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4.1 PTR Notes: I can do WHAT now?

I am probably one of the few DKs who tries to ghoul people on a regular basis in raids.  If I’m not chained to a crucial interrupt duty and I see a DPS bite the dust (and I don’t think they instantly alt tabbed), it amuses me to ghoul them.  It’s a loving way of saying “since you died like a scrub here, let me make you less useless for awhile.”

Apparently now I get to sometimes lovingly say, “Since you died like a scrub here, let me fix that problem for you,” which is…interesting.

Of course the RP nerd in me is wondering just how that’d work, really.  I mean, of the tree options for being rezzed mid-battle, which would be worse?  A druid bringing you back to life, a warlock mucking about iwth storing your soul, or a DK…er…well, how would a DK be doing it, really?  Without any other (non-self) healing abilities, would they be a little crude about shoving someone’s soul back in their body?  Or, considering their own experiences, would they actually be rather gentle about it?  Would they know how to?  How similar is the spell to actually reanimating a ghoul?   /dork

I was admittedly jealous that warrior’s were getting a group Last Stand type ability.  I’m not sure if this mollifies my jealousy much–it’s not “unique” and we have plenty of warlocks and druids for me to share the CD with–but I guess it is kind of neat, regardless. 

I’d talk about the other changes here but, er, I forgot to copy there where I could see them.  I do recall going “lol, you think you overnerfed HB, didn’t you” though.


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