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Trials and Tribulations of Being Us

I came to the bright conclusion that amybe our recruitment forum should be updated since, well, we’re recruiting again, but even this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Me: do you mind if I slap your e-mail on teh forum for recruitment orrr making up a different one or
Ori:  let me see if I can make an official one
Meeatamuffin at gmail dot com, go
Ori:  hahaha
muffinbrigade is not available!
Me:  noooo!
Ori:  eatamuffin isn’t either
what kind of world is this
vivalamuffin is though!
Me:  hahaha
Orivivalamuffin at gmail dot com it is XD

eatamuffin at gmail dot com, I’m sad in your direction.  Very sad.  And jealous.


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Sillyness: Recap

While I do have days of “WHY THE FUCK DO I DO THIS AGAIN?!” when it comes to GMing…and while I do, in part, want to go frolic as a hunter…in the end I am still Amber the Disc Priest & GM.

Mostly because it allows me to do stuff like this:

It was better received in the spirit of the day than I could have hoped.

If my muffin tabard looks slightly different from their muffin tabards, it would be because I gquit…

I tried to do it in as lulzy a way as possible, so as to not cause widespread panic right before raid time. 

Despite my leaving for MORE muffiny pastures, plenty of muffins were left in BoO in my wake:

That was actually Ky’s doing-I just changed the GM rank from “Not Mom” to “Old Man”.   Ky was a fine co-conspirator in this, taking the reins during my absence and instituting new rules!  DKP would be replaced by BP-bingo points!

Aside from the muffins being a guild in-joke, so too is Ky being an “old man”.  He’s not really “old”, but us 20 somethings like to harass our elders.  Even those of us who are now closer to 30 than 20, ha.  Since he was “old” though, he must clearly indulged in “old man” pursuits…and this meant bingo!

He posted on the forums about new BP rules and everything.  Some of us continued to embrace the bingo fun as the night wore on.

Of course, some people were more amused by the stunt than others. 

Oh Bej.  Where is your sense of humor?! 

Ky also changed the guild ranks again later in the night:

After the raid I re-joined BoO, took it back over, and as of this morning the tabard is back to normal.   Some of us had fun, anyway.  ;) 

Many thanks to Ori and Ky for helping!

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April Fools!

I hate this holiday, because there are a lot of unfunny “jokes” made about serious things. HOWEVER, Blizzard always does it right – they embrace lighthearted fun with their April 1st jokes, and that’s something that I can always get behind. For those of you who can’t access the armory from work today, here’s what you have to look forward to when you get home!

As someone who fell in love with the tuskarr the first time I saw them in the Howling Fjord, I’m thrilled with this! WTB some sort of title for the people who are exalted with the Kalu’ak and want to show their Wilford Brimley Tribe pride. :D

Amber Edit: You can see some more stuff here and here!

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Friday Flowchart: Upgrading your holy paladin’s gear.

/shakes a fist at Bracers of Pale Illumination, which are in no way better than my 245 bracers

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