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Dear Ramparts, I Hate You

I have two alts that I am working on currently–Jamethera, my beloved  BM hunter, and Icestone, my ele/resto shaman.  Once I get tired of DPS queues I tend to flop over to Icestone for the soothing ritual of filling green bars.

Only it’s not soothing–not when I load into Ramps. I don’t know what it is about this instance, but tanks suddenly want to pull ALL THE THINGS.  And I would just like to say, Mr. 58-60 tank, that you are not a raid geared tank in a Wrath heroic. Y0u are a fucking lowbie tank. If you’re a DK you don’t even have your taunt or D&D yet half the time.  When I’m running around screaming because I have HEALING AGGRO ON SHIT, then you should maybe NOT PULL THE ENTIRE GODS BE DAMNED ROOM.


This…never seems to happen in the other instances.  I hope, since Ice melted her way to level 63 yesterday, that my time in the Ramparts of Hell is done. I pity anyone who doesn’t heal those without dripping Heirlooms.

But for everyone else…

…how about pulling one pack at a time, eh?

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Things You Should Not Tank With

I was digging through my screenshot folder when I ran into my actual reasons for not tree-druiding in pugs anymore.  Here are the three gentlemen I ran into.  On the same.  Fucking.  Day.

GOOGLE.  USE IT, MOTHERFUCKERS.  If you have BoA gear, you should really know better.  Or at least know where you can learn better.

And last but not least, just for the fun of it, my very own DK tank:

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