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Some Jokes Never Get Old

Oh, GChat.

achloryn:  idk if the word was ever passed on, but last night went fine and dandy. Arthas took us 3 tries, but we got him just after 10 last night.
 me:  Sweet!
Oasic has his Kingslayer? 
achloryn:  yep, he does
as does al
 me:  Yay!
 achloryn:  and… someone else i think who didn’t have it? i forget
oh! Temnyi! rofl
 me:  lol
Now it’s my paladins turn!!!!
…I kid.
 achloryn:  tell you what
let’s help soltaris get his ret gear a goin
and you can tank with me next week
 me:  Oh god
 achloryn:  you know what that means right?
you get all the fun assignments…
abom duty.. shadow bitch.. kiting ooze..
 me:  Hey, OT Bitch is my specialty and always has been.
 achloryn:  tbh
MTing putricide is harder, and a lot less fun than the abom
 me:  I get to suck and play with balls, I’m okay with this
I mean
 achloryn:  ……….LOL

ETA: When talking about the above convo with someone else:

me:  hehehe
Linedan:  that’s OK, somehow one of our RLs’ husbands got on Vent last night and explained that the Frozen Throne is actually just a pile of dried Arthas semen
me:  …oh my god
 Linedan:  yeah, he’s got a stash of Playghoul right behind it
and, y’know
not much else to do up there
 me:  I…guess?
 Linedan:  which led me to snark
“What happened guys?  I thought we had that attempt going good.”
“Eh, the warlock pulled agro and got hit by Money Shot right in the face.”
 me:  …lol!
 Linedan:  “Shit.  Warned her about standing there.”
“I’m not standing in bad, I’M FUCKING COVERED IN IT EWWWW”
 me:  I now can’t think of Defile the same way
 Linedan:  my job is done here
 me:  and now we know why he has all the valks up there at his beck and call
Really, he’s just trying to drop us off the ledge becuase we interrupted him
 Linedan:  makes you wonder just what he’d do to Tirion frozen in that iceblock
<echo> “Squeal like a hog, paladin.”  </echo>
 me:  …
 Linedan:  what?  maybe he caught a late-night showing of Deliverance and got some ideas
 Linedan:  who are we to judge, right?
 me:  LK fight, ruined forever
Linedan:  I’m why you can’t have good things.
 Linedan:  your new guild name, “Covered in Bad”
 me:  amg

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