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So about that haste thing.

I finally got a chance to raid with all of my gear at least reforged to reflect the 4.1 changes and the DW frost DK’s new love for haste.

Just to give you an idea, I did 13.5k DPS in BH last night when I forgot to swap out of my PvP gear. Of course, I also DIED on trash because I yanked aggro off the pugged tank, so… >.> There is an increased risk, as well.

Throw me in a raid with actual PvE gear on (heh) and 15k on boss fights seems to be typical. This is a nice boost up from what it was pre-patch, so change good in that regard.

I can see why some people feel that it’s hectic. I found it less so, but then, my attention was caught by the ‘dead spaces’ in which I had nothing to do. It seems as if there’s a few more of those than there used to be. 

I blame the loss of blood strike, which was my “hmm, I need a button to press” go-to sometimes. Perhaps I will just restlessly spam horn of winter in these spaces instead, where the DPS warrior can promptly overwrite it with a shout.

That, or just run circles around non-cleaving trash mobs some more.  >.>

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Click to embiggen!

Boredem + Raid + Noblegarden =

You have to click it to really get the idea.

The bunny does not fear the Cranky Tank.

Things you should be glad I don’t say.

The kicker: in party, he said “please kick me from group so I don’t get the debuff” before he DC’d.

BRB transferring servers.

It’s rather like telling children to never do ____.

Instead of thinking “gee, I’m about to die and this is going to suck” I thought “gee, this will be an AWESOME screen shot opportunity for the blog!”

Officers sometimes get into MToD wars, but I can cheat and take away their ability to edit.  Also, it’s “throne”, nub.   Fuck you!

No, the GM’s weren’t goofing off during the LK pull, not at all. 

Time Out = Mute.

And just because:

Those guys don’t know how lucky they are that I remain BM just to save their egos… (Jamethera,#4)

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Friday Funnies

I don’t have a flowchart for you, but I do have a lot of other random silly.

What happens when you 3 heal ICC 10 trash?

That.  Look, I can out DPS some of your PUG DPS…without any hit gear.  Doesn’t that make you sad?  MIND SEEEAAAR.

So let’s pretend it’s a typical raid day.  I log in at 6 to putz around a bit before raid time, at 7.  Invariably I regret doing so and we end up with something like this:

I like to have fun with ranks and MoTDs, as you can see.

And then there’s just…random.  Dont’ ask why we were talking about Evis’ balls.  Actually, no, go ahead and ask, it’s a funny story.  Read it yet?  Good!  Now you know why his balls are apparently a part of our regular guild chat conversations…

And from ye old Google Talk, with an old RPing buddy of mine:

 Hazard:  So whats up?
And are you still playing WoW?
 me:  …yes?
What else would I be doing!
 Hazard:  -.-
 me:  Well, that and Borderlands.
 Hazard:  I have lost all hope for you. I’m sorry.
me:  …you had hope for me?
 Hazard:  Yes, a very small amount.
 me:  Well that was silly.
 Hazard:  I see that now.

 Hazard:  Y’know despite the fact I don’t care for playing WoW much anymore, I can’t help but be impressed by how huge it has become. Most successful MMO ever.
 me:  I don’t play WoW for WoW, but for the people in WoW
even though I spend…entirely too much time, talking about WoW
because I blog about WoW
but that’s to interact with more people!
…who think I’m funny…
…it’s strange, but I’ve made lovely friends that way
 Hazard:  You realize that is boiled down to you paying money to have internet friends.
 me:  …
 Hazard:  That hurt. Just like I am sure the truth hurts you.
 me:  oh, fuck you
 Hazard:  <3
 me:  …

Internet friends that I pay to spend time with…  Does this make my friends sort of like social internet prostitutes?

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