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Anything you say…

I told him to write it for reals and Darknest it, but he didn't sound interested.

We really...miss....Ori.  Really...really miss.  In kinky, perverted ways.  Apparently.

We are a seriously fucked up crew.  It’s delightful.

And my guildies will tell you I only post things that make others look bad.  That’s totes not true, here’s me being a floor tanking nub:

The inspiration for the flowchart on Friday.  >.>

I take entirely too many screen shots of my character.  And…Ori’s character.

Ori and Vainglory.  We don't match anymore.  :(  Maybe she's my shadow?

Icecrown gets cold, okay?

Vainglory and Lil' Rags, thanks to Savage Fury (  Every time I summon him I giggle.

I am a terrible rogue.  Terrible.

Hate.  Mines.

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First Impressions of RS

Enjoy the view when you first walk in because it’s a lot of pain after this.

Imagine you’re a guild in about the same state is BoO.  You’re still working on ICC normal, on the last boss or two, or only recently downed LK.  You like your pity buff.  You’ve gotten kind of used to said pity buff, though.

Ruby Sanctum is going to be a bucket of cold water to you.  OS, it is not.

This is trash.  You remember trash, don’t you?  REAL trash, now, not that pansy ass shit.  See the marks on it?  Yeah, we put those marks up there after we wiped to this trash once.  Drag out your dim memories of having a “kill order” and blow off the dust.

DI: sometimes it’s only to save on the caster’s repair bill.  Bye bye, Ori!

As to the end boss, all I have to say is “OW, ORBS”.  When uh, we actually kill him, I’ll let you know, mmkay?

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Cockmongers of the Vindication Battlegroup

The Lady Cranky Tank

lol thanks for the help now get the fuck out of my instance

Way to leave right before a boss in VH.  Heaven forbid you have to deal with people who recently dinged 80.  I know VH is SO HARD to heal, especially when we’re still keeping up with portals and no one has even come close to dying yet.    Fuck you.

Congrats, Coldsin, you’re the only decent person I pugged with all weekend.  Rehabilitate, you’re a douchenozzle.  One of these days you’re going to run into mobs with your impatient darting ahead of the tank, and I hope they let you die.  Please spec out of disc so that you don’t shame my kind anymore.

What is this I don’t even

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So I was gonna do a real post

…and like, either talk about how we ran Ulduar 25 last night and made some progress and how I tanked healed and didn’t really have many mana issues…

…or I was going to QQ about how Ron left the guild (again, for good this time) and how Yarp left the same night, leaving my healing core decidedly light…

…and I actually had started a post on Razorscale strats, but when 3 hours passed and I’d written two paragraphs because of a “project” at work, I decide to give up.

Content tomorrow.  For now: pictures!

In case you had any doubt that I was a dork…let me just remove that for you.

And I really do love, love, love having flying on my 73 hunter:

You haven’t had a levitate SS in entirely too long.  Also, note Lyr’s new robe, which looks exactly like her old one but in different colors!

This mount is totally fucking awesome looking and I love it to death, even if…er…it doesn’t know how to walk.

Here at BoO, we QQ with sarcasm:

And I did say we made progress, right?  Hells yeah, killshot!

Also, guild first kill of Iron Council 25, though no one cared to pose for this picture…so we’ll pretend I solo’d it.

la la la…wait, what?

That’s it, it can be t10 and we’re running Uldaur until this mother fucker is finished, y’hear me?

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Everyone in the snowpile!

A disc priest can raid heal a Hodir fight.

Is this at all sane or logical?  Nooooo, but you don’t come here for sane and logical, now do you?  Now, I wasn’t watching the healing meters on our attempts.  It wasn’t until Zuki whispered me asking what I was doing that I bothered to flip open recount and take a peek.


Here’s the World of Logs report, on our best Hodir attempt, for just the two raid healers.  Can you guess when Frozen Blows was landing?!?!

It was one of those nights.  It didn’t start out spectacular-we wiped on Ignis (wtf?) and then wiped on XT, a boss who hasn’t gotten the better of us since…well, we first started downing him.  But then we smacked around the cat lady and it came to vote: Iron Council, or Hodir?

Atropus and I well-nigh demanded Hodir, so off we went to play in snow.

Where we promptly forgot all the tricks of the trash and wiped.  GG, scrubs.  After that we got to Hodir’s room and stared at a boss that some of us had seen oh, once before.  We wiped the first couple of times with him at around 75%.  Freezing blows were terrible, and I was starting to doubt our healing team-a holy pally with two broken wrists, myself with my disc…raid heals…and Zuki, our one and only cherished resto shaman.  Not that I doubt our skill-just our particular composition. IE, my presence in the raid.   I may have mad disc priest raid healing skills but let’s face it-on progression content it’s…ah, not ideal.

And then we tried again, and the sky opened up, beams of light shined on the raid, and angels sang…until we hit the enrage timer.


But going from in the 70s to 13%?  Fuck yeah!  There was excitement!

And then there was the 3% wipe.  But still!  Excitement!  Progress on a boss that dropped t8!  Holy shit!  But god damn it it was after raid end time!  Suck and fail! 

Hodir will die next week though!

But then, of course, came the downer.  My spec.  Do you know how many times I have run Ulduar since we’ve started as a tank healer?


I’ve raided Ulduar as shadowmore times than I have needed to be disc.  What we need, desperately-since we have two ace holy pallys-are raid heals.  Most of our raid healers are trees.  I love me some trees, but our one time running two trees was downright painful, and Zuki isn’t always available.  Having another holy priest to throw into the mix would be useful.

So this morning I sobbed, flailed, threw a tantrum, and then ditched my shadow spec for holy.  Soon I shall announce my failures to the world, much as Ron now does…

Despite the fact that I’ve been using my shadow spec more, for now I will run holy along disc, until such a time as I feel comfortable.  Then I’ll…figure out what the hell I’m doing.  The problem with not having a shadow spec is that for some fights, I’ve been told that some strats typically run two healers.  With shadow, I can swap, no big deal.  Sans that?  We’re looking at swapping people out for DPS and we don’t HAVE spare DPS right now.  We have more healers sign up than DPS.  Some of our other healers have Ulduar capable DPS gear, and that solves that problem, but not all of them do. 

Blah blah blah raid make up officer headache bullshit.


As a side note, when I was buying my new glyphs I realize that I was inadvertently feeding Kyr‘s AH experiment.  Damn it, Kyky!

I’m still a disc priest, though.  >:|

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I did it!

As you can see, I finally updated my banner, and you’re no longer staring at a level 73 Lyr casting penance.  As much as I loved the penance shot, it was pretty hard to replicate!  Instead I used one of my many “I levitated in this place that looked pretty” shots.   Ambro just posed for portraits in Stormwind, since that suits her…and I was too lazy to fly her back out to Stormpeaks. 

Of course, most of you are probably reading this from a feed and can’t “see” that I made it pretty.  In that case, you miss half the fun of this blog, which is reading whatever crazy thing I have written under my title this time!

It’s gone from “yo dawg, I heard you like to bubble, so I put bubbles in your bubbles so you can bubble while you bubble” to “Now Available: Bubbles Laced With Crack (AKA: I Never Get To Use My DPS Spec)” if you were wondering. 

Other Randomness:
Here is a screenie of a Noth wipe.  I believe the problem is clearly illustrated in the recount screen…  Contrary to my own flow chart I did not “disconnect” but rather went Angry Healer on people for not dispelling, and we moved on.  Then Preamus won the hat…and ticketed it to me, ridding me of the last of my Naxx10 gear.  I think I now owe him my soul.  Seriously, unselfish guildies are WIN. 

Here’s more of the SS I used in my banner:

Also, did you notice yet that Blizzard wants to turn paladins into prostitutes of the Light?  They totally do, as evidenced by what I saw when checking out a tasty bit of pally gear (as I’m still prone to doing):

And of course now Ky CAN see what it looks like on me.  So there you go, Ky…all the reason in the world to roll draenei pallys.  As a female I should perhaps be more insulted by the rampant objectification of my gender, but…but….she’s so hot!


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Ulduar Report and Screenshots Galore


So we walked back into Ulduar last night.  RL issues had us shuffling some of the group around-we actually replaced two of our DPS, one of the healers, and and one of the tanks.  So uh…half the raid, almost.  We walked back in to face our nemesis, who rather upset me last week. 

After one shotting the bastard (GOD THAT FELT GOOD) we moved on to face Kolgorn, who had the nerve to yell part of our guild name.  Oblivion?  Yeah, we’re bringing it, buddy!

Oh yeah…we brought it.  After…er…several wipes.  Damn that guy hits hard!  The tank had a real hard time staying up while his healer was being chased around by eyebeams.  Weird how that works, huh?  Ron was wondering about Kyr’s healing, but I know him better than that.  I also know just how bad a paladin is at healing while running!  I’ll make a note for myself to mark Kyr’s head so I can see when he’s running around like a headless chicken.  That way I’ll know when to take up the slack on the tank. 

With our normal OT out, we brought in our intrepid GM, Steve…aka Macharious.  Naturally the fact that I happen to be standing near everyone who suddenly ended up with bunny ears is completely incidental.

Also, Josh was a dork…

In Which They Made The Mistake of Letting Me DPS

Wooooooooo deeps!  And yes, I really do take a ton of SS’s of my toon levitating.  It’s pretty much a running joke now.


Not only did they make the mistake of letting me off spec, but they let Kyrilean alt!  We were all shadowy and DPSy together.

And then they had us MC the adds for Raz.  lolololololol.

No shadow here, but behold the perils of bringing a pug paladin:

Fort, check…spirit, check…inner fire, check….crusader aura and might?  What?

Guild Chat and Whispers Are Fair Game

I hop onto my bank alt and…what?

/report spam

And here, Wreckz completed my “_____ is a nub” tag collection that I have going for our guild tanks.

Also…shush, Kyky!  >.>   <.<  Moving on, it’s Rivyn being a dork.

Random Other Things

“We are both products of a broken world, child…may you be stronger where you are mended, not weaker.  Think of life as a forge, where the hardships are the flames tempering the steel of your soul, and make yourself a blade fit for defending the people.”

My babymoocow met Arrens.  Arrens proceeded to completely freak her out.   D:

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Gratuitious Screen Shot Post

Duegalicious requested Noblegarden portraits of the Lyr, and since I love taking screenshots of my lovely priestess, here you go!

“I am not sure this is exactly my color?”

“And ah…this does not quite appear to be…seemly.”

“Here we go!  Much better.  Though this does not show how my shoulders now match…tsch.”

“Ah!  This is older, but I feel the colors compliment each other nicely.”

“And of course I had nothing to do with the bunny ears on Ky.  Nothing at all.  …oh look my new shoulders made it into this picture!”

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Monday sucks. Have some screenshots.

I abuse my officer hat on a regular basis.

And oh, the random pokings I get as a priest…

I confused the hell out of everyone.  Good times.

This was right before my first attempt at MCing adds on the Instructor.  Kyr (Maedchen) was being helpful.  Rivyn was not.  :P

What do you get when you summon a Lyr while she was fishing?

This was before I decided to dual-spec shadow and, you know, actually learn to shadow priest.   Sometimes Kyr is not helpful.  :P  At least this time his name is more creative than “girl” in German…

Proof that my guild is full of screwy people:

Dear Horde on Azgalor: What…the…hell?

Some days I just don’t quite feel like I fit in, and I don’t know why.  :(

If you’re going to spout insults in /g, proof read first.  Otherwise you kind of spoil you delivery.


And lastly: the DPS meters for Patchwerk in Naxx10.  Unholy DKs are OP.  Damn you, Josh!

Coming later: raiding with two guilds/having two mains and The Secret To Noblegarden

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Amber Abstains From Titles Today

As of today I have successfully made it through 25 years of life without anyone giving into the urge to throttle me to death.   This is a good thing.  I think. 

Despite AN’s mockery of me over the weekend (I never want to run another heroic ever again), last night’s cobbled together Altastic Naxx10 run was kind enough to hand me epix.   Lyr is now slightly less scrub, complete with wings.  This is good, because we’re going to clear Naxx25 tonight and then it’s all priest all the time!  Right?  Right?  I can see my guildies eyeing my still heavily blue gear and sighing.  C’mon, PEW PEW LAZERS!  I’m not sure how running with two disc priests will fly, exactly, but Ron and I are smart cookies and we’ll figure that out.

Blizzard was kind enough to randomly drop this in my lap:

It now amuses me greatly to have Lyr run around on a bear.

For the curious, this is what Lyr looks like masquerading as a human:
Apparently she embraces an inner rebel I didn’t know she had and went for a nose ring.

Levitate is the best.  Shit.  Ever.  Yes, I look around for places that would be pretty to levitate in front of.  What of it?!

Also, to everyone who thought that DKs who wore spellpower items were just a joke:

“Well duh,” you might be saying.  “His name is Ipwnforfree, what did you expect?”  Was this fellow a pug?  No, no.  This is a guildmate.  Fortunately he’s good natured about being a nooblet, and after being told the error of his ways and being dragged through our Altastic Naxx, he asked for every single piece of gear that had spellpower on it.  Tardbucket.  Josh now gets to teach the “lrn2DK” lessons, because Ipwnforfree also happens to be the GM’s roommate and Steve announced that he couldn’t bear to live with a scrub.  For my part, I will continue to lol in Tim’s general direction for his name alone.  Lovingly, of course.  Because it’s all about the good-natured ribbing in this crazy crew.

To my bemusement, some of said good-natured ribbing caused an OMG ANGRY! explosion on our guild forums.  I made a post stating to sign up for raids even if you thought we had too many of a particular role signed up-after all, shit happens, and we might have to tweak for raid balance.  In said post, I  referred to Kyr as our “shadow bitch”, because he’s been kind enough to flop over to his shadow priest alt when we were a little healer-ful and needed an extra DPS.  I consider Kyr a friend and we (openly!) appreciate his willingness, so to me it was a harmless joke.  Unfortunately one member decided to asplode at me with CAPS OF RAGE over what he perceived as a great sign of disrespect.  



For the record, threatening to jump ship and take other members with you is not usually considered to be in good taste.  Especially over something minor like that. 

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