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PvP Has Taught Me To Hate You

I do 3v3 areans for lulz and much eating of floor.  When I PvP’d previously it was usually on a baby hunter, or healing on my paladin.  Healing taught me to hate warlocks and rogues deeply.

Melee is another matter.

Frost mages, I hate you with a burning passion equal to a thousand suns.  Every time the  doors open and I see a water elemental, I am torn between the needs to scream, and cry.  I can only silence and death grip you so often, you obnoxious motherfuckers.

I still hate rogues, especially the ones that appear to be on some sort of drug.  You know, the ones who jump around like fire ants are eating their junk?  Yeah those.  I hate you.  Die in a  fire.  My fail, keyboard turning ways cannot cope with y0u, so clearly this is your fault.  Jerks.

Druids.  Oh god druids.  Just fuck all of you.  Stupid shape shifters.  With your cyclones.  Mrrr. 

On the other hand, death gripping hunters to me makes me cackle every time.  >.>  <3

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Pee Vee Pee

I “grew up” on RP servers.  Jamethera the hunter started her life on Kirin Tor, Ambrosine the paladin hailed from Earthen Ring, and Lyestra the warrior was rolled on Sentinels.  I raided on RP servers for both Vanilla and BC, only moving to a PvP server with friends late in BC.

And y’know, I leveled Lyrandre on Azgalor.  Lyrandre, the priest.  I don’t recall it being that “bad” as far as ganking is concerned. 

But after the past few days chugging through Sholozar on Vainglory, I’ve decided that Sholozar is the new Stranglethorn Vale.  Of course the EASY solution would be to leave Sholozar.  The problem with that is my magical knack for spotting spirit beasts while alting.  I still hold out this slim strand of hope that I will magically tame Loque. 

Instead, Jamethera’s been brought out repeatedly to revenge gank some smuck.  Once or twice I even kill them.

…Cata lauch is going to be…interesting.  For Wrath I hada  built in leveling buddy, Josh.  It limited by gankability by enough to make things tolerable.  This time?


Vainglory should hit 80 in the next day or so.  \o/

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