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Passing the Hat

Yesterday I handed the leadership of SiB to Jen. If it felt sudden to anyone, that’s because it was a decision not made until I was stepping out of the car at work that day. I’ve long been the GM because no one else wanted it who would handle it up to my standards; I’ve also felt guilty about my lack of time. When Jen volunteered, I didn’t hesitate to agree. In her short time as on officer she’d already had recruting sucess far beyond anything Fuzz and I did.

I’m still going to be meddlesome, of course, but it was time. It’s best for the guild to have someone that is vibrantly active, and with Fuzz not planning on staying past this expansion, Jen was the best choice.

I miss being able to create new ranks and demote people to them, though.  :(

I’ve been tanking lately isntead of DPSing, but with a new blood DK recruit, I might slide back into DPSing. I have no idea!  But I also have no prefrence, so there is that. My willingness to be whatever the guild needs me to be has not changed, either.

In other news, I am still playing Rift and still have no idea what I’m doing. As lost as I am with all of my WoW experience, I feel for my friend Val, who is picking up Rift as her first MMO. She’s so noobish we thought she was ignoring us at first–but no, she just didn’t know how to use chat. It’s adorable! …and naturally one of the first things I did was show her the wardrobe.



Jen’s Guide to Healing Nef

My brain is pretty fried when it comes to spitting out words, so I continue to abuse my awesome guildies for guest posts.  Here’s the latest from Jen, who also writes over at Pots ‘n Kettles.

Because we had dedicated this week primarily to Nef, I went and head and respecced to this:

Nef isn’t that complex for heals (especially compared to Cho’gall or the RNG clusterfuck that is Al’Akir), but there is a ton of damage going around. Also, thanks to massive dragon noms at the tanks and raid wide damage from electrocute, this is one of the two fights (Chim being the other) where shaman resto mastery really shines.

This is a bit of a longer fight (our kill took just over 7 minutes), so you can use longer cooldowns (like spirit link and mana tide totems) in phase one and have them up again for phase three.

Phase One – Ony and Nef and Adds!

We had an Ony tank, a Nef tank, and a BM turtle-noms-adds tank. Your dragon tanks need to be on opposite sides of the pit (if they’re too close to each other, they get a buff that essentially rips your tanks into bits). Ony and Nef need to be parallel to each other sideways to the raid. While they are chewing on your tanks, they’ll also do standard dragon breath and tail swipes.

This means that your healers do want to coordinate who’s going to focus on which tank, because you can’t reach them both without running back and forth. Ranged can help out heals a bunch by staying near each other in the middle.


Ony, while lying dead in a puddle of lava, has grown lightning globes on her sides. When they start glowing, the tank needs to turn her tail into the raid, or she’ll shoot lightning at the raid instead (and your healers will curse you emphatically). More likely than not, the raid will get hit with a tail lash, which knocks us all over for very minor damage and stuns us for two seconds. Once the lightning is done, kindly turn her tail back out of the raid.

Ony is apparently very squishy for a dragon, and when they had her down to about 40ish%, our melee went and chewed on Nef. Every time you get 10% of Nef’s health down, he will do a raid wide electrocute for 100k. It really helps to know when these are coming, because I had a few seconds to drop a rain puddle and start casting chain heals. The first electrocute is also a good opportunity to drop Spirit Link Totem, and it’ll be off cooldown for phase three. After the first electrocute, I tried to drop a glyphed stoneclaw totem each time for a little extra resistance – any damage reducing abilities are good for these.

While the dragons are chewing on their respective tanks, you also get to deal with adds!  \o/

Our BM hunter MD’ed all the adds to Donatello, and rolling riptides, gift of the naaru, and GHWs kept the little turtle up. You can build up heals as more adds spawn, and there were a few scary moments when they were all up, but then once they start dying off, you can help out with the tanks more. Our hunter helped me out a ton by keeping him near the middle, so that the turtle would get the benefit of aoe heals as well. (Once the adds were all dead, the hunter switched to a dps pet for the remainder of the fight.)

We pushed for two electrocutes in phase one (three made us go smush, mainly because each one ups Ony’s enrage mechanic – you have to kill her before her meter reaches 100) and then finished off Ony (and made her go smush instead).

Once Ony dies, the room fills will lava and you transition into:

Phase two – Nef and Adds!

There are three pillars around the room, and our raid was split up to have a healer on each (you can’t reach the other pillars), along with at least one ranged dps and one melee interrupter. You’ll need to run to your pillar as soon as Ony dies, and swim up as the lava fills the room. The pillars have an obnoxious-as-hell overhanging lip, so you need to jump straight up and then over, or you’ll get stuck on the lip.

Each pillar will have one add. They don’t have an aggro table – they just stand there and continuously try to cast a shadow AoE that will pretty much nuke everyone on the pillar. Their casts HAVE to be interrupted. Our ranged dps nuked away at Nef while melee killed and interrupted the adds. We controlled the health of one of the adds so that we could get Nef down through two more electrocutes. Healers need to make sure that their pillar is topped off before the electrocute hits, and be ready to heal people back up after it.

During all of this, Nef hovers in the middle of the room and casts shadow blasts at random raid members, so you’ll have plenty of healing to top off. It really helps for people to use their self heals or damage reduction abilities (if they aren’t major ones that they need for electrocutes).

This phase ends once all three adds die – the lava will drain back out of the room, Nef will descend back onto the ground, and you can jump back off the pillars.

Phase Three – Nef and (you guessed it) MOAR Adds!

One tank will pick up Nef, and the other will get to run around and collect, then kite, adds (someone should probably follow your add tank around to heal, too). The rest of the raid should group up next to Nef’s side. Purple fire will spawn at the most inconvenient places possible, which everyone needs to avoid until it disappears.Wait, Kotakh is still alive for this phase?

We popped heroism as soon as everyone was in place, and nuked the hell out of Nef. You’ll get electrocutes fairly close together, so raiders want to make sure to use damage reduction abilities, and healers need to get people topped off quickly. Both tanks will take lots of big hits, especially if the adds get too close or play in the fire.

Burn everything you have, and profit! ^^

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Cho’gall: Heal All The Things

My only active healing character at the moment is my 61 shaman, so I consulted with one of my healers for the details on this fight.  The way she put things was entirely too amusing, so have a delightful copy-pasta post! AKA, part of my grand scheme to make my guildies write all my blog posts for me.

I mean, um, guest posting.  It’s guest posting.  See, I even linked to her blog.

For this fight we drop down to two heals while the other lucky soul gets to go DPS.  I suggest wrist guards for the two healers so that they don’t give into the urge to commit suicide mid-fight, although Jen argues that you don’t even have time to think of that.


It starts out all “lalala this isn’t so bad” for a few seconds and then with worships and fire patches, you get on your toes a little bit more.
 By the time the first add comes up, there’s shit flying everywhere and your Cho tank is OMGWHEREISYOURHEALTH and you have to run and snipe off heals and then your ranged are all spread out and my chain heal says FUCK YOU ALL and then they group up nice and properly again and you top them off and breathe for a split second before the next add. 
And then you rinse and repeat until phase two, and that’s just sniping off heals at ALL THE BARS and remembering to use CDs and blow everything and someone just kill him pleeeeeease.


I try to stay with the tank, and then when you kite across, I usually stay in the middle-ish so I can reach ranged as well.
AoE heals like rain are nice for when we’re all grouped, but it’s more mana intensive so use reactively.

Phase One:

Phase one is all about mana conservation and triage.

Phase Two:

Phase two is just heal the fuck out everyone you can. I try to save all cooldowns (except the mana regen ones) for phase two.

Remember, let the DPS who stand in bad the most die first. Priorities, people!

And a final note on tank healing:

Ooh, Cho’gall tank (when you guys swap and one runs off with the add) gets squishy. I don’t know what the mechanic is, but you want to be careful to keep your Cho tank healed up, occasionally resorting to OHFUCKHEALFASTER tourrettes.
Because that totally increases your haste rating.  /nod

And that is how you heal Cho’gall.

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