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I don’t know what’s wrong with us all either.

I have Actual Factual Content for you, but I keep forgetting to grab a link to my spec, and armory is dumb right now.  So!  Instead you get screenshots.

For the curious, Jamethera is me, Vaerron is @Achloyrn aka Fuzzbutt, and Orithea is…Orithea.

From attempts on Heroic Saurfang:

I’m so happy to use the Things Ori Says tag again you have no idea guys.

I have no idea what even prompted that.  I do remember what prompted the one below, however.  I HAZ A NEW PHONE and it was exciting and new and…they were so being pervy about it.

Seriously, guys.  NEVER IN MY RANDOMS.  :(

…yeah I have no idea what started that either.

SPEAKING OF FINDING ME IN RANDOMS, if you by any chance are leveling a mind 60s toon in the Ruin battle group, look for Vainglory the frost DK.  \o/

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Post? Post.

I spent most of my writing time today doing boring things like writing up minutes for guild meetings where half the time was spent saying the same thing three different ways.  So here, have a filler post:

me: I’m going to write a blog post about how mean you are
kotakh.lizly:  cool
kotakh.lizly:  woudlnt writing a blog post about how mean i am…against the new blogging rules tho ?
kotakh.lizly:  ICALL DKP PENALTY ON YOU!!
 me:  YOU CANT
 kotakh.lizly:  pfft….GUILD MEETING
where’s Kyr when you need him
 kotakh.lizly:  must be polishing his totems…
me: …

Seriously, Kotakh is SUCH A MEANIE HEAD.   He was joking about going to join another guild and stuff and he just picks on me a ton.  :(

Also, briefly touching on the whole “sensitive blogging issue”:  while I’ll avoid naming names in most cases (except for HAR HAR ANDY FORGOT RF type posts), if you don’t want me to blog about you being an asshat?  Don’t be an asshat.  Or…whatever.  Fill in the blank.*

*This mark said flippantly.  The author does indeed have some vague sense of tact and what to avoid posting, but admits a weakness for cranky snarking.  As no one has shanked her yet and recruits continue to trickle in from the blog, she assumes she can’t be too far off the mark.

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