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A Wee Bit Dusty

/wades through the dust, waving her arms wildly.

Hi. This is going to be one of those annoying, obligatory “I’m not dead” posts. End of the expansion, blah blah, I don’t have a single fucking thing that I feel like writing about.

“But Amber, BETA,” you say, to which I retort, “Look, I’m not IN the fucking beta!”

And then you go “Oh” and we sit here and look at each other awkwardly for a few minutes.

So, yes. I have nothing beta related to talk about, DS is on farm and other than that, I just RP. RP all the things. I might toss up a few posts on that topic, mostly telling people to stop being assholes in various ways.  Barring that, you can expect some Guild Wars 2 beta nonsense as I run around sobbing about how there isn’t a dedicated healer oh god what do I do with myself what is this HELP.

Unless I give into my Creating New Blogs addiction and make a new one for GW2 stuff, which is…entirely possible. Like rolling new characters, new blogs are a….a problem I have.

Don’t judge me.


Well, it’s a Friday…Something

because this is what I'm wasting my time with instead

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Fun With Stampede

Or “What 5 pets could I put together for my amusement?”:

5 tallstriders, for 5x the annoying SKREEEEEE noise.

5 devilsaurs, for 5x the OMG WTF DINOSAURS. If this alone wouldn’t make BM the best spec I don’t know what would.

4 devilsaurs and a raptor, because c’mon, that’s just kinda funny.

5 spirit beasts, because fuck you, we camped all these sons of bitches for DAYS.

5 shale spiders for 5x the adorable yet annoying chittering noise. Note to self: tame Jadefang 4 more times.

5 chimaeras, for no, you can’t see a fucking thing through their wings!

5 spiders, for AAAHHH GOD NO you know what never mind this one. Have you been in a park during tarauntula mating season? I have, okay. No.

5 wolves, for the obvious WOLF PACK. Take that, shamans.

5 corehounds, in case the previous wolf pack didn’t have enough slobber for you. Or to be your own mobile MC trash pack, I don’t know.

5 rhinos, for an honest to god stampede.

5 silithids, to cause Silithus flaskbacks in all of the vanilla era folk.

5 crabs, or what this Baltimore native calls “dinner”.

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Yes. That.

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I’ve been busy.

LFR has been kind of me–even while the loot gods extract their payment in simply not dropping the transmog gear I want. Woe.  At least I match. I also leveled my druid to 85 and got her to LFR level…and she is yet another healer, ladies and gentlemen.  WILD GROWTH ALL THE THINGS. We’ll see if she inherits the LFR loot luck or must flail around being That Healer in PvP Gear for awhile. I seem to be doing much better with my under geared druid than I did my priest at the same gear level–the other day I healed Well with a  full guild group where the tank was in DPS gear for giggles. In my pvp blues. What?

Anyway. Lyr. I had her transmogged into t9 but liked this set enough to strip the transmog from it–except for my helm, of course. Halo forever. I think I need a new weapon to really match it, but…well, later. I remain frustrated in my ability to play Word of Dresscraft because the loot gods are just NOT dropping my PRETTY gear.

Except for the druid, who got lucky in Ulduar and landed a lot of the transmog gear I wanted in one shot.

So…by that logic, she is probably screwed for actual gear. Fuck.

Anyway. Hi. I live. Doing LFR as much as I am, surely I’ll have blog fodder…at some point…right?


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Healing is an Addiction

I don’t know what it says about me that I’m back to heavily leveling alts, and that they are both my resto druid and my resto shaman in particlar.

Oh, and don’t forget the priest, still gearing up.

HEAL EVERYTHING FOREVER. And bitch about bad tanks. Oh my god, the lowbie tanks, guys.

But it’s okay. For every tank a group kicked (1), there was a tank the group gently mentored. I do hope that the adorable nub-DK tank didn’t listen too much to the warrior who didn’t even know what a rotation was, though.  Spirit mail is not for you, little DK tank…

Of course, do I really love healing this much, or do I just hate long queues that much?  Hmmm.

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Peeking in!

Believe it or not, I HAVE POSTS TO WRITE–but I’m in the middle of Nano, and that tends to eat all my words.

I have a silly post in the works where I talk about “personal hardmodes”, and a lot of rambling to do about a certain Gnome Clone Army and my silly little warlock, Lillilol.

I’m not dead yet, folks! In fact, if you have any flowchart ideas–or hell, even flowcharts–feel free to toss them my way. I will attempt to un-lazy myself in regards to those.

Just. Nano. Yeah.  /is dragged off and consumed by her wordcount