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For those of you who are mildly curious as to how my foray into high crit, low haste discing is going, Lyrandre’s stats look thus-ish self buffed:

2455 SP  (2580 w/Broodmother stacks-alas I no longer have my t8 4 pc bonus, QQ)
32% crit
6.28% haste
309 mp5

I’m in a mangled collection of  t8, t8.5, and t9.  Give me a raid with a crit chicken and I’m one happy critilicious priest.

Now I’m not prancing around in hard modes or anything, but this has been sound for normal 10 and 25man content.  10man Ulduar on Wednesday night was a bit of a mana stretch to heal, but we had one healer who was at a lower gear level and we pulled it off with minimal mishaps.   A couple of fights make me wish I was a holy paladin with beacon, which is a statement so deeply filled with irony that I actually weep inside.  I mean I was a holy paladin and I hated it. 


The penance cooldown is as obnoxious as ever, but I seem able to spam sufficient flash heals in between.  Lately Josh has been yelling at me because he blows shield wall at the same time I use Pain Suppression, but it’s really HIS fault for TRAINING me so well.  I can’t help it that our oh shit instincts kick in at the same time!





So last night I returned to Ulduar as DPS, though not on my hunter.  With a bit of wheedling I got in as shadow priest, complete with newly tweaked spec.  I was pretty consistent in topping 3k DPS, which for my nubbish state and gear still largely optimized for disc priesting, is pretty good.  Right?  Oh shut up and leave me to my delusions.

And the thing is that…well…I really likeshadow priesting.  Not more than I like healing, no.  But…about the same, really.  So in a sense I don’t mind our plethorea of priests the least little bit, because we are often shy DPS so I get to tag along anyway! 


Something about the Thorim fight made my hand hurt, though.  So many targets.


You’d think after warrior tanking, that would be nothing!  Ah, well.

In trying to maximize my DPS gear, I am reminded for the billionth time that JUGGLING HIT IS A BITCH!  I’m either way over, or way under cap, and fuck if I’m using any damn hit gems.  I sense a lot of time sitting in game with Rawr open sorting through my gear collection in my future.  It’s even worse than def cap…

Healing gear is so much easier to optimize!

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Priest: Int, Crit, and You

Yesterday there was a very good post up at Penance Priest.  Go on, go read it if you haven’t already. 

The first thing I did when I got home was to pop on Lyr and peek at my gear. 

You should power-on the intellect if and only if you are mana starved. It is a regen stat, and it is our best regen stat without question. If you end fights with half your mana and with shadowfiend off cooldown, you do not need more mana, and therefore you do not need to stack intellect. However, if you’re doing fights that require constant spamming of your biggest heals, and you struggle to last long enough, intellect is the clear choice.

In our 10 man Ulduars, I’ve gone back to being “disc raid heals”.  I support the tank healer, watch the OT, and take care of anyone in the Vibrating Crotch Pot or whatever it may be that fight.  Ignis, which can be a more mana-nomming fight for me, ran me OOM…at the very end of the fight.  Without shadowfiend (should have popped it at half, but I wasn’t watching my mana bar).  Hmmmmm.  Not bad, not bad at all.

I peeked at my gems and saw in some of my older gear…int gems.


A quick trip to the AH and I tossed those out for more SP gems.  Blues, if you’re wondering-I have epic gems only in my Uldaur25 stuff because those things don’t come cheap and I won’t use gbank supplies for that.    We’ll see what difference that makes.

My problems in Ulduar have not been mana ones lately.  They have been “oh god oh god oh god THE TANK IS DYING OH GOD” problems, at least, when I’m on full MT duty.  Yet I’m over the soft haste cap of 5%, sitting 7.59%.  Instead of stacking more haste-which I haven’t been able to get my hands on anyway-I’m going to lean more towards crit and SP.   I won’t need to cast heals quicker if I can cast bigger heals with more mitigation provided…in theory.  Switching to a heavier haste concept would also require a shift to a GHeal build, and I’m strangely allergic to GHeal.  Must be those years spent as a FoL spamming holy paladin.

I’ll even consider tweaking my disc build slightly for a crit talent I know I missed. 

Experiment OMG CRIT is a go!

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In Which I Rant About…Belts?

Yes, folks.  The latest cause of Amber rage is one particular aspect of gear design…belts. Specifically, cloth belts.

See, I spend a lot of time staring at my character.  Why do you think you get spammed with so many screen shots of her?  I admire her cute little tail, or her boobs (why do you think I refuse to wear a tabard?  Her current disc robes are hawt), or…I don’t know.  I just get bored and stare at her a lot, okay?  Anyway, it drives me nuts when her gear doesn’t match.  Naturally it’s a total mishmash of Naxx25 and Ulduar gear at the moment, so I get driven nuts pretty much all the time…but nothing drives me crazier than her belt.  Because, see…it’s not even really a belt.

In Naxx, my belt looked like an actual individual piece-you know, something actually put on over my robes.  You know what the hell Ulduar belts look like?  …slices of robe.  What the fuck, Blizz?

This is a close-up of Kyr’s priest, Maedchen, next to my paladin Ambrosyne.  See how Ambro’s belt…looks like a belt?  And how Maed’s (her name is GIRL, Ky, seriously?) just looks like someone sliced a bit of the same robe out but in different colors?  I mean it looks great if you have the matching robe!  It just seamlessly flows but…uh…how often do you have the matching robe?  The one that matches Lyr’s belt is…a DPS robe.  With hit on it.  Don’t tempt me to do silly things in order to match, Blizz!  Just don’t!

How HARD it is to like…add some definitive lines there and make it it’s own, distinct peice and not something I could do with a pair of scissors?

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Friday Fun in Pictures

A guildie ran my bebeh mage (frosty bubbles!) though Scholo the other night and hilarity ensued.  No wonder I flailed my way through vanilla WoW not paying much attention to item stats-some of this stuff made no sense.

Also, I dug up some of my screenies regarding that terribad OS pug.

If you can logically explain that spell mix to me, I’d love to hear it.  There was enough healing to go around, trust me. 

And now…to the flow chart.  Now I seriously took to heart the criticism for my previous attempt, so this time I downloaded a program just to make flowcharts so that I could be sure that they would be properly labeled and complete with arrows.  Naturally this program didn’t want to save in a useful format, so I pulled the SS-and-Paint maneuver.  I didn’t really notice the spell check squiggles at the time, but you know what?  Suck it up and deal.  IT HAS ARROWS THIS TIME.

Will the DPS Get Heals?

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Thoughts on Iron Council and Freya

Begin Rambling Here

First off, I have to call out for Steve being a scrub here-he didn’t research the Freya fight because he didn’t think we’d get past the Iron Council.  We downed the Iron Council in only 3-4 attempts, one of which didn’t count because Josh and I DC’d moments after the pull.   Granted, they apparently gave group 1 a bit of trouble before, but I still mock his lack of confidence.

Naturally this meant that we got to Freya’s room, started cluelessly pulling trash and…OW.  Cue me putting in /rw, “Trash is srs bzns!”  Yeah, no more blindly wandering into even trash…though nothing shall compare to C’thun trash.  Ever.  …I hope.

After we recovered from unsolicited attentions from over-sized flowers, we stared at the boss and went “Hmmm.”   Then we went and looked for videos (my google-fu is better than Steve’s-I found the 10 man video!), and had three people describe the fight while showing obvious signs of having tuned out half of the previous commentary (“Did you talk about the Touch of Eonar?”  “Yes, Josh.  I said to kill the trees.”)

One day I should record me explaining a boss fight.  “At that point, you’ll see these green trees spawn.  You need to kill them OH MY GOD QUICKLY, because otherwise they’ll heal the boss and we’ll want to hunt you down and stab you in the face.  So kill the trees, mmkay?”  I don’t bother to get into technical terms like Touch of Eonar.  Who the hell is going to know what that is?!  I like to translate things into “raider speak”.   Also, it amuses me. 

Anyway.  At some point, after wave after wave of flowery chaos, I lost it and just started going “badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM” to the complete bafflement of everyone in the raid.  I can’t say how much progress we made-we only got a couple of attempts in, and it was rather chaotic.  It can be summed up with “adds did not die like they were supposed to.”  Hopefully a week to mull over things and do further research will be the magic trick, as it was with Iron Council.  I really…don’t quite GET the Freya fight, perhaps because as a healer all I’m worried about is my little green bars and the location of the nearest mushroom.

If nothing else, I was there for one progression boss kill AND got a dagger out of it-woo!  No more H Nexus mace! 

Begin Somewhat Useful Observation Here

Freya aside, I enjoyedIron Council for reasons not related to shiny loot they handed over.  For one thing, I had to dig out skills I remember perfecting back in the days of AQ40-mana management.  Only back then I was chain drinking pots, and now I’m jugging ability cooldowns.

At 75%, use shadow fiend.  When I dip back down again (“down” meaning sub-75%, not almost OOM…the intent is to prevent being OOM, after all) I scoot over to my other healers (assuming I’m not already near them) and use Hymn of Hope.   If you have multiple priests, sharing your Hymn of Hope really helps. 

And then…I wait.  If I hit the 50% mark and my cooldowns aren’t up soon, I go for a mana pot.  By the time my mana bar is dwindling into the “uh-oh!” stages, my shadow fiend should be back up.  In the final “oh god oh god the boss is almost dead but my mana is almost gone!” part I usually have my Hymn back up. 

 I toss Pain Supression on the tank while channeling Hymn to try to prevent any unhappy “oh SHIT!” moments.

It’s really “fun” to be on a tank “and raid.”  Mmhmm.

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Amber’s Weekend Adventures

I didn’t play a lot of WoW over the weekend, though I did manage to sneak in a 25 man Naxxand a 25 man Vault.  Amazing things happened in both.

For the Naxx, I was invited as shadow.  Holy shit.  I got to DPS in a 25 man, guys!  I picked up some nice gear, too-DPS bracers and a dagger (forgot which-it’s a trash drop, and we got two, one right after the other).  Using those two items enabled me to ditch the blue +hit robes I was wearing, so now I wear…my healing robes…to DPS.  I also scored 7.5 pants, which means I can ditch the DPS pants I was wearing for healing and…wear…the shadow pants.  To heal with.  Dude, anyone inspecting me must really scratch their heads sometimes.  Hell, I look at my gear and scratch my head sometimes.

It’s funny.  I have 5/5 t7, of which all but my helm are 7.5.  Of those, 3 of them are from the shadow set-gloves, pants, and helm.  I think it says something about the quirks of gearing a disc priest that this would be the case.  Naturally I’d prefer it if Blizzard just bit the bullet and made three priest sets, but that’s not going to happen.  Instead I’ll be glad that I’m not really interested in the healing 4 piece bonus (greater heal?  if I’m using that much, we’re all in trouble).   I’m also now contemplating using the DPS dagger to heal with, as it’s a nice jump in spell power compared to my Mace of I’m Fucking Tired of Carrying This Thing, aka “That Heroic Nexus Mace.”  Seriously, I’m taking that thing into Ulduar?  REALLY?    I also snagged new boots, Serene Echos, giving me even more crit.  I’m now actually up to a point where I’m happy with it (~25% self buffed).   Am I toting around BiS items?  Only a couple, but I’ve still got some good shit.  I have had to make up for bad loot luck in strange ways here and there (see: inner debate on weapons!), but I’m not exactly a shame to disc priests everywhere, either.   Or even shadow priests.  I hope.

So, the 25 man Vault-Emalon. I had done nothing but wipe on this guy, and at first this group didn’t look to promising.  For one thing I asked the holy priest to stop bubbling and he asked, why?  When I said I benefited more from it, his response was, “But my bubble heals them too!”

Uuuuugh.  After a dismal wipe, several people bailed early…but the people that replaced them seemed to really shift the tide.  While I may not think much of some members of Benediction, for example, a few of them and a few members of Too Drunk To Raid (who ran that Naxx25) and all of a sudden we looked like we had a chance at this.  We had one wipe at 8%, then reformed for another try.

We were doing this with 5 healers-1 PvE disc priest (myself), 1 shadow priest who went PvP disc, the holy priest, and 2 resto shamans.  One resto shaman DC’d.  Another died early on.  I figured we were pretty well screwed but…we kept going.  And going.  The other disc priest called out he was OOM.  I was sitting on maybe 30% mana.  The holy priest was also bordering on OOM.  The only druid we had, the OT, “bear danced” me an innervate and then…died not long after.  So one tank on everything, 3 healers almost all OOM and…

…the fucker died.

It was some seriously INTENSE healing, and ohgoditwasfun.  No loot for me, but hell if I cared.

And last but not least:

If you manage a Heroic: Culling of Stratholme timed run, the mount will go to THE most scrub DPS in the group.  The one who doesn’t even have epic flying.  Mmhmm.  Trufax.

I wasn’t really intending on TRYING for a timed run, or I wouldn’t have brought the idiot.

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