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Mobile Guild Chat

/looks at Twitter

/looks at Gchat in Gmail

/looks at her cell texts

/laughs and frolics off to spend $5 on ice cream?

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Fun with Search Terms

Every so often, I have to comb through my search terms just for a good dose of lols/WTF.  Have some highlights:

zomg lazerz pew pew

wtf you can’t do that on the internet
Silly person, you can do ANYTHING on the internet.

leveling ret pally boring
here, let me fix it for you: leveling ret pally boring

priest level 10 dps rotation

does bubbling help on saurfang encounter
It doesn’t help as much as it used to, because apparently, we were too OP.  :(

the telephone game gone bad
…is epic.  Or fail, depending.

sunken temple bad

fuck im saved to toc10
…noob.  Hope it’s close to Tuesday!

disc priest bubble macro bubble everyone
…it’s called “spam”.

disc priest blue socket

things that make ur screen have bubbles
Disc priests.

bigger dork than i am
Probably.  I’m pretty dorky!

josh and amber should fuck how
More often and with restraints involved.  I meant wait, what?

can a priest level as discipline
…absolutely!  I loved it.

best looking draenei pally
Ori, duh.

how to express opinion without being bit
…what?  Who are you talking to,  dog?

fuck gearscore
Yes.  100 times, yes.

yo we heard you like bubbles so
…we put bubbles in your bubbles so you can bubble while you bubble!

booooone stooooorm
/giggle snort

is teh testign to hard under nclb
Typing is hard, obviously.

wow bear ass rocket
is awesome.

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Rage, Real and Feigned

A lot of my infamous rage on this blog is, if not feigned, at least greatly exaggerated.  Rants are funny, I like being funny, so what could be better than funny rants?

Underneath the faux rage is, however, a very real build up of genuine anger.  I’m frustrated with some attitudes, and some people.  And some day, I’m not going to bite my tongue anymore.

It’s already starting to show.  Part of the problem is, of course, in my own attitudes.  I often tell myself, in relation to horseback riding, that the horse only misbehaves as much as I let him.  If I don’t get respect it’s because I’ve given people little to no reason to.  If people don’t do what they’re supposed to, it’s because there’s no repercussions if they don’t.

I’m standing on the edge of changing all that.  Brotherhood of Oblivion is my guild.  Not Steve’s, not Josh’s, not anyone else’s.  I do want as many people happy as possible, yes.  It is not, in any way shape or form, all about me.  But right now, it is not in my best interest or theirs that GMing BoO makes me miserable.  And you know what?  It’s making me miserable.

Not any more.

I have my pointy stick, and my sand, and I shall be drawing some lines.  If you cross them I will POKE YOU IN THE MOTHER FUCKING EYE.

/brandishes stick

/pokes self


I want to continue having fun in raids, killing bosses while having ribald conversations about buttsechs-but I want to do it without being talked over in vent during loot.  Tell jokes about how I get lost in Gruul’s and ToC, but don’t arms tank when I explicitly tell you not to.   Be my lovably dorky crew without…you know…being douchebags.

Novel concept?

We’ll see.

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The Guild That Raids Together, Overshares Together

After the Valkyr pulls in ICC:

…this is just random:

So Marrowgar was being a right dick, and kept spiking me over and over.  Naturally, I complained:

Mere moments later:

I mourn the fact that Ori missed this prime opportunity.  I think it started with an offhand “It’s only gay if your balls touch” comment:

And then there is the panic of the first time resto druid:

Here’s a bad case of “I sent an unfinished thought without realizing it could be taken wrong”:

She later added “they have ghetto booty” but before that I was like….what?  Also, Kenzyl up there was a really awesome player, despite his dislike of draenei.  He obviously researched How To Not Fail At Rogue.  \o/

I ended up rezzing the entire group except for the hunter…so Wynchester, congrats on being the only one to not fail.

It takes 1 finger to release and run back! 1!

To everyone who runs into Phase in a pug: I’m sorry.

Also, I take a lot of pictures of Ori and I standing next to each other, because we match!

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Random words on a screen

I’m a little sleepy and creatively pulled in a couple of directions right now, so forgive a rambling post today.  I’ll probably resume quasi-useful posts here shortly, as I still have a Saurfang strat to get up…yes I am behind the times, what else is new?

Last night the raid was a true BoO raid-we one shot everything except the easiest fight in the first wing (Gunship), then proceeded to wipe on Stinky and Precious.

Yes…yes, it was a BoO raid, and I loved it.  We’ll throw ourselves at Festergust some more tonight.

I probably need to re-download Rawr and spend some shadowy time in front of a training dummy, to see if I can’t “fix” my shadow self.  For fights like Festergut, I really need to do something.  In the meantime I might cave and dual spec the hunter, so that she’s available to do the most DPS possible in a pinch.  

Of course stubborn pride really has me not wanting to make my hunter anything but BM.  I’ve been a BM hunter since early ’05, before the first hunter talent reset.  I was BM when it sucked, I was BM when it was awesome, and I’m BM now that’s back to being the red headed bastard child spec. I’m proud of what I can do with it (over 5k).  And yes, I enjoy the occasional envious remark from a fellow hunter because they, too, wish they could raid BM. 

They could, of course.  They won’t, for one reason or another, but they could.  Me, I’ll take my place lower on the meters in order to enjoy the simple pleasure that is a devilsuar named Omnomnom.   I mean come on now, the sight of a devilsaur chowing down on a snowbold that is in turn clinging to someone’s head is hilarious.  BM is just a silly fun spec.   Alas, I might cave and go Surv or something if Festergust is really obnoxious.  I could always go dual BM later, right?


What the fuck was I talking about?

…can I take a nap now?

…also, it’s REALLY HARD to not bubble a pally tank in a heroic.  REALLY HARD.  You just need a winter hat, Steve.  Winter hats fix EVERYTHING.

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