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Not Talking About The Raid Changes

I peeked at my computer Sunday evening and saw messages from Friday.  That tells you how much time I had to myself over the weekend…

With recruitment in guild closed, my GM duties seemto be as follows:

-try to convince Cranky Tank to raid instead of painting space marines
-kill forum spam
-handle DKP errors
-kill more forum spam
-field minor issues between guildies
-kill MORE forum spam
-demote someone for lulz
-lovingly suggest to Cranky Tank that he find some way to tweak the forums to prevent so much spam
-chime in on various small decisons to be made, where I don’t throw up my hands and make an arbitrary executive decision
-threaten bodily harm upon guildies for replying to forum spam
-wonder if we’re having bad luck with cancelations or if we’re also hitting the end of expansion slump
-ponder current officers and why demoting some of them feels like kicking puppies
-demote people for smart assery and REPLYING TO MORE FORUM SPAMMERS
-blame Searing Totem for everything I forget

GMing: not at all glorious.

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The Altitis Review

Icestone: My infamous healing elemental shaman (no dual specs with this gal) just dinged 48.  Unfortunately her being paired with Josh’s rogue means I get to level her once a month.  Right now, with Josh distracted by Warhammer 40k?  Uh…yeah.  Poor Icestone.

No, I’m not casting chain lightning between heals…no…not at all…  >.>  /lightning turret

Jamethera: She’s gotten into a couple of ICC 10s and done well for herself.  She’s geared enough for 25s should the chance ever come along.  Right now she’s wildly over hit cap, to the point where my hit trinket is pointless…but I’ve yet to have a replacement drop.  Why hello there, heroic Forge of Souls.  Please to be dying in a fire now, kthx. 

I still haven’t found Loque yet, either.  I’m starting to hate you, Loque.  >:|

Ambrosine: The tankadin is back in retirement, unless our Ulduar runs start up again.  I think everyone got distracted by ICC10s.  Our guild is running what, three right now?  O.o

Psychiatree: Now 60 and healing fail pug after fail pug.  It’s almost enough to have my go back to bear tanking, because surely I’d be better than Mr. Random Fail DK.  My DPS gear IS kind of my tanking gear.  At least I’m failpugging instances other than Dire Maul now.  O.o


Lyestra:  Mrs. Angry Prot Warrior will be transferred to Wyrmrest Accord to rejoin her pet holy pally, so she might actually see some heroics action soon.  :o  I know you all want more Angry Pug Rants.   :P  Ly and Psych should provide!

Scott and I are also terrible about conspiring to let stupid DPS die.  >.> 

With Josh distracted by Warhammer, I’m going to try to wiggle in some more casual WoW-time.  That is, in between painting models myself, of course.  >.>

in ur army, addin more colors ‘n shit

(Seriously,all of his scouts and infantry and straight black and silver.  How boring is that?  I’m all about painting ropes…rope-like colors, and maybe making pouches navy blue, and oh hey, skulls should be white!  How about some bronze buckles?)

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A Loreli giefs me a post-it doodle.  I <3!



Post? Post.

I spent most of my writing time today doing boring things like writing up minutes for guild meetings where half the time was spent saying the same thing three different ways.  So here, have a filler post:

me: I’m going to write a blog post about how mean you are
kotakh.lizly:  cool
kotakh.lizly:  woudlnt writing a blog post about how mean i am…against the new blogging rules tho ?
kotakh.lizly:  ICALL DKP PENALTY ON YOU!!
 me:  YOU CANT
 kotakh.lizly:  pfft….GUILD MEETING
where’s Kyr when you need him
 kotakh.lizly:  must be polishing his totems…
me: …

Seriously, Kotakh is SUCH A MEANIE HEAD.   He was joking about going to join another guild and stuff and he just picks on me a ton.  :(

Also, briefly touching on the whole “sensitive blogging issue”:  while I’ll avoid naming names in most cases (except for HAR HAR ANDY FORGOT RF type posts), if you don’t want me to blog about you being an asshat?  Don’t be an asshat.  Or…whatever.  Fill in the blank.*

*This mark said flippantly.  The author does indeed have some vague sense of tact and what to avoid posting, but admits a weakness for cranky snarking.  As no one has shanked her yet and recruits continue to trickle in from the blog, she assumes she can’t be too far off the mark.

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Things I’m Going To Get Unlazy About

-Writing Strats
-Updating the priest guide
-Not posting dumb filler posts like this one

I realize that I’ve neglected a previously “trademark” Amber thing-the strats and my RW spamming of them.  Since my RW spam can actually serve good purposes-increasing morale and explaining fights to the PEOPLE WHO CAN’T HEAR, I’ll do my best to get back to them.

I suppose I might as well go back and do the Two Uglies, since those might be new or newish to some of my guildies, still.

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Go Forth, My Minions

Today is a very special day, my friends…for today is the birthday of our ARCH NEMESIS, Arrens.

Arrens, for those of you who don’t know, is a dirty dirty ROGUE/WARLOCK who things that, for some strange reason, he deserves heals.  Naturally, we know that all rogues and warlocks are meant to be smears upon the ground, but he refuses to learn The Way Of Things.

This means that for his birthday, he gets the punishment of…

…the Blingee.

Feel free to drop by his humble blog and wish him a happy, sparkly birthday!

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Random words on a screen

I’m a little sleepy and creatively pulled in a couple of directions right now, so forgive a rambling post today.  I’ll probably resume quasi-useful posts here shortly, as I still have a Saurfang strat to get up…yes I am behind the times, what else is new?

Last night the raid was a true BoO raid-we one shot everything except the easiest fight in the first wing (Gunship), then proceeded to wipe on Stinky and Precious.

Yes…yes, it was a BoO raid, and I loved it.  We’ll throw ourselves at Festergust some more tonight.

I probably need to re-download Rawr and spend some shadowy time in front of a training dummy, to see if I can’t “fix” my shadow self.  For fights like Festergut, I really need to do something.  In the meantime I might cave and dual spec the hunter, so that she’s available to do the most DPS possible in a pinch.  

Of course stubborn pride really has me not wanting to make my hunter anything but BM.  I’ve been a BM hunter since early ’05, before the first hunter talent reset.  I was BM when it sucked, I was BM when it was awesome, and I’m BM now that’s back to being the red headed bastard child spec. I’m proud of what I can do with it (over 5k).  And yes, I enjoy the occasional envious remark from a fellow hunter because they, too, wish they could raid BM. 

They could, of course.  They won’t, for one reason or another, but they could.  Me, I’ll take my place lower on the meters in order to enjoy the simple pleasure that is a devilsuar named Omnomnom.   I mean come on now, the sight of a devilsaur chowing down on a snowbold that is in turn clinging to someone’s head is hilarious.  BM is just a silly fun spec.   Alas, I might cave and go Surv or something if Festergust is really obnoxious.  I could always go dual BM later, right?


What the fuck was I talking about?

…can I take a nap now?

…also, it’s REALLY HARD to not bubble a pally tank in a heroic.  REALLY HARD.  You just need a winter hat, Steve.  Winter hats fix EVERYTHING.

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Altitis Strikes Again. And so does NaNoWriMo.

Josh got it in his head to start leveling a rogue, so guess which infamous alt got brought out of the stables as company?

Fuck yeah!  And no, I’m not putting her in BoO.   Mai vanity guild is EPIC.   She has my hunter’s old BoA gear, so she’s Enh for now.  Yes, I’m playing melee that isn’t a tank and no, I have no fucking clue what I’m doing.  EARTH SHOCK!

In other news:

This blog is going to cease its 5 day a week schedule for as long as I’m not failing NaNo.  This could be anywhere from a few days to all month, so…be patient, people!

I will still post, just no promises about every day.



Dear Readers…

Don’t worry, your Friday Flowchart is coming.  But today, I have a request.

BoO is so close to running 25s.  We can assemble a 25 if everyone is onand we exploit a couple of alts/dual specs.  We did this with Ony some time last week.  But, naturally we need a few more folks.  My readers, of course, are awesome-I’m actually amazed at how many of you have wandered over to join us.  I’ve gotten far more response here than I have through the recruitment forums, or any of half a dozen recruiting websites. 

So I come to you, again.

If some of you have something other than a healer please by the love of all that is holy and would be interested in wandering over…please do so!  For all the complaining that I do here about some of our adorably special people, the awesome people far outweigh them.  I just can’t think of a funny rant about a guildie handing me six fucking epic gems when all I really needed for my scrub ass was the blue ones goddamnitKyr.  I couldn’t even pay him for them right then because that toon was nearly broke.  And he didn’t seme to care (OhgodtheguiltIthinkIhavetogohomeandsendhimsomegoldfromLyr). 
Nor can I rant about Kyr bringing his scrub DK into H ToC and us looking at his gear and going…oh god.  Oh GOD.  That is TERRIBLE what the FUCK here let me go make you shit.  Insults alongside love, gotta dig it.

…where was I going with this?  Oh yeah.

I needs me some deeps.  Deeps that doesn’t stand in fires…much.  I don’t even care what kind of deeps.  We don’t have any DPS shammy mains, of either flavor.   Actually we have no shamans raiding at all, which makes me QQ.  I think our shadow priest went hunter, though god, more priests.  Um.  I actually wouldn’t mind another hunter,  so you can take loot from Huntres.  How about a rogue?  I think all of our rogues left, or got eaten by RL, or switched mains.   We don’t have any reliable ret pallys, either.  BRING ME DEEPS. 

We could also use a tank.  Right now we mave m’dear Cranky Tank, Atropus, and…our rogue that went tank?  So that’s two warriors and a DK who actually would rather go back DPS.  There’s also a REALLY AWESOME BEAR but his availability doesn’t always match our schedule.  Regardless, it’d be nice to let Atropus go back to smacking things in the f…er…ass.   So.  Tank!  Good!  Preferably not warrior flavored, though. 

We currently raid M/W, 7-10 PM CST.  Ulduar and ToC are our regular gigs, though we have several semi-regular off-night runs (Naxx25 on Thursdays and another Ulduar10 on Saturdays).


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Thought Processes of a Blogger

So I’m trying to write this post, right, and I’m not really sure what I want to write about.  I could do a really nice rant about my raiding experience in Ulduar as a hunter last night, but I am still not sure about including huntery ramblings in what has been primarily a priest/paladin blog so far.

Phone call.

4 people at my desk.

Phone call.

Get distracted by Twitter.

2 people.

What the fuck was I doing?  Oh, right.


On the other hand, my ranting seems to amuse me people (wtf typo), and a rant is a rant, is a rant, right?  Hmmm.  I could work on one of the half-saved drafts in my folder.  One is about people using /g as a bloody wiki (GOOGLE!), and another is thanking my awesome readers profusely for…uh…being awesome.   I don’t know what I’m feeling today though, really.  I’m sort of rage-filled thanks to work and being exposed to-

4 people, not registered in the computer, WTF.

-too many people, and other people not doing their jobs.

Twitter.  Curse the fail whale.

I’m cold, and my sweater is black…while my outfit is brown.  This annoys me.  I don’t want to wear a black sweater with a brown shirt.  It doesn’t match.  Lyr’s DPS gear doesn’t match anymore, either…that makes me sad.  I should fix up her shadow set some more, even though I don’t know what I’m doing.  Is there a shadow priest spread sheet like the hunter one?  I should try to find out.

I need to learn to spriest better because I can’t hunter with worth a damn in Ulduar.  Seriously, WTF Blizzard? 

…hunter rant it is.

Damn fail whale.

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