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Fun With Stampede

Or “What 5 pets could I put together for my amusement?”:

5 tallstriders, for 5x the annoying SKREEEEEE noise.

5 devilsaurs, for 5x the OMG WTF DINOSAURS. If this alone wouldn’t make BM the best spec I don’t know what would.

4 devilsaurs and a raptor, because c’mon, that’s just kinda funny.

5 spirit beasts, because fuck you, we camped all these sons of bitches for DAYS.

5 shale spiders for 5x the adorable yet annoying chittering noise. Note to self: tame Jadefang 4 more times.

5 chimaeras, for no, you can’t see a fucking thing through their wings!

5 spiders, for AAAHHH GOD NO you know what never mind this one. Have you been in a park during tarauntula mating season? I have, okay. No.

5 wolves, for the obvious WOLF PACK. Take that, shamans.

5 corehounds, in case the previous wolf pack didn’t have enough slobber for you. Or to be your own mobile MC trash pack, I don’t know.

5 rhinos, for an honest to god stampede.

5 silithids, to cause Silithus flaskbacks in all of the vanilla era folk.

5 crabs, or what this Baltimore native calls “dinner”.

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BWD: Magmaw

Blackwing “Wait Didn’t I Kill Nef Already?” Descent: Magmaw

I have now done this fight!  We have even killed him!  You can check out my “lol instructional video” here.  Done with captions because I am a nub with a  broken mic.  ETA: Apparently that vid spazzes out at one point, showing a still until the kiting segment.  I have no idea why, as all I did to make our plain kill video was remove the captions and the kiting part and kill video works fine, but I’ll see about fixing it.  In the meantime, the link to the less fubar’d, but non-captioned, video is here.

Basic Concepts:

  • Don’t stand in bad (pst, fire is bad)
  • Multiple phases

Guess what!  The boss doesn’t move.  Stand there and mock your kiter during the first part.   Of course, during the transition, the boss is eating you, so…yeah.  After a few stacks of mangle you might want to pop a cool down.  And not mock the kiter so much.

At the end of phase 2, threat is wiped, so you want to reestablish that quickly before your melee does something stupid like tank it for you.

Hug your ranged DPS and fill green bars.  Move with the group away from pillar of fire.  Weep at the AoE damage.   When the tank is being OMNOMNOM’d during the transition, toss him some extra heals.

One of you is going to be the kite bitch.  Hunters are naturally pro at this, but DKs with Chillblains are a popular choice right now as well.  Any class that can slow/knock back/teleport/get really fucking creative can pull this off as well.  See: kite bitch section below.

The rest of you (sans melee) will be basically shuffling from one designated spot to another as the boss tosses down a pillar of burning badness every 30 seconds.  If you’re slow you’ll get knocked in the air by the pilalr so don’t be fucking slow.

Killing the adds seems to be the preferred method, so ranged DPS should burn those down.  Just make sure all DPS (and cooldowns are blown) are on the boss when he’s impaled, which is phase 2.

There is a boss ability named ignition.  It covers half the room and looks like steam jets, so don’t stand in it.  Duh.

Two DPS will have to chain the poss during the transition phase.  Jump on his head and use Constricting Chains.  Don’t have your best add burners do this as they’ll still need to be killing those damn worms.  If you’re breaking the chains you’re fucking it up so…uh…don’t do…whatever you’re doing.

At the end of phase two the boss drops threat.  Don’t be stupid.

Kite Bitch
Worms spawn from the pillar of flame.  Grab them and run around like a headless chicken.   MANY WORMS, HANDLE THEM.  No I don’t know why this really got its own section either.  I felt like it, okay?

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Jamthera’s Devilsaur, Omnomnom meets Ambrosine’s proto drake Grinz and doesn’t quite know what to think.  This was “bad art” done for BellBell in exchange for a cute drawing of a blue pony.  XD

This is what happens when Cranky Tank gives me a tablet.

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