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Ambrosyne’s Adventures With the Horsemen

You know what I learned during my adventures in the back half of the Four Horsemen?

…I suck!

And you know what else? The moment I get thrust into an unfamiliar role in a raid and am already flailing about in uncertaintly, every single recruit we have will whisper me.

I’m not kidding.  First, a resto druid pokes me.  Great! She says, “I see that you’re busy, so I’ll wait.”  Not a problem.  She’s in Naxx too, anyway.

I fail and talk with her a bit while we’re getting our act back together.

Second pull. I holy shock Mr. Fallen Paladin, cast a heal on myself because I’m already low (wtf?) and then…

…the other resto druid recruit pokes me. I look at his whisper real quick. This means that I’m not staring at my feet. And even though I’m not on the boss that summons void zones, I get one anyway because their range is stupid, right under my feet.

When I’m not looking.

And I die 45 seconds into the fight.


At some point after this the disc priest whispers me (…) for a /ginvite. Sweet!

But OMG guys, all at once? During THAT fight? Srsly?


We downed them…after we threw my nub ass back up front where it belonged.

Also: if there’s a healer shortage, why are most of my apps healers? Holy shit! I mean it’s fanatastic, it’s great, we need them! But…! OMG!

We definitely need people not priest flavored though. I mean priests are great! But we now have…four? Compared to one resto shaman, two holy pallys, and one resto druid.

But you know what that is? That’s a 25 man healing team baby! ….assuming we can make it all on the same night, which I don’t know if we can. But! We’re close!

“Amber, aren’t you going to phase out your paladin for your priest?”

Ssssh! And, not for awhile. Teh boy is feeling a bit of WoW burnout, and he’s Lyr’s pet tank. So expect me to stop my bitching about my paladin…

…several months from now. But if we need the buffbitch she’ll be on duty, no worries. I’m not going to shoehorn a billionth priest into the raid if we need my paladin, especially not if our spanking new disc priest is along. YAY LASER PEW PEW HEALS.


We also tried two things last night: healing assignments (sort of), and my being a “more aggressive” healer. Now I’d half gotten used to That Priest putting a decent amount of healing on the MT, so during one fight I took my heals off Macharious for a second…and he died.


After going “SEE that is why I heal the tank and only the tank omg!” I simply noted Anub as A Fight To Not Do That On. On trash pulls and the less hard hitting bosses, I FoL’d every damn bar that wasn’t full.

And ended up on the top of the healing meters.


Now healing meters don’t really mean a damned thing, but it was interesting to observe a change. I still spun in circles boredly on Gothik, though.

“Are you going to have actual content today, Amber?”



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Murphy’s Law

The quickest way to turn a guild Naxx run into the biggest pit of suck and fail you’ve ever seen is to bring a recruit.

I was a wreck all night.

“Oh god guys, shut up, shut up! Quit being stupid! Play nice! THERE’S A RECRUIT IN THE RAID OMG OMG.” And then we wiped, and wiped some more, on bosses we’ve killed without even half the difficulty. A rogue who did 2k DPS last time was under the tank. I still want to strangle the priest. I tried to shine with my usual quirky humor in the hopes of not scaring the hunter away.

Ah, well. He’ll talk to me again or he won’t.

“So Amber, what’s with the paladin guide?”

Coming. For srs. But tonight is a fun BC raid night, and I want to take Lyrandre for shits and giggles. Hell, at 72 she might even be able to still use some of the loot, who knows? I never did see all of SSC/TK…

I’ve got other topics in the meantime, worry not!

I’m also trying to recreat the screenie I used for my banner, only in Icecrown or something. Yes, including the Judgement. It’s surprising hard to recapture that pose, though. D: Ideally, I’d get a good one of my priest, too. They should both be up there, especially if I want to shuffle the paladin into semi-retirement.


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GTFO Mah Tank!

The Comcast backbone we’re connected to spazzed mid raid last night, halting it entirely because you can’t go very far when you’re missing a healer, both tanks, and a rogue. It took forever to come back up. You’re costing me Sapph practice time, Comcast! Rawr. But that’s not what I’m here to bitch about.

Now, I like the synergy between the our three normal healers in the 10 man runs. It’s me, a holy priest, and a resto shammy. I sometimes quibble with the holy priest, though, for one simple reason:

He tries to take my damned job.

After Anub, I whisper the GM about how I hate all my heals on the MT being overheals while the OT is threatening to splat (I beacon’d him but he was often out of range). It was as much a random whine to a friend as a legitimate complaint, though it’s not the first time I’ve had the Priest say he’s healing the tank and made the O.o face. Then we came to the Widow, and the Priest pipes up with healing asignments over vent.

“Okay, I’ll take Mach, OtherPriest take Zoja, Amber you get the raid.”

“Wait wait wait wait wait,” I spluttered over vent. The holy priests get the tanks and I get the raid? Seriously?

Macharious cut me off. Wisely? Perhaps. “Amber gets Zoja, OtherPriest gets raid.”

Now, Priest isn’t a bad guy. He’s actually a great, generous guildie. He’s certainly not a bad healer. He just has NO CLUE about the other healers he’s running with. I used to do healing assignments in ZA, and to start I flat out asked the shammys what they were best at because I had no clue. Raid heals? Kay. Raid heals it was. While I know that a holy priest can keep up a tank just fine, it’s pretty silly to put the aoe healer on the tank and the single target healer on the raid.

While this situation makes me grouse, it also makes me want to go read up on resto druids and shamans, so that I better understand them. All I know is tree = HoTs (and aggro magnet, it seems like), and shaman = chainhealsomg! I had a very polite tree once ask me to not top off the DPS he’s HoTed if they weren’t in danger, as that wastes his mana. Oops! I try reeeeally hard not to do that anymore and have turned my UI’s HoTs display on. I miss that tree. :(

This should probably be the goal of every raid healer. Learning about your other healers can help you work together better. Working well together = less death! Less death = yaaaaay!

Well. I had meant to write something useful today, but I actually had to work at work. Strange!

I promise less Amber QQ in the next post. Maybe I’ll even be funny! I’ve heard rumors that I do that on occassion.

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