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I…wait, what did he just say?

I know I can be dirty as hell, but damn. Poor Argent Squire.

Genuine Post with Actual Content (TM) coming later today or tomorrow!

ETA: Ky would like you to know that Ky took this screen shot.  :P

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Sillyness: Recap

While I do have days of “WHY THE FUCK DO I DO THIS AGAIN?!” when it comes to GMing…and while I do, in part, want to go frolic as a hunter…in the end I am still Amber the Disc Priest & GM.

Mostly because it allows me to do stuff like this:

It was better received in the spirit of the day than I could have hoped.

If my muffin tabard looks slightly different from their muffin tabards, it would be because I gquit…

I tried to do it in as lulzy a way as possible, so as to not cause widespread panic right before raid time. 

Despite my leaving for MORE muffiny pastures, plenty of muffins were left in BoO in my wake:

That was actually Ky’s doing-I just changed the GM rank from “Not Mom” to “Old Man”.   Ky was a fine co-conspirator in this, taking the reins during my absence and instituting new rules!  DKP would be replaced by BP-bingo points!

Aside from the muffins being a guild in-joke, so too is Ky being an “old man”.  He’s not really “old”, but us 20 somethings like to harass our elders.  Even those of us who are now closer to 30 than 20, ha.  Since he was “old” though, he must clearly indulged in “old man” pursuits…and this meant bingo!

He posted on the forums about new BP rules and everything.  Some of us continued to embrace the bingo fun as the night wore on.

Of course, some people were more amused by the stunt than others. 

Oh Bej.  Where is your sense of humor?! 

Ky also changed the guild ranks again later in the night:

After the raid I re-joined BoO, took it back over, and as of this morning the tabard is back to normal.   Some of us had fun, anyway.  ;) 

Many thanks to Ori and Ky for helping!

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NaNo Cop Out Post Take #24

All I’m doing…is talking about plans to meet up with some of my guild mates IRL…and then all of a sudden…

Kyrilean:  i think you’re trying to enslave us all!
 me:  how so?!
 Kyrilean:  one gm to rule them all
one gm to find them
one gm to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them
 me:  …wtf is wrong with you
Kyrilean:  there seriously is not enough time
 Kyrilean:  and this is gonna end up in a post, isn’t it?…
 me:  …probably

And then:

Arrens:  /nod
Sounds about right.
Amber = Succubus.


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Reasons I Raid

GMail chats at work:

Kyrilean Silverblade: guild nate?
me: what?
Kyrilean Silverblade: ^
Amber: it’s his guild nate, too
me: oh, stfu
Kyrilean Silverblade: <3 u 2 sweetheart
me: you are such a twit
I should buy your wife a present for putting up with you
Kyrilean Silverblade: lmao
me: and breeding with you, even
Kyr spawn is scary
Kyrilean Silverblade: omg lol

This is what happens when you baby spice someone on a Sandbox Tiger, they dismount, and a normal sized person gets on…

Fucking DJ.  Don’t listen to him, he’s so full of shit I made a new rank called Twilight Fan to demote him to.  And yes, it was muted.

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Monday, we meet again.

And I still hate you, Monday.

Welcome to yet another Token Post For NaNoWriMo.  Tomorrow I will attempt a genuine post, all about Amber GM Flailings and 25 Man One Room Raid and Other Such Things.  And then I should probably do another strat, because I find myself having to explain fights and going, bwuh?  You all really want to hear about how the orbs have AIDS, anyway, I know you do.

I’m still cautiously flailing my way through GMing, because the one thing the Amber is terrified of is Not Being Liked.  This might seems trange for someone as snarky as I am, but ’tis true. 


I have, in the meantime, mentally scribed two new rules of Amber GMship:

1) If you don’t want to go to a raid, take a page from Cranky Tank’s book and just flat out tell me you don’t want to go.  Don’t make up shit when I can find out about it later.  *stares*

2) Please don’t drunkenly call me at 2 am to yell about White Castle.  You know you you are, guildies.  You know who you are.  Sleepy GMs are sleepy.

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Dear Readers…

Don’t worry, your Friday Flowchart is coming.  But today, I have a request.

BoO is so close to running 25s.  We can assemble a 25 if everyone is onand we exploit a couple of alts/dual specs.  We did this with Ony some time last week.  But, naturally we need a few more folks.  My readers, of course, are awesome-I’m actually amazed at how many of you have wandered over to join us.  I’ve gotten far more response here than I have through the recruitment forums, or any of half a dozen recruiting websites. 

So I come to you, again.

If some of you have something other than a healer please by the love of all that is holy and would be interested in wandering over…please do so!  For all the complaining that I do here about some of our adorably special people, the awesome people far outweigh them.  I just can’t think of a funny rant about a guildie handing me six fucking epic gems when all I really needed for my scrub ass was the blue ones goddamnitKyr.  I couldn’t even pay him for them right then because that toon was nearly broke.  And he didn’t seme to care (OhgodtheguiltIthinkIhavetogohomeandsendhimsomegoldfromLyr). 
Nor can I rant about Kyr bringing his scrub DK into H ToC and us looking at his gear and going…oh god.  Oh GOD.  That is TERRIBLE what the FUCK here let me go make you shit.  Insults alongside love, gotta dig it.

…where was I going with this?  Oh yeah.

I needs me some deeps.  Deeps that doesn’t stand in fires…much.  I don’t even care what kind of deeps.  We don’t have any DPS shammy mains, of either flavor.   Actually we have no shamans raiding at all, which makes me QQ.  I think our shadow priest went hunter, though god, more priests.  Um.  I actually wouldn’t mind another hunter,  so you can take loot from Huntres.  How about a rogue?  I think all of our rogues left, or got eaten by RL, or switched mains.   We don’t have any reliable ret pallys, either.  BRING ME DEEPS. 

We could also use a tank.  Right now we mave m’dear Cranky Tank, Atropus, and…our rogue that went tank?  So that’s two warriors and a DK who actually would rather go back DPS.  There’s also a REALLY AWESOME BEAR but his availability doesn’t always match our schedule.  Regardless, it’d be nice to let Atropus go back to smacking things in the f…er…ass.   So.  Tank!  Good!  Preferably not warrior flavored, though. 

We currently raid M/W, 7-10 PM CST.  Ulduar and ToC are our regular gigs, though we have several semi-regular off-night runs (Naxx25 on Thursdays and another Ulduar10 on Saturdays).


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Insanity is Contagious

I love my guild.  I bitch about them, sure-we have this collection of some of the most derp derp people ever-but they’re adorablederp derp people.  Hell, sometimes I am one of those people (see: walking into Vezax trash). 

We’re all so delightfully nutty.  Sometimes perhaps not so delightfully, depending on how funny you think talking about poop on vent is, but you get the idea.  Last night, we assembled our first 25 man raid for awhile-on an off night!  So we trundled on over to Ony and I proceeded to make my usual threat, just tweaked slightly for the instance:

“If you get tail whipped into the whelp caves EVERY BLOGGER in the guild will post mocking you!”

Considering that there’s uh…five of us?  Yeah!  That threat carries five times more weight than before!  Of course, 5 x 0 = 0 still but whatever.  :P

Brotherhood of Oblivion: We Collect Bloggers!

We never did down Ony (a post in and of itself), but it was nice to have a full 25 man run again.  We’re almost there again!  I just need recruit people to shore up our weak spots, and we should be able to resume our 25 man raiding.  Now if I can just get the people we have to not stand in bad places (says the priest who ate part of a deep breath or two-BUT IT DOESN’T COUNT IF YOU DON’T DIE).

It’s also really hard to be frustrated with your GM when he replies to your complaints of “You never listen to me, Steve!” with “That’s not true!  I listened to you once like, 7 or 8 months ago!” and then proceeds to go on about how he wants to be portrayed as an evil dictator, or something.   Fine, Steve, I can help with that! I have this whole collection of tags for you already!  :P  And then Ky complained that his tag wasn’t big enough in my tag cloud, and…

See what I have to deal with?!

I may not be doing hardmodes, I may not be on the bleeding edge of raiding, but I’m having fun with a lot of awesome goofballs.  Even if the GM is a meaniehead, and decided to play his priest when we could practically comprise a 10 man raid of just priests…

I call disc priest tank, yo.

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This post is to pout that Mach commented on Mikata’s blog and not mine.


/abuses tags

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