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The Brutally Honest GM Hat

I keep forgetting to upload the pictures for my Steve Wonder strat, so here, have a rambling post about GMy things rattling around my head:

/dons hat

The hardest part about being a GM is the whole SETTING AN EXAMPLE thing, guys.  I don’t always want to behave–sometimes I want to be snarky and bitter.  Why?

Becuase I don’t like everyone in my guild.  By ‘don’t like’ I mean actively dislike/want to reach through the internet and punch in the FACE some people in my guild.  It is, however, the nature of running a guild that is more just a social club.

I like raiding, and sometimes to raid I have to include people I don’t like.  Sure, I could ask them to leave, but there’s something really awkward about going “Hey, I think you’re kind of a cuntcanoe.  Can you please leave?”  Besides, someone else will always go “Hey I like that person.  If you don’t like them then I’ll leave too!” and next thing I know the guild is made up of only me, Ori, and Fuzzbutt.

That would kind of suck, so I put up with people I don’t like.  It’s like work, only I don’t get paid, but I get to have more fun and ride around on a dragon, so whatever.  I’ll put up with a lot if I get to ride around on a dragon.

Actually I take that back, no one in the guild irritates me as much as my co-worker.  Oh my god, guys.  I want /ignore IRL.

Anyway.  It’s not as if I just decide not to like someone and that’s it.  Let’s take my new shiny co-author for a moment.  I used to like James!  :) Then…then I did not like James.  :( Then James stopped doing whatever it was he was doing that rubbed me the wrong way (seriously I don’t even really remember what it was anymore) and ta-da, I like James again. :) 

It’s just a shame that some people are perpetual buttnuggets.

Sometimes, on a bad day, my temper gets the better of me and I explode in a fit of rage.  On a better bad day it only explodes in officer chat. 

That’s okay, though!  I’m really GM becuase 1) I love making new joke ranks and demoting people to them  2) I like changing the tabard! and 3) no one else wants the job. 3) gkicking vocal Star Wars fans is fun.

I’m sure it’s the same for officers, too–it’s a fine line to walk.

Fine lines can dig into the feet, but falling off hurts more.

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