And then hell froze over.

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Sunday Surprise

This is the only time you shall see me playing a fail angel:

“Amber, did you reactivate your Champions Online account?”


“And did you really sit there and try to recreate a Spirit of Redemption?”




Disc “vs” Holy

I was slogging through my feed reader earlier when I came across 2fps’s post here.

I can’t comment while I’m at work and I’ll forget by the time I get home, so TIEM FOR POST.

Way back in BC when my guild was faltering on Gurtogg Bloodboil I talked to the healing lead about possibly speccing into a deep Disc build for Pain Suppressioning our clothies on the Fel Rage. … Of course, nothing came of it because Holy was such a powerhouse by comparison.

Wrath launched and it seemed like Blizzard was listening to my stump speeches because Disc suddenly blossomed into a real true healing spec competitive not just with its Holy counterpart, but with any other healing spec from any other class as well.

The unfortunate fallout of this otherwise awesome turn of events is that so many priests have completely forsaken Holy altogether. …

Here’s the thing: despite your objections and your hot displeasure, Holy actually is a great healing spec with a ton of awesome tools to bring to the table and you’re only gimping yourself and possibly your raid by sticking with vehement denials.

One of the BoO “catch phrases” is that Real Priests Are Holy.  Of course half the reason anyone says this is to get my goat, but I am the only disc priest main in the guild right now.  If holy has now become maligned amongst the general populace I am certainly uanware of it.  It’s also silly.

One issue hindering the disc priest is that we don’t “stack” well.  You can have three holy priests in a raid.  Have you ever tried to raid with 3 disc priests?  If you are going with the raid Bubble trend, then what you have is three priests sniping bubble targets from each other and generally going insane. 

I don’t think that many holy priests turned away from their specs–not entirely.  Instead, I think there’s several priests out there sporting both specs.  Disc, for its many useful properties and holy for its…many…useful properties.  

The biggest bonus to disc, though, is that I don’t have this big shiny announcement to the world when I fuck up and die.

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Karma’s a Bitch

One time we were doing ToC25, and my little sister was killed by Icehowl’s charge.  I openly mocked her, as was my sisterly duty.  The very next time Icehowl charged, I died to it.

Did I learn from this karmic retribution? 

Aww HELL no.

Last night we were clearing our way to Rotface, and we pulled one of the puppies.  The puppies are always a bitch for reasosn unknown…no wait, I do know.  We’re the guild that wipes on Gunship while one shotting everything else in Lower Spire-of COURSE the mini bosses are hard.  Anyway.  I see a tell-tale fail angel and teasingly tell the priest in question, Oasic, to Desperate Prayer more.

You see where this is going, right?  Of course you do.



Mad skills.  I have them.

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AFK: ____

Last night was Beat Our Heads on Rotface night.  It not was an ideal night, as one of our tanks had gotten hacked, another tank was gone for his father’s birthday, etc etc. 

I’ve heard some good reasons to AFK in my time, included “afk earthquake” and “brb, fire”.  I can now add to the list one of our own, that in the very least is….random.

We’re sitting there almost ready to pull Rotface again when Josh answered his phone, then abruptly gets up from the chair and walks away.  I halt the raid and flail in confusion while I figure out what’s going on.  The problem?

Josh’s parents are driving home from picking his brother up at the airport, and they’re going to stop by and say hi!!!!!!


Yeah, that kind of stalled the raid.

So, what are some funny/unexpected reasons YOU have seen for AFKs?

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Rage, Real and Feigned

A lot of my infamous rage on this blog is, if not feigned, at least greatly exaggerated.  Rants are funny, I like being funny, so what could be better than funny rants?

Underneath the faux rage is, however, a very real build up of genuine anger.  I’m frustrated with some attitudes, and some people.  And some day, I’m not going to bite my tongue anymore.

It’s already starting to show.  Part of the problem is, of course, in my own attitudes.  I often tell myself, in relation to horseback riding, that the horse only misbehaves as much as I let him.  If I don’t get respect it’s because I’ve given people little to no reason to.  If people don’t do what they’re supposed to, it’s because there’s no repercussions if they don’t.

I’m standing on the edge of changing all that.  Brotherhood of Oblivion is my guild.  Not Steve’s, not Josh’s, not anyone else’s.  I do want as many people happy as possible, yes.  It is not, in any way shape or form, all about me.  But right now, it is not in my best interest or theirs that GMing BoO makes me miserable.  And you know what?  It’s making me miserable.

Not any more.

I have my pointy stick, and my sand, and I shall be drawing some lines.  If you cross them I will POKE YOU IN THE MOTHER FUCKING EYE.

/brandishes stick

/pokes self


I want to continue having fun in raids, killing bosses while having ribald conversations about buttsechs-but I want to do it without being talked over in vent during loot.  Tell jokes about how I get lost in Gruul’s and ToC, but don’t arms tank when I explicitly tell you not to.   Be my lovably dorky crew without…you know…being douchebags.

Novel concept?

We’ll see.

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