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Disc Priests and Paladin Tanks

I play a disc priest.  I also play a paladin tank.  I still sigh inwardly whenever a paladin asks me to please not bubble them.

I can not bubble you, sure.  I have so much SP that my bubbles are officially Srs Bzns.  I’m a raider, though, and bubbling is part of my routine.  The muscle memory is there.  Even if I don’t want to bubble you I probably will sometimes anyway, becuase god damn it, it’s a habit!  Just ask Bingle, our other disc priest.  Whenever we’re both in a raid we’re bubbling each other’s target(s) all the time, even though we don’t mean to, just because it’s how we’re used to doing things.

What’s the paladin tank to do?  Deal with it.

It is easier to change your behavior than to change someone else’s.

Sure you can ask your healer to not bubble you.  They may or may not happily go along with it.  But why don’t you learn to adjust to the situation?  When I’m on my paladin I’m typically taking off 1 or 2 pieces of gear.  I might pull a little more as well.   I’m usually still over defense cap, but I have some more mana to work with. 

Treat it as an exercise.  Alright, I don’t have much mana.  What do I do? 
How can I create the most threat with the least mana usage? 
Can I take off three pieces of gear?  How about wearing a holiday hat*? 
Can I try a different seal?  How about another Judgement?

Maybe it is easier to just ask the disc priest to not bubble you.   “It gives mana when it pops” is all well and good, except for those of us rocking 4k+ SP.  But trying to modify your own behavior is worth looking at, too.

*I’ve done it.  No one said a word.  :(

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Bubble hearth, GO!

I joke about bubble hearthing because it’s just one of those things that comes with being a paladin, but it’s not something that I do. I play on a pvp server and I’m hopelessly terrible at pvp, but instead of bubble hearthing when someone gets a jump on me, I just stick it out. I don’t recall ever using it in instances, except maybe when I’m the only one alive and there are a bunch of ugly mobs who want to give me not nice hugs. Even that’s rare because I’m stubborn and it’s easier to just die and run back than it is to make way for the instance again, at least that was the case until the new dungeon teleport system. Bubble hearthing feels really rude in a way that my beloved Divine Intervention doesn’t, even though they pretty much perform the same function in avoiding repairs.

You see, I suffer from healer guilt. I like to make jokes about letting people die to fix their stupid, but in reality I do my best to keep everyone alive because I’d feel bad if I didn’t. I don’t bail on instance groups after wipes – in part because I want to make things work, and because I would feel guilty about letting another healer stumble into a mess that I left behind. So basically, it takes some real abuse for me to throw up my hands and say “screw it”.

For the first time in a long time, I reached my breaking point. It was Drak’tharon Keep; the tank was rushing but it wasn’t anything unmanageable because RAWR PALADIN MANA POOL (/flex). But after we downed King Dred, the druid tank asks us to wait at the bottom of the stairs. His warrior friend (from the same realm and guild) repeats this, and expounds with “DON’T FOLLOW HIM, DO NOT HEAL” in all caps, I guess so we’d know he was serious. I decided to humor them, and when the druid rounds up about 4 groups and goes splat as he’s pulling them down the stairs (well out of my healing range) I laugh a little and get ready for what’s probably going to be a wipe, because it just wasn’t very likely that I’d be able to keep a dps warrior alive with four packs of angry trolls on him. Like I thought, he dies before I can even get a holy light on him, but all the while he’s freaking out in party chat.

After that he proceeded to call me a dumb cunt.

Bubble hearthing? Was totally warranted. It even felt GOOD.

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