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Hard to Please

For some reason Steve really didn't like this tabard.

A popular phrase in my guild is “eat a fucking muffin”.  I can’t remember exactly where this came from-I think that one of our tanks was telling one of our DPSers to “chill out and eat a fucking muffin,” and we just latched on to the latter half. 

While it amused me to put a muffin on our guild tabard, some others were not as tickled.  They weren’t even amused by the tabard change just before that one, which had the same colors but retained our previous hooded face icon.  Something about purple can get certain knickers in a twist, which is sad becuase my dear Ori loves her some purple.

So, I went and changed it in its entirety.  There are, contrary to popular beliefs, “real” reasons why I felt a need to change the tabard…but I will discuss only one of them here.

Blue is clearly a superior color for a tabard.


Other changes abound for the Brotherhood!  Our ranks have recently swelled, and there is much amusing flailing about by all parties.  No one can keep names straight, and the poor people who joined our guild right before this sudden influx probably suffer the worst.  They hadn’t learned all of BoO’s core yet, and suddenly here are 10 more people and their alts and oh my god what the fuck the alts, the alts, the aaaaallllts!

I feel that “the recruits”-collectively a group that transferred over from Doomhammer, once known as Elysium-are mixing in well.  Last time BoO omnomnom’d a significant chunk of a guild, it went…poorly.  They isolated themselves, refused to run anything but farm content with us, and eventually left en masse over a loot dispute.

I’m not the least bit worried about history repeating itself.  When heroic groups form, they blend both groups, and their names are already liberally sprinkled throughout our raid sign ups.  Considering that they all transferred to play with us I was only mildly concerned…and it’s good to relax on that front.

They’re crazy and pervy and we get along quite well so far!  Of course, they have a few things to learn, still-the guild rule of Let Hunt Die hasn’t fully settled in yet.  Some of them still think he gets heals.  Pfft.

There have, of course, been…kerfluffles.  One guildmate has already gquit over a misunderstanding.  We scarcely blinked our eyes-seeing Sidearm remove his eleventy billion alts from the guild is something most of us have seen before.   If he wants to leave over a minor incident without discussing things with the officers…again…then so be it.

Poor Xindi is far more upset over it than we are.  This has led to some new guild rules:

1) Xindi is not allowed to apologize more than 3 times for the same thing.
2) Xindi is not allowed to feel bad for things that are not her fault.

She will learn these rules in time, too.

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Not only did the Brotherhood of Oblivion finally conquer our cockblock (DIAF Anub), but we got a new recruit out of it.  There’s another two that I’m reeling in, as well.  Yay!  DPS!

I am forever amused (and frustrated by) the fact that we have this plethora of tanks and healers and a dearth of solid DPS.  WTF, guys?  Thankfully, most of our tanks and healers can rotate  into DPS slots, but not all of them.   The majority of them are competent at their secondary jobs if not downright excellent, which certainly makes my life earlier.

To my further amusement, our healers are less likely to complain about DPSing than our tanks.  While most healers I know suffer from “back seat healing syndrome” (see how often I drop out of shadow form sometime), none of them seem to flail at others doing their job like a tank will.  Is it because the tanks are more visible?  

And now, let’s talk about…

How To Offer Opinions And Not Look Like A Dick

We have two raid members who are both rather opinionated individuals with a lot of usually solid advice to offer.  One of them is an appreciated, well-liked member of the team…

…and the other is on the verge of being gkicked nearly every raid he attends.  Why are they different?

  • Watch your word choice.
  • Watch your method of delivery.

“In hindsight, using X at This Time would have been better,” is less hostile than “Gee, using X at This Other Time was a mistake!  Didn’t you see that _____?”  If you are really frustrated and want to vent, find a friendly ear and do it there.  Hint: ventrilo isn’t it.  Tell your Healing Buddy that doing Y was dumb as hell, then suggest far more politely to your raid leader that maybe we could try ___ some time, because you’ve seen it work really well before.

Similarly, commenting in raid chat or in whispers is considered more polite than random vent comments during a boss fight.   So, what what you say and how you say it: it makes the world of difference.

On a related note, if you are not the RL/an officer, don’t call for things like brezzes or heroism.   Sometimes, we forget…but sometimes we have something else in mind, so we’d really rather you not confuse the matter.   A pug, for example, might not recognize that you’re not the RL/officer and go ahead and do it and then…well.   Oops.

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