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Adventures in MS Paint: Lord Rhyolith


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Cho’gall: DPS Edition

I’m going to break these up into Melee and Ranged, because we do have slightly different jobs for phase one.

Melee Phase One:
Be prepared to rage at tiny hit boxes.

The way we handle this in 10s, both melee peel off the boss to follow the add tank. You’re worried about two things here: 1) interrupting Depravity (OMG IMPORTANT) and 2) not accidentally killing the add before the tank drags him back to the doors.  Once the add is dead, run back to the boss and DPS as normal.

Be sure to keep an eye out for people who are worshipped so that you can give them a good whack as you go by.  With an interrupt, mind you, no matter how tempting it is to do otherwise.  Sometimes your fellow melee will get worshipped on the way back and stand there worshipping away because no one is paying any fucking attention to shit behind them.

While on the boss, there’s really nothing special to consider except interrupting worshippers when you can. Oh and not standing in things. But really, should I have to include things like “don’t stand in fire and dark puddles on the ground” at this stage?

Ranged Phase One:
When the adds die up by the door, the dark puddles they drop on the floor will spawn oozes.  The oozes need to die.  The melee should, ideally, never even know they exist!  Otherwise pay no attention to the ugly adds that SPAWN the oozes–that’s the melee’s job. If there are no oozes up, DPS the boss.

Interrupt any and all people worshipping when you can. 

Don’t stand in things on the floor.

Phase Two, Both:
Kill all the stalks and interrupt their casts.  Once they are dead, flail wildly at the boss until there’s more stalks.

This is a good time to blow Army and other tasty cooldowns.

If you have corruption sickness, do try not to vomit on people, they don’t appreciate that.

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O Noes They’re Nerfing Content!

…again.  Remember when they did this before? Even ignoring the ICC Buff, there was The Great BC Content Nerf that dropped boss health. Suddenly the evil wind chime was actually killable by more than 1 guild on the entire god damned server!  Obviously this isn’t Sunwell, but you could argue that the nerfs meant ‘more’ back then.

In case you were wondering, the world didn’t end then, and it won’t end now.

I fail to grasp why people are getting their knickers in a twist over it. If you haven’t beaten the content by the time the nerf hits (and psst, it’s not that soon), then guess what?  Your penis wasn’t really that big anyway.

@Faidtastic said earlier, “Across the board raid nerf is ridiculous, T10 for Justice Points would self-nerf them, anyone who needed further nerfs shouldn’t be raiding.” 

Last I checked they weren’t taking away boss mechanics–just making them hurt a little less. A nerf will not magically allow all of The Bads to clear all the (by then, OLD) content, just made things a bit easier for those of us who take things a bit slower.

Of course I’d be surprised if SiB hasn’t downed every boss on normal mode well before then anyway–we only have two to go. In that case the nerf isn’t really about us (the 10 man normal crews) either, and our mighty penii remain satisfyingly large. It’s for alt runs and puggers and guilds who aren’t as blessed with attendance as we are.

And if you’re already doing heroic modes, why do you care? This isn’t about you.

I’m not even going to touch the ‘shouldn’t be raiding’ comment.  Just not gonna.


ETA:  I don’t really mean to pick on Faidtastic with this post, his comment was just there in my Twitter feed being all…easily accesable and quotable.

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So about that haste thing.

I finally got a chance to raid with all of my gear at least reforged to reflect the 4.1 changes and the DW frost DK’s new love for haste.

Just to give you an idea, I did 13.5k DPS in BH last night when I forgot to swap out of my PvP gear. Of course, I also DIED on trash because I yanked aggro off the pugged tank, so… >.> There is an increased risk, as well.

Throw me in a raid with actual PvE gear on (heh) and 15k on boss fights seems to be typical. This is a nice boost up from what it was pre-patch, so change good in that regard.

I can see why some people feel that it’s hectic. I found it less so, but then, my attention was caught by the ‘dead spaces’ in which I had nothing to do. It seems as if there’s a few more of those than there used to be. 

I blame the loss of blood strike, which was my “hmm, I need a button to press” go-to sometimes. Perhaps I will just restlessly spam horn of winter in these spaces instead, where the DPS warrior can promptly overwrite it with a shout.

That, or just run circles around non-cleaving trash mobs some more.  >.>

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In ur bubblez, reducin ur dmgz by 100%

Hi guys! I’m hijacking this blog! So we’ll start by BoP’ing the hunter Amber so she’ll not be able to shoot me before the 10 seconds are up.

Alright, ten seconds, go.

Today I’d like to talk about healer utility! I’ll break it down by class, and in the case of priest, spec.


Fantastic cooldowns here. Hand of Protection, colloquially known as BoP (for its old name, Blessing of Protection), is 10 seconds of hax on any raid member. They’re completely immune to physical attacks, so if the target is limited to physical attacks, they pick a new target. In some cases, they’ll pick a new target anyway. Current Cata encounters where this is extremely powerful are Chimaeron’s phase 2 and Atramedes’s air phase, where it will force a target change. Because of the hefty 5 minute cooldown, you can only use it once or twice per fight, but man will it break certain mechanics. The biggest drawback of BoP is that it prevents the target from using physical attacks as well, but if you have an overeager mage or warlock you can BoP them with impunity as it won’t hurt their dps. For our trolladins, BoP the rogue or fury warrior as soon as they use their cooldowns and you’re sure to make friends with them– You were just trying to keep them from pulling aggro!

Which brings us to Hand of Salvation, or HoSalv. For many of you right now tank threat isn’t an issue, but in those cases where it could, this 2 minute cooldown comes in handy. It’s approximately a 20% threat drop, but it’s slow-going over 10 seconds– You’ll want to use it preemptively. HoSalv is best used on classes that lack a natural threat drop, such as warriors, DKs, and boomkins, with the “second tier” being classes that lack a large threat wipe, like feral druids, shamans, priests, and perhaps even a retadin that got carried away with wings. It’s also probably best used at least a minute into the fight, since very early on it will clear maybe one attack’s worth of threat– Unless you know ahead of time that a dps likes to blow all his cooldowns off the bat, and you think you can save him from his own stupidity.

Another way to save a dps from their own stupidity is Hand of Sacrifice, or HoSac. Don’t let the nickname scare you. HoSac will redirect 30% of the damage that target takes to you, up to a maximum of your full health bar, for 12 seconds. This not only helps in briefly “tankifying” a dps when things go horribly, horribly wrong, but more importantly it’s a bizarre mitigation cooldown to use on a tank! With Paragon of Virtue, it’s down to a 90 second cooldown, and with Protector of the Innocent all of your heals will be healing you too. In many cases this is actually one of the best ways to keep PotI from going to waste. HoSac is an almost deceptively strong cooldown and will save your group member’s lives more times than I care to keep track of.

Also on the list of things I can’t keep track of, auras! Pony aura is not for raid. Unless you have someone else bringing the right elemental resistances, you’ll probably want to run with resistance aura, which will be about a 24.92% reduction in damage of that type (10.75% over the buff-caused resistance of MotW/BoK). Using Aura Mastery in anticipation of damage will further boost that to 39.90%– Wow! Devotion Aura is a good second choice, providing 4,076 armor (Roughly a 10% boost for a tank). Concentration aura is the archtypical holy aura, but in many fights it doesn’t get put to good use, and in those that it does, resistance plays a bigger role. It plays a bigger role in PvP, though. And ret aura… Well, you’re nice against rogues? It’s not you, it’s me. I have too high standards for my auras.

Oh, let’s not forget that utility is sometimes focused on yourself. Divine Protection has been revamped to reduce damage taken by 20%, and can be reduced down to a 40 second cooldown. It’s a fantastic ability on heavy AoE fights, and you can glyph it to be 40% magic. Really, seriously, oh my god this is something you want to use. It’s win. I can’t express enough how amazing it is for seeming so weak.

And finally, Rebuke. Thank you, Blizzard, for Rebuke. Ever been on a priest or druid and begged the dps to interrupt something? Maybe those nerubians back in heroic old kingdom, that could one-shot an undergeared tank with their shadow blast? Now you can stop yelling at them and go face-punching yourself! Paladins still lack an offensive dispel, so in many cases this is our best bet. And from a PvP perspective, my god, it’s like a game of chicken amongst healers. In the average BG, one rebuke and they’re terrified of you.

Shaman— Wait, what’s a shaman?

Totems, totems, totems! Unfortunately, outside of totems you don’t have much utility at all, and you’re limited to four totems at a time, and a 30 yard range for most of them. At 18 totems available to a resto shaman (and soon to be 19), I won’t talk about them all, just the ones I really think fit the “utility” definition.

Contrary to what I just said, the first example is a non-totem example: Purge. Offensive dispels are fantastic and can effectively neuter some enemies. Always be on the look out for dispellable magic effects, and once you get to know them you can decide if they’re worth dispelling or not. Probably the best trash example are the Twilight Shifters before Cho’gall, who will tear people a new one unless your purge their shift. Maloriak is probably the best boss example, thanks to his Remedy. You can also frequently prevent the need to purge at all by using Wind Shear, which is arguably the best PvE interrupt available.

Tremor Totem, an earth totem, though a long fall from what it once was, is a fantastic anti-fear. Most importantly, rumor has it that it can break Cho’gall’s worship, though if you’re worshipping you can’t drop it [Citation needed]. It’s six seconds on a one minute cooldown, so it’ll be frequently up when you need it.

Grounding Totem, an air totem, is a pretty amazing thing when it works. I have heard that it will block Blackout in Valiona and Theralion, cutting down dramatically on raid damage. It also works against Arcanotron’s Arcane Annihilator (No word on if it will fail Achieve-o-tron), and presumably any other single target spell cast by raid bosses. Please note that Grounding Totem is specifically party-wide and requires the target to be “nearby” (Personal experiences say <15 yards, but shaman is not my kind of class– No offense to your spiritwalkers out there).

As discussed with paladin, resistance totem is a pretty sweet deal, but you should be glyphed into healing stream totem, which you should be using anyway. Please note that the difference between this is that it does not protect against shadow damage, but it DOES protect against nature (electrical– Hi Neffy). As usual for totems, the range is 30 yards and it does not move with you, so be mindful of positioning.

Earthbind totem is a rare jewel, and really shines on Magmaw and Maloriak. If there’s kiting to be done, you can always help with an earthbind totem. Remember that its range is a meager 10 yards!

I’m hesitant to include regen as utility, but Mana Tide is a special case. It’s a fantastic thing to offer other healers, as well as keep your own mana up. While it doesn’t affect short term spirit boosts like trinkets, there is a rumor that Tsunami’s spirit-boosting stacks are affected. I don’t know if this is a bug or even true, but if intentional it makes the trinket look even more appealing to shamans. Don’t forget to reuse your healing stream totem once mana tide’s done!

Spirit Link Totem, an air totem coming in 4.1, is a rather unique take on mitigation. For 6 seconds it reduces damage taken by everyone within 10 yards by 10%, which, so far, sounds like a gimp discobubble. But here’s where it gets interesting: Each second, everyone’s health is redistributed so that everyone is at the same percentage. Note that the redistribution won’t create or destroy health– It adds up all the current health pools compared to all the max health pools and figures the goal percentage. This is especially potent since very rarely will AoE outright kill someone– Frequently, it’s when one person is low and they get hit by something. I could see it being put to especially good use on Chimaeron’s feuding. It’ll be on a 3 minute cooldown, further mimicking Barrier.

Oh and, I guess you guys have something called Heroism or Bloodlust? I dunno, it’s like that mage ability Time Warp, but you can’t settle on a name for it. The timing for Hero/BL is usually best discussed amongst your group, but a well-timed one can save a wipe. If you think you’ve got a good eye for it, consider using it early– I’d rather use hero at the wrong time than to wipe and not use it at all!


Can come back when it has utility. I kid! Druid’s utility is a little trickier though. Soothe can be used to dispel enrage effects, and if any druids could use Soothe on the shamans for the way I treated their signature cooldown above? Much appreciate it. Enrage effects aren’t all that common, but when they show up, they can be pretty make or break. Double damage and 50% faster attack? Haha, no can do!

Roots are also in the same category of enemy denial. When it Soultree form, your roots become instant cast, so if you have a spare GCD on a fight that involves kiting, you can throw a root out.

If there’s two druids glyphed for innervate, they can innervate each other and get more back than if they did it to themselves.

Like paladin’s Divine Protection, druids have Barkskin, which has an added benefit of preventing cast bar pushback. Much like DP, use this. The only time you shouldn’t use this is when you literally will take 0 damage, or if you know there will be a time before it’s up again with heavy damage. Don’t go more than a minute without barkskinning.

Editing in battle res here. As it stands now the ability can be used once per encounter (three times in 25 man), regardless of how many druids, warlocks, or soon death knights you have. It’s funny to me that I forgot this ability, because no druid is ever allowed to forget it. If anyone dies for any reason a minimum of 20% of the group is obligated to call for a battle res,  regardless of if it’s been used or if it’s on cooldown. Unfortunately there really isn’t much to say about it– If someone dies, you res them. If you reasonably expect them to quickly die again, as in a bad pug, you can reserve your right to pass over them and save their durability and your cooldown. Do be mindful, though, that if you bres in what’s soon to be bad, you might inadvertently kill them again.

Priests – All

Leap of Fuck Priests is a new ability at 85, and one many priests have had great fun with. But did you know that it can be used for purposes other than annoying raid members and killing them? If you have a head start on movement, it can be used to help a straggler, or someone that was a bit behind through no fault of their own. For example, on Cho’gall, LoF is up for virtually every add’s death, and a timely grip on the tank will get him back to Cho’gall in no time. It’s also useful when you can see horribly bad things on the horizon, but worry that they can’t or won’t get out in time, such as Atramedes’s air phase, phase 2 of Chimaeron (You can add seconds to their life!), and pillars of parasitic flame on Magmaw. Seriously, the number of good uses for this ability are so plentiful that it shouldn’t be off cooldown when you want to fuck around with it. Also, you can have a group of 38 priests and 2 death knights set up a line (The roads in Durotar and Elwynn Forest are fantastic for this), lining up 19 priests in each direction and chain-gripping the death knights together in an attempt at finding Higgs-Boson (Amber edit: Fuck you, James.  Fuck.  You.)

Divine Hymn is another one I’m hesitant to include, because it’s first and foremost a throughput ability. However, it also increases healing taken by 10% for 8 seconds, so you can theoretically use it to buff up someone else’s heals. Of course, that’s a bit of a stretch because most priests I’ve talked to tend to hit it the moment they feel panicky without regard of what else is going on. Similarly, Hymn of Hope boosts max mana by 15%, briefly buffing percentage returns such as innervate, shadowfiend, and divine plea.

In Cata, magic debuffs are the majority by far, and magic is the realm of priests (Bwah?). Dispel removes two afflictions (or buffs from enemies) per use, and mass dispel is a large area dispel. A rule of thumb is that if you’ll get three or more people, go ahead and do mass. It becomes technically more cost efficient at 4 people, but considering you’ll pay for delaying it, three will usually save you mana in the long run.

Mostly on trash, psychic scream provides the closest you’ll get to an interrupt. If you’re running a lot of 5 mans, consider glyphing it, because it makes fantastic panic CC.

Priests – Disc

Congratulations, your bubbles are worth a damn! And there’s one bubble in particular that everyone loves, and that’s barrier. This is a 30% damage reduction (soon to be 25%) for 10 seconds on a 2 (soon 3) minute cooldown. You can also glyph it to increase healing done by 10% for the duration.

Pain Suppression is a single target mitigation, and a fairly strong one at that. Try to use it at least twice per boss, you’ll find plenty of opportunities. Plenty. There is a lot of pain from bosses that can be suppressed. Be mindful that it also reduces their threat by 5%, which can cause wacky hijinx I mean, occasional trouble with threat.

Now, a rare case for you is power infusion. This is a fantastic self-buff for throughput, what with the haste and mana cost reduction and all. However, if you find yourself running oom, it won’t do you much good to spam smite faster. In this case and probably this case alone, consider casting it on another healer or (In phase 2 Chimaeron) a caster dps.

Priest – Holy

Body and Soul, or as I like to call it, speed bubbles. This is basically a half-sprint every time you bubble or life grip, which mostly serves to make bubble into a movement spell. Its uses are countless and in my opinion, is what keeps Holy from being a total waste of a tree (I kid! <3). Be careful when paired with a disc priest, as they might get angry at you for causing the shared weakened soul debuff.

Guardian Angel has two major uses. The first is a healing boost, which is a roundabout imitation of mitigation. Like with most mitigation abilities, it’s a good thing to use on the tank early and often, or when expecting large damage. However, if the target of GA would die, GA ends and heals them up to 50% health. While I wouldn’t normally advise letting a teammate die, I can think of a number of cases where a person was low on health, so I popped GA and stopped trying to heal them for a second to focus elsewhere. Every healer knows the frustration of a target dying with a tenth of a second left on their heal, and GA is a bit of life insurance in that regard. If you know for certain you won’t be able to bring them up to survivable amounts in time, it’s a great way to buy a couple seconds.

Overall, I’m sure many of you have a few questions right now, like “Did he just list off a bunch of cooldowns?” “Why did he miss this?” “Wait, we’re talking about healers on what’s theoretically a healer blog?” “Where’s the flowchart?” “Who the fuck is this person?” “How does a wall of text crit for that much?”

To answer them in order, mostly, yes! However, a lot of people I’ve met will say they always forget about their cooldowns, and a quick look through WoL will seem them using something like HoSac or Barrier once a raid night. It’s nice to be reminded that these things exist, to bring them to the front of your mind when you can potentially use them. If I missed any, especially in druid, I apologize, feel free to comment and I’ll edit in a correction. And yes, yes we are. Check the link for your fucking flowchart. I’m James, or as many of you first saw me, Temnyi. In a horrible lapse of judgement Amber has given me access to this blog. And by my count the wall of text crit for 2,935 damage, mostly by having that many words. I apologize if you were one-shot, but I advise you to level up, as that damage stops being lethal in vanilla content.

Also, I’m pretty sure my ten seconds are up. Thankfully, I can still divine shield, and my tier bonus reduces the casting time of my hearthstone. See you next time!

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No foolin’ here.

Too often, my Apil Fool jokes end up coming true in one way or another–the year I /gquit BoO and joined Viva La Muffin, the year I switched my Twitter over to ILikeRawrRedPet…

I think I shall abstain from a joke this year out of fear.  I mean, I’d hate to really go horde or something later.

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PvP Has Taught Me To Hate You

I do 3v3 areans for lulz and much eating of floor.  When I PvP’d previously it was usually on a baby hunter, or healing on my paladin.  Healing taught me to hate warlocks and rogues deeply.

Melee is another matter.

Frost mages, I hate you with a burning passion equal to a thousand suns.  Every time the  doors open and I see a water elemental, I am torn between the needs to scream, and cry.  I can only silence and death grip you so often, you obnoxious motherfuckers.

I still hate rogues, especially the ones that appear to be on some sort of drug.  You know, the ones who jump around like fire ants are eating their junk?  Yeah those.  I hate you.  Die in a  fire.  My fail, keyboard turning ways cannot cope with y0u, so clearly this is your fault.  Jerks.

Druids.  Oh god druids.  Just fuck all of you.  Stupid shape shifters.  With your cyclones.  Mrrr. 

On the other hand, death gripping hunters to me makes me cackle every time.  >.>  <3

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4.1 PTR Notes: I can do WHAT now?

I am probably one of the few DKs who tries to ghoul people on a regular basis in raids.  If I’m not chained to a crucial interrupt duty and I see a DPS bite the dust (and I don’t think they instantly alt tabbed), it amuses me to ghoul them.  It’s a loving way of saying “since you died like a scrub here, let me make you less useless for awhile.”

Apparently now I get to sometimes lovingly say, “Since you died like a scrub here, let me fix that problem for you,” which is…interesting.

Of course the RP nerd in me is wondering just how that’d work, really.  I mean, of the tree options for being rezzed mid-battle, which would be worse?  A druid bringing you back to life, a warlock mucking about iwth storing your soul, or a DK…er…well, how would a DK be doing it, really?  Without any other (non-self) healing abilities, would they be a little crude about shoving someone’s soul back in their body?  Or, considering their own experiences, would they actually be rather gentle about it?  Would they know how to?  How similar is the spell to actually reanimating a ghoul?   /dork

I was admittedly jealous that warrior’s were getting a group Last Stand type ability.  I’m not sure if this mollifies my jealousy much–it’s not “unique” and we have plenty of warlocks and druids for me to share the CD with–but I guess it is kind of neat, regardless. 

I’d talk about the other changes here but, er, I forgot to copy there where I could see them.  I do recall going “lol, you think you overnerfed HB, didn’t you” though.


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Stands in Bad is recruiting!

So here I was moving this 10 man guild from LK into Cata, and I sort of collected people along the way, right?  I mean, I was lazy as hell and didn’t do a recruitment post or anything but I had some people poke me and go CAN HAS GUILD and I was like aww, sure and before I knew it I accidentally the whole thing.  Which is to say I accidentally ended up with almost two whole 10 mans and while the occasional benching is cool and all, the rotational nightmare that I made for my RL is sort of absurd. 

So!  Stands in Bad is recruiting to fill out said second raid group so that we can have twice the amount of pervy, silly fun. 

But Amber, aren’t the new people just going to end up on the B team and suck at everything?

As much as I would love to shove Kotakh in a separate group so that I never had to listen to his smart assery during a raid, I’ve been stuck in the B raid before and I won’t condemn even Kotakh to that.  For one, having a B team means we have to have that many sucky people, and we don’t.  For another, I have more than 9 other friends in the guild as does everyone else, so you can bet there’ll be some flow between the two groups.  I’m not worried about it impairing our progression either.  We’re only in our third week of raiding and have 5 bosses down already–despite the heavy rotation (seriously, at least half the raid was new).

Well, what do you need?

In short: Anything, really.  The way my hypotehtical roster is set up right now, we need 1 ranged, but if we get a tank, then one of my tanks can go back to shadow priesting, etc.  1 ranged (or tank) will bring us to a full 20 people (I told you, accidentally the whole thing). 

Of course having exactly 20 members is a sure way to fail, so we’re actually recruiting one or two extra–another healer, another ranged, etc. We have no mages or boomkins, so ranged of those flavors would be most awesome.   This will mean we’ll still have a rotation, of course, but it’ll be a “sit every now and again” type thing versus the “raid every other week” situation that some of us have going on right now.  I’m not going to over recruit again I swear, but I don’t want to have 1 raid group not go sometimes due to numbers. 

Regardless of what you do, if you’re really interested, go ahead and apply.  Hybrids of course would be awesome (tank/DPS, heals/DPS, heals/tank) for flexability, but I’m not going to pass up a player that looks like a good fit because you only fill one role.

When do you raid?
W/Th, 7-10 pm CST.  The raids will run simultaniously.

Do you have an awesome tabard?

Fuck yes we do.

So, uh, how do I do this?

To speak to me about joining Stands in Bad, just send me a long rambling e-mail about it.  I hate forms and the like.  As long as you include a link to your armory and don’t use “u” instead of you, I promise I won’t bite.

Amber, your crew sounds awesome, but I hate PvP servers.  Like, I hate them so much, no matter how awesome you are, I won’t go.

That’s okay.  I mean I’ll sit here and be SAD, but I can understand.  As it so happens, I can also offer you an alternative!  My friend Pixie Stix is recruiting as well, and he’s on a PvE server.  He used to be in our crew and I miss him bunches, but if I can’t raid with him anymore I can at least inflict some of my readers on him, right?  Just be sure to call him Pixie Stix.  Their recruitment post is as follows:

<Hilarity Ensues>
Aggramar-US, Alliance, 10-man

Contents: Reasonably Sane Guildmaster Who Does Weird Voices (no, he doesn’t
hear them, he just impersonates them), Mature and Patient Guildmembers, Maximum
Fun, Lack of Guild Drama, the All-Important Tabard & Bank Tabs, Ventrilo (to hear
aforementioned voices), Raid Slot (caution: may contain epics), Hilarity & Hijinks
(warning: injury and repair bills may result).

Suggested Use: Hilarity Ensues is currently being made available to Hunters, Rogues,
Moonkins (taste like chicken!), Enhancement Shamans, Holy and Disc Priests, and
Restoration Druids looking for fun, laughs, a drama-free haven, and progression at a 10-
man level.

Requirements: Skilled, mature individuals willing and able to bake at 375 degrees for
3 hours every Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm central time for progression
(normal and heroic), and Sunday nights at 7pm central for nostalgia and achievement
raiding. Must be able to at least hear vent, if not necessarily speak on it (though some
exceptions can be made – ask your doctor… er, ask the raid leader). Desire to be part of
building a small guild into something great and unique required. Individuals incapable of
avoiding bad things on a regular basis need not apply (it makes the raid leaders froth at
the mouth, which, while funny at first, isn’t for very long).

Contact Info – Find our application at
and submit to, or contact any of our members in game for
further information.

Disclaimer: Hilarity Ensues is not housebroken. May cause smirks, grins, chortles,
guffaws, and groans. Hilarity Ensues is not responsible for any damages incurred by
uproarious laughter, giddiness over epic drops, eye-rolling over bad puns, or talk about
delicious food. Not available in all countries. Ask your doctor if Hilarity Ensues is
right for you. Hilarity Ensues has not been tested on animals. Hilarity Ensues has been
tested on Gnomes. Hilarity Ensues does not cover misuse, damage from lightning, flood,
tornado, hurricanes, neglect, tag removals, EMPs resulting from nuclear explosion, or
conversations with an Aquarius on a Tuesday. No animals were harmed in the making
of this disclaimer, but the Chihuahua next door is living on borrowed time, believe me.
These materials are supplied by Hilarity Ensues as a service to applicants and may be
used for informational purposes only. Accept no substitutes.

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Bastion of Twilight: Valiona and Theralion

Bastion of Twilight: Valiona and Theralion
Twilight Sparkle Party, Cata Edition?

While my guild has downed this boss I wasn’t there, so I’m flying by the seat of my pants once more!  I also didn’t  Tank/DPS/Healify it becuase…um…that method can get terribly unweildy at times.

Basic Concepts:

  • Don’t stand in bad.
  • Collapse!
  • Spread out!
  • Collapse!
  • Shake it all about!  (…don’t look at me that way.) 

General Notes:
The dragons share a their HP pool and threat.  There is a hard enrage timer of 10 minutes.  The theme of “oh my god so much going on” continues.


Phase One: Val Grounded
Valiona is on the ground first with Theralion in the air.  The spread out part for this is Ther’s Twilight Blasts, but you want to group up for Val’s Blackout.  If I had to guess (and I do) I’d say this is a “watch raid warnings and channel your LK skills” type fight. 

When Valiona casts Devouring Flames, your best bet is to run behind her so that you’re…well…not getting breathed on.  If for some reason you tabbed out in a bad spot and don’t think you can make it behind her in time, your second best bet is to run the fuck away.  The closer you are to her the more damage you take from it.

After two blackouts…

Prior to transition Ther will cast Dazzling Destruction (really, Blizz?).  Don’t stand in swirly bad shit.

Phase Two: Theralion Grounded
The new group hug mechanic is Twilight Meteroite.  The new GTFO is Fabulous Flames.  Oh, and Deep Breath.  Oh, ALSO, if you have Engulfing Magic you need to run away from the raid.  Unless you’re targeted by Meteroite, because then you still need hugs.  Just uh, don’t do anything but stand there and look cute while you have EM if that’s the case, because otherwise you will kill everyone who is being nice and giving you hugs, and that’s just rude.  Got it?  No?  Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out eventually.  Or die a lot, one of the two.

There’s various methods to handling Ther’s ground phase.  The one that sounds the easiest is to split into melee and ranged groups, so you can loosely stay together for TM while running away from flames.

After to Engulfing Magics, Valiona will deep breath the shit out of the room.  Just move out of it all three times, and then she’ll land and the first phase will begin again.

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