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Altitis: Druid Adventures

I’m questing through The Giant Swinning Pool on Vainglory to get Earthen Ring rep (tanking paaaants), so my interest in leveling Lyr there dropped to nothing.  I could, of course, take her OUT of there and go to Hyjal, but…well, that would take effort.

Anyway, I actually had time to run an instance so I threw my 72 druid into her resto gear and looked at my bars and proceeded to become very confused.

I spent a long time going “Where the fuck is healing touch?” before I clued in to the fact that nourish is now my non-HoT heal.  I think.  At least I hope it is, because I don’t have healing touch yet.  Now. What?

Anyway, nothing like learning under pressure, right?  We zone in and there’s a pally tank.

“This is my first time tanking,” he says.  That’s fine!

“This is my first instance too lol,” he adds.  Hmm.  Okay.  I peek at his gear and while one or two pieces are tank gear, a lot of it is…int gear?

On a tankadin.

I’m swiftly reminded of why my druid’s feral spec went bear flavored last time I tried pugging on her.  Early level 70s tanks tend to be AWFUL, wearing anything but tank gear.   Thankfully this was not a repeat of every UP run ever, and I was able to…life bloom stack (sometimes) and nourish and rejuv the tank to not dying.  The only death all run was me, which says something for how well I remembered where barkskin was.

But really…for the love of any of a hundred little gods, people…GET TANK GEAR BEFORE YOU TANK.  Holy shit.

Random thought: I’ve never seen someone trying to heal in non-healing gear.  /ponders

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