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Gemming SP vs Int

While I was playing blog reader catch up the other day, I stumbled across a post that touched upon disc priest gemming.  I don’t remember which post it was, unfortunatley, but I did save the link to the PlusHeals forum thread on the matter, here.

I’m a little late to the party, here, but I felt like touching upon it regardless.

Rather than saying “if you don’t have mana problems gem SP” instead we should be advising people that “if you don’t have mana problems you need to cast more spells until you do have mana problems”… pushing people towards a state of OOMness will increase their throughput much faster than advising them to socket an extra 100-150 SP.

The INT that people socket won’t even make much of a difference in terms of regen, again gems are only going to provide 150-200 stat points. However advising people to socket SP if they don’t have mana problems tells people that their current level of casting is acceptable/optimal, when in reality 99% of priests aren’t casting using every gcd.

Emphasis mine. 

I gem nearly straight SP, the exception being whatever gems I need for my meta and maybe one or two other WTF gems because I…just seem to do that, sometimes. 

I spam cast, because I’m I’m a spaz who can’t stand the thought of twiddling my thumbs.  Oh, and being a FoL Pally spammer for years has something to do with it, too.

And, with the exception of a few fights (Fester, Twilight Sparkle Party), I very seldom go OOM.  Oh, and gunship, because I do laps around the melee group casting Holy Nova, but that’s not a valid strategy by any means.  That’s just me being bored.

Am I really that special?  Do that many priests really sit around with a thumb up their ass?  As a tank healer, how can you even do that? The tank is always taking damage!  Even if he’s at full health I’m often casting, because crits = soap bubbles, and soap bubbles = free health for my tank.   If it’s not a fight where I’m worried about dips in the tanks health, then I’m bubbling the raid.   If you’re raid bubbling, well, there’s always something to be done.  

Taking haste out of the equation, since I’m over the soft haste cap, I’m left with two choices:  cast bigger heals but go OOM faster, or cast smaller heals and go OOM more slowly.

But I already said I don’t tend to go OOM.  Even when I was trailing into ICC as one of the most undergeared healers we had, I never drained myself dry down to the last trick except on Fester.  So taking THAT out of the equation…gee, bigger heals or smaller heals?

I think I’ll take bigger heals! 

If you’re tank healing, you don’t always have the luxery  of getting in a few more casts.  You need a heal as quick and as big as you can manage, and no you cant’ always squeeze in a GHeal.  So what do you want?  A big fat FH or some big fat penance ticks!  How do you get bigger, fatter heals?  Spell power!

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me that if you want to gem int, you’ve got an paladin infection in your brain…

I’m so button happy that I snipe bubbles on the raid from our second disc priest ALL THE TIME.  I’M SORRY SHIMMER.   >.>

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