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No, I have no idea how to play my class, please tell me more.

Josh wants to work on his DK’s gear, so I volunteered to tank for him-as a DPS, nothing beats having a tank buddy for insta-queues.  My paladin could still use some badge gear, as I do use her for Ulduar hard mode tanking.  

As always, I am…quite vocal while tanking.  Josh is treated to a slew of commentary, usually along the lines of “You know, I can hold the aggro on that caster over there just fine IF YOU DON’T FUCKING TOUCH IT YOU FUCKING MORON!” and “I guess the concept of waiting until I position the mobs is entirely foreign to you.”

In one particular Halls of Lightning run, I was pulling conservatively.  Not only do I tend to this out of habit, but the group had already proven that they couldn’t keep their trigger happy mitts off single mobs I was dragging.  

This does, however, often leave me faced with mana problems-I’m usually running around sans a piece of armor and using Seal of Wisdom.   This was the case in HoL, but things had gone mostly smoothly.  I say mostly because we did have some cases of Oh Look The Melee Died, but that was mostly the rogue not realizing that running out of The Bad was generally better for his health.

I would also like to note that the only time I had issues with aggro was when Josh ended up in Frost Presence.  Yet for some reason, as we’re clearing the trash to Loken, I get a whisper from the warlock.

“Did you know that Seal of Vengeance does more threat?”

I halted.  All sorts of surprise and sarcasm welled forth (“No shit?”), but I managed a polite, “I know, but I’m overgeared to the point where I have mana problems in old heroics, so  use Wisdom.”  And unable to help myself, I pointed out Vengeance is not the seal to use on trash, regardless.  Mobs don’t live long enough for the stacks to be really useful.

…so they oh so helpfully told me I should chain pull.

“Ah,” I said, “but I’ve learned I can’t always trust the DPS to behave in random heroics, making chain pulling difficult.”  I continue to boggle at how much some people struggle with the concept of letting the tank position mobs.

I got a non-committal response with a : \ face.

…then I whined to Josh that I was being told how to tank, and he initiated a vote-kick for the person.  /facepalm

I’m just wondering why the hell someone would feel compelled to try to tell me how to play when I’m not having any fucking problems.  The rogue died when all the slag mobs exploded?  Not due to threat on my part.  The DK and the rogue died on the lightning crackly boss because they can’t get out of the fucking way?  Not my problem.  I even generally held all the trash, so I’m not sure why this stranger on the internet felt compelled to tell me I was using the “wrong” seal when anyone who actually plays a fucking pally tank would know exactly why I was using Wisdom.

How about you don’t make an already timid tank second guess herself further by keeping your fucking mouth shut?

Thank you.

Oh by the way, did you know that you shouldn’t use fear in an instance?  It’s really annoying.

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Where are my sparklies?

Lately I feel like I do a lot of complaining about holy paladins, which is just silly because I was the one who decided to change my main from my disc priest to the holy paladin in the first place! And while I LOVE healing as a paladin (crazy, I know. I just love pushing two buttons), that doesn’t excuse that there are sometimes serious issues with it.

Yeah, I’m talking about the lack of awesome spell effects.

Look at discipline priests – Amber gets to throw out OMG PEW PEW LAZER BEAMS, and when she bubbles someone and there’s a crit, BAM, rainbows in your face! What’s not to like about rainbow soap bubbles? Even holy priests have PoM bouncing around, and probably other cool looking things that I don’t know about, because I’ve never been a Fail Angel. Trees get little green leaves and swirls on their targets, which is pretty sweet and very fitting for the class. Shamans have some sort of water falling on your head spell that makes me go “crap, what am I standing in, MOVE” whenever it’s cast on me, because I’ve been taught that if you see something besides plain ground, you need to haul ass. Not to mention that chain heal looks pretty snazzy when it’s moving around.

What do paladins have? Itty beams of light and glitter, and the exact same beams and glitter for both FoL and HL. This is insufficient for my needs, Blizzard. I require big explosions of light – when I cast Holy Light on a tank I want to see Light dripping from his every pore. Beacon of Light? HA, those silly Elder’s moonstones that everyone’s playing with right now are brighter than my bacon. There could be no confusion amongst multiple paladins in a raid when it comes to who’s Beaconing whom if there were actually a huge pillar of light over the Beacon, rather than an animation that makes the target dispense some light beams from her armpit. Sacred Shield is even disappointing because it doesn’t look like ANYTHING most of the time.

Pally wings are pretty much the only amazing spell effect that I have at my disposal, but WAIT! I have to save those for important moments involving Divine Plea and massive amounts of damage, so they don’t even get blown on many fights unless I do it at the end, because I’m always worried that I might need them later. Their awesome is not enough to make up for the fact that the majority of my healing looks boring, like this:

Amber Edits to Add:

Here, I fixed it for you.

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Just a little rant about holy paladining.

I think that when the WoW game designers are creating challenges for healing in new 5 man content, the thought process almost always goes towards “Yeah, let’s put in some AoE damage, that’ll do it!” Yeah, well as a holy paladin all I can say is SCREW YOU, Blizzard. I am disappointed in you, go sit in your corner. >(

This has been our weak point since the expansion started (and before then too, of course), though they have improved it a little bit over time, with letting overheals transfer through Beacon (yay, hax). But the fact that my freshly 80 resto druid with only a couple of T9 ilvl 232 pieces and a whole bunch of blues can keep a group up through heroic Pit of Saron just as easily (and maybe a little better) than my ICC geared holy paladin is just a big old slap in the face.

I joke about making Sophie’s choice when it comes to which of the dps will stay alive, but in all honesty it’s not fun. I don’t like having to make that call when I don’t feel that I should have to, because other healers don’t. I don’t like that I have to be able to throw heals at lightening speed to keep everyone alive, or the fact that you have to be geared to the teeth to even make that possible. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it is to be a newly 80 paladin trying to keep up! Actually, I kind of can because there was a point when heroics were HARD and I used to lose people to silly standing in things gimmicks much more frequently than I do now. One of my first healing experiences was wiping repeatedly in Gundrak because people stood in the poison. “But my holy priest can keep everyone up through that!” Well I am not a priest, so just do what you’re supposed to, ffs.

I realize that the game designers want to keep us in our nice little tank healing OMG BIG BALLS OF HOLY LIGHT niche, but it makes me angry that they don’t take that into consideration when designing encounters that aren’t raids, in content that is meant to be accessible by everyone. All three of the newest heroics are basically difficult because there are pulls where everyone is taking damage. Not such a big issue when you have chain heal, HoTs, CoH, or even shields, but when all you have is some Bacon, an instant cast on a cooldown, and a little heal with a cast time, it can be a big fat pain.

Just having people die is annoying. It’s even worse when people don’t understand that, so you get a lot of cries of “wtf, why didn’t you heal me through that?” and “you suck at healing!”. Yeah, well you suck at killing the boss fast enough to not get hit by the AoE, or at just plain getting out of the AoE. SO THERE.

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Crit or haste?

In the first few months of WotLK raiding, when I went holy for the first time, you would have had to pry crit from my cold dead hands. I went the way of the holy/ret build back then, because holy/prot hadn’t yet seen the changes of 3.1 that made it the viable (and my preferred) spec that it is now. I think I went insane over the fact that Soul of the Dead NEVER dropped for us from Sapphiron, week after week, and I’m pretty sure that when it finally did and I snatched it up, I let out my biggest happy squeal of all time. Torch of Holy Fire? Screw that, I’m snatching The Turning Tide away from our warlocks.

These days, I’m tooting a very different horn. I love haste and I can’t get enough of it, so much that I’m sitting well above the recommended 675 soft cap for haste rating from gear. Because we don’t always run with a boomkin in 10s and very rarely have a ret paladin, I don’t get the buffs from those classes in regards to haste, so I try to keep as much as possible on my gear, and I eat haste buff food.

Why the change? Well for one thing, crit just isn’t as good as it used to be. Critical strikes don’t return as much mana as they used to, so that benefit has gone a little out of the window, not to mention that improved gear from Naxx to Ice Cream Social and epic gems mean that mana pools are higher than ever. I can’t remember the last time that I felt truly strained for mana or felt that I would run dry with no chance to recover, even when chain casting Holy Light on fights like Marrowgar or Festergut or … everything else in ICC. Crit is nice for having those BIG NUMBERS heals, but in many cases the crits are just overheals for a class that has high overhealing anyway (not that there’s a problem with this – as long as you have mana and things don’t die, who cares about overheal?). Just sticking with the critical strike rating that’s on spell plate and other pieces, and the amount that you’ll naturally get from nom nom noming intellect gems should be sufficient – I just don’t see the benefit in gemming for crit rating when you can easily get to 30% or more holy crit from gear.

Haste on the other hand, while it has diminishing returns, is something that you can’t really go wrong with having a little more of. The more haste, the more spells you can cast. If you’re starting harder content, it can be a real life saver in terms of how much throughput you can manage. While you have a chance of getting critical strike heals that will top someone off, with haste there is a guarantee that you’ll be able to quickly put out a second heal. For me it’s a more reliable tool for OHCRAP moments, and probably the only thing that facilitates surviving fears in 5 mans (but that’s a whole ‘nother rant). I feel more secure with having plenty of haste and knowing that my heals have a higher probability of landing in time – our limitation is really speed rather than throughput or longevity. Also, this is what casting looks like when you’re hopped up on haste:

For srs.

Of course, the exception to all of this is the FoL build, in which case you don’t want haste OR crit, you want MOAR SPELLPOWER. That’s a completely foreign territory for me, but maybe someday I’ll give it a try for fun and ~SCIENCE~.

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I’m Cel, but you’ve probably seen me lately in screenshots as Orithea, the holy paladin.  You know, the one who likes to say “ass cherry”.  Try it, it’s fun to say!

Like Amber said, I’m going to add some paladin flavor to the bubbles blog, because zomg I like bubbles too!  I am more than slightly jealous of the fact that disc priest bubbles are visually superior to holy paladin bubbles.  We get the short stick when it comes to spell effects – little glowy gold sparkles?  PFFT.

My first item of concern for you holy paladins is this: do you know where your Judgement is?  I don’t know if it’s just me being lazy because I have to go crazy with constantly casting to make sure that people don’t die while I take my eyes off the screen for a moment, but I never select a target to hit with my Judgement.  I generally trust that my hammer will, I dunno, hit something that the group actually has AGGRO ON, but apparently that is just sometimes too much to hope for.  I can’t be the only one who has accidentally pulled trash aaaaaall the way across the room during a boss fight, can I?  (Please tell me I’m not. ;_;)  I hate that this seems to only happen to me in heroics, where people probably think that I am complete nubsauce, pulling things left and right.  I swear I’m better than that!




When I first started this blog, my priest was a baby!alt and I was still, first and foremost, a holy paladin.  You can see my dusty, out dated paladin stuff still there on the sidebar.

Then the priest hit 80, became my main, and it was all about disc flavored bubbles from there.  I was so frustrated with holy paladins that I specced her prot and tanked for a bit.  Now she’s essentially retired, down to being logged out in her level 60 gear. 

I have, however, somewhat regretted the lack of paladin-bubble flavor in this blog.   When my dear Celaeno (Orithea?) posted earlier that she felt odd posting paladin stuff in her Disco Priest blog, I went…hmm.


I have now extended her author privileges to I Like Bubbles, so she can pepper us with her delightful paladiny goodness.

I Like Bubbles, now with restored hearthing abilities.

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A year ago (give or take-technically, it was the 29th), I was sitting at work.  Almost no one was there and I was bored as hell.  I worked through all the blogs that I read and eventually ran out of interesting, unblocked internet to read.

So…I decided to write a blog.  I never had any ambitions, I just wanted to pass the time at work and perhaps entertain/post the occasional useful tidbit.  When I started, I had a holy paladin chewing through Naxx and a baby disc priest…

…and now I’ve given up the holy paladin gig for tanking bubbles, and the priest has stolen the spot light.

All in all, it’s been an amazing year!  I can’t believe that I now regularly get over a thousand hits a day.  Holy crap, that’s a lot of really bored people wandering this way!

Happy new year, merry bubbling, and may you not have much of the RL equivialant of standing in fires this upcoming year!

Me, I’ll probably be posting pictures of some of my guildies being drunk later…

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A Tale of Two Tanks: Ambrosine

I decided to carry out my little experiment.  I logged on to Ambrosine, which resulted in a small explosion of dust.  Her gear is mediocre-tanking ToC10 is really the pinnacle of her ability right now.  Despite that, it is still all epics, gemmed and enchanted and showing that I’ve managed to flail my way through several raids somehow.

I did three heroics, including Halls of Stone, which I loathe.  Things did not go flawlessly-I tried to skip a couple of mob packs to save time, which resulted in people pulling them, naturally.  The healer died at least once.  I lost control of an add here and there, even as a lolpaladin.  I was often mana starved, until I won the Winter Hat in Nexus and put it on.

Yes, folks, I ran around in a gods be damned Winter Hat (visible-see above!) and no one said a damned word.  In fact, everyone was quite nice.  This tells me a few things:
1) Even mediocre epics make a difference in people’s attitudes, or
2) I got damned lucky with the handful of heroics that I did despite every single one over the weekend being full of fail, or
3) The Ruin battlegroup is magically less fail than the Vindication battlegroup, or
4) Winter hats are awesome

Obviously this is an experiment I’ll have to continue, but the initial results are…interesting.

On another note, I was no more OOM with a disc priest healer than I was with the others.  I sure can see the geared paladin plight in the older heroics though-damn, even with Divine Plea up, I was perpetually running on fumes!  I was drinking before some pulls!  My suggestion is that you either downgrade some gear, or wear something silly (like my hat) while still remaining over def cap.  Don’t ask the disc priest to not bubble you, you’ll make me cry (and I’ll swear that it didn’t fucking matter).

ETA: If you want advice better then “wear a silly hat” go here, my fellow mana starved tankadins!

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There was actually a little discussion on Twitter about gender and in game roles and why we just don’t see that many women playing tanks.  I’d rather not touch gender issues with even a 40 foot stick, but it’s an interesting observation none the less.  Oh they’re out there, to be sure.  And some of them are damned fine tanks.  But there’s not many of them, and/or some of them hide very well.   I can’t get onto Vent without wanting to yap, so no hiding for me.

Is it something to do with the pressure?  Tanking pressure is different from healing pressure.  Tanking, especially in a raiding situation, is more lime light-y.  I mean there’s 5 other healers…and 2 other tanks.  They are WATCHING you, man.  WATCHING YOU.  YES THIS FREAKS ME THE FUCK OUT AAAAH.

It amuses me to think that right this moment, in BoO, there are three women who play (healy!) priests who also have tanky paladin alts.  For two of us, these alts were our mains at one point.  What the hell is it with priests and paladins?  

Speaking of alts healers like to have in common: Back in BC, we wanted a hunter for Kara, so we asked who had hunter alts to swap out.  There were a few hunter alts, as it turned out-all of our healers had one.  No one else, of course just…all of the healers.     /facepalm

Anyway.  Last night was supposed to be a Naxx25 badge/lolgear run…and we had…er…12 people?  Maybe?  There were no pugs in site.  Naxx is officially a ghost town…deserted…the red headed step child of raiding instances, what have you.  We dropped it down to a 10, though, and proceeded to lol our way through that.  It was more amusing goofing off with 10 guildies than running many heroics with 5.   :P  That, and I got some more MT experience under my belt (though Loth is boring as ever) and made at least 2 pathetic shows as lolret.  Let me tell you, having someone on Heigan who has never tanked it before…and a ret paladin who has never been melee down there before…results in a dead retadin.  And a dead most everyone else, apparently.  Oh, DDR boss, how we hate you!  I managed to Not Fail Grobb, though.  Er, well, not badly.  Only Josh died…  >.> 

I did get JUST enough badges from it to replace my Naxx10 chest (!) with the badge one.  That should help me out a lot!  I should go pug VoA as a tank for more gear, but it scares me.  I don’t know why, but…it does.  Tanking in general scares me far more than healing or DPSing ever has.  I’m so terrified of screwing up in front of everybody! O noes!  And it’s hard to do a “guild” VoA run first to learn the fight…nope…gotta jump in there cold…ugh!

I am such a pansy.  I do love tanking though.  Of course I also love disc priesting, and shadow priesting, and BM huntering…  I might love retadining if I didn’t SUCK at it.  I can’t tolerate being bad.  :(  You know the kids who thought anything less than an A was a failure?  That’s me.  Being a disc priest is probably healthy for me.  “Oh look, I’m at the bottom of the meters…WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE” vs “OH GOD THE OTHER HOLY PALADINS ARE BEATING ME WHYYYYY”. 

No, this post had no point.  I’m all silly and rambly right now, and distracted by Nano.  I think that, next week, I’ll start ToC Strats.  Woooo, actual content!

Random thought: The funny thing about being a known kidder is that one rare occasions where I’m feeling especially bitter, sometimes the truth comes out and everyone laughs unknowingly.

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