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Pondering the New Grace and Improved Devo Aura

ETA: Don’t you hate those typos that don’t show up because they’re another word spelled correctly?  Yeah.  So do I. 

If you want a more technical, in-depth review of priest changes, go here

And now onto the meat of my post.  There’s some discussion about the  following:

  • Grace doesn’t reduce damage dealt to the target anymore but now increases the healing received from the Priest by 3% (Up from 2%)
  • Renewed Hope now also give you a 100% chance to reduce all damage taken by 3% for 20 sec to all friendly party and raid targets when you Power Word: Shield a friendly target.

I’m intrigued because of a paladin’s Improved Devotion Aura, which “increases the armor bonus of your Devotion Aura by 50% and increases the amount healed on any target affected by your Devotion Aura by 6%“.  Now consider that with one of the paladin changes: “Improved Devotion Aura (Tier 4) now increases the amount healed on any target affected by any of your Auras by 2%. (Previously only worked with Devotion Aura active)”.  Now it looks like they’ve reduced the amount healed, which makes me wonder: will they let these two abilities stack?  Hmm.   Would be nice for the disc priest if they did.

I’m not on the PTR, though, so there’s no way I can try to figure this out.  Bleh.

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PTR Patch Note Babble: Priest

Many thanks to my favorite crack elf and Matticus, who put these within my grasp.  Screw you, filters.


  • Divine Spirit is now a baseline spell.

In line with my comment for kings: yay. 


  • Penance (Tier 11) Damage increased slightly across all ranks.

…penance does damage?  …oh yeah.  Also now self-targetable, which just makes me wonder how I can pew pew laser myself.  Boomerang laser?

  • Grace (Tier 9) now lasts 15 sec. (Previously lasted 8 sec)

Really, is there anything else to say to this other than “yay”?  Although the version of the notes that Matt posted adds, “but now is limited to one target” which is kind of lame.  Oh well, if I didn’t like tank healing, my priest would be holy. 

  • Rapture (Tier 8 ) revamped. Now a 3 point talent. When your Power Word: Shield is completely absorbed or dispelled you are instantly energized with 1.5% of your total mana, and you have a 33% chance to energize your shielded target with 2% total mana, 8 rage, 16 energy or 32 runic power. This effect cannot occur once every 12 seconds.

Uh…numbers.  Ow.  What?  Am I angry about this?  Sad?  Happy?  I don’t know, you tell me.

  • Focused Will (Tier 7) now increases spell critical strike chance by 1/2/3% in addition to its previous effect.

While the crit sounds nice, this is not a talent I currently invest points in, and I’m not sure it would be worth it just for the crit.  I suppose it’ll depend on the eventual shape of the disc tree.  We should have some free points, so who knows.  My priest is also a skinner, so I have some crit bonus from that, too.  No, I’m not a min/maxer-I’m just lazy and skinning is really easy to level.  And well, tailoring stuff sometimes uses leather.

  • Reflective Shield has been moved from Tier 7 to Tier 5. It is now a 2 point talent and causes 22/45% of the damage you absorb with Power Word: Shield to reflect back at the attacker.

…according to Dueg’s version.  According to Matt’s, it’s been removed.  I’m just going to cry in a corner out of confusion.  Either way, it doesn’t affect end-game, just leveling.

  • Enlightenment (Tier 6) is now a 3 point talent and now increases your total Spirit by 2/4/6% and increases your spell haste by 2/4/6%. (Previously a 5 point talent)

Lowed Expectations had some like, mathy stuff here about how much we gain and how much we lose.  I’m just going to say YAY! and move on.  We gain a little bit here, lose a little bit there, but we have 2 more points to spend.  Sweet!  (I know you don’t love me for theorycrafting).

  • Meditation (Tier 3) now increases mana regeneration by 17/33/50%. (Previously 10/20/30%)

Mmmm, mana?  Seems like a good buff, but they’re beating everything else down so hard I’m not sure how happy I should be. 

  • Improved Power Word: Fortitude (Tier 2) now also increases your personal stamina by 2/4%.

Priests: Now Slightly Less Squishy (but don’t worry, shades will still eat you).

  • Unbreakable Will (Tier 1) now reduces the duration of Stun, Fear, and Silence effects done to you by an additional 6/12/18/24/30%. (Previously 3/6/9/12/15%)

I care about your PvPenis stuff ’cause why? 

  • *New Talent* Improved Flash Heal, Tier 7, 3 point talent – Reduces the mana cost of your Flash Heal by 5/10/15%, and increases the critical effect chance of your Flash Heal by 4/7/10% on friendly targets at or below 50% health.

The mana cost reduction is nice, though personally, if someone is below 50% I am using a different heal.  But…if they happen to fall below that point while Flash is already casting?  Not bad.  I’ve just seen to many cases of “Flash Of Lighting a Tank To Death” to feel confident using Flash Heal on a tank with health that low.  Though maybe if I bubble them…hrm.  We’ll see, we’ll see.

  • *New Talent* Soul Warding, Tier 5, 1 point talent – Reduces the cooldown of your Power Word: Shield ability by 4 sec, and reduces the mana cost of your Power Word: Shield by 30%.

Fuck yeah!  MORE BUBBLES.  But where’s my Giant Bubble of Doom?!

  • Prayer of Healing is now a targeted spell that heals the target’s party.


  • Holy Nova mana cost reduced from 27% base mana to 22% base mana.

Because I totally needed another reason to spam this spell at inappropriate moments.

Holy Stuff I Might Care About

  • *New Talent* Empowered Renew, Tier 9, 3 point talent – Your Renew spell gains an additional 5/10/15% of your bonus healing effects, and your Renew will instantly heal the target for 5/10/15% of the total periodic effect.

Put there where I can get it as disc, damn it!  I know renew isn’t very disc-priesty, but the holy pally in me likes to have options,

Now for glyphs!

  • Glyph of Psychic Scream — Increases the duration of your Psychic Scream by 2 sec. and increases its cooldown by 8 sec. (Old: Increases the duration of your Psychic Scream by 1 sec.)

More of a PvP thing-or, as I used it, for leveling on a PvP server.

  • Glyph of Fear Ward — Reduces cooldown and duration of Fear Ward by 60 sec. (Old: 30 sec.)

Still not sure what I think of the duration reduction.

  • Glyph of Fade — Reduces the cooldown of your Fade spell by 15 sec. (Old: Increases the duration and cooldown of your Fade spell by 50%.)

So I can try frantically not to die, more often. 

  • Glyph of Inner Fire — Increases the armor from your Inner Fire spell by 50%. (Old: Increases the charges on your Inner Fire spell by 20.)

Again, more of a leveling/pvp thing.  I try very hard not to get hit, otherwise.

  • Glyph of Mind Control — Increases the duration of your Mind Control spell by 30 sec. (Old:  12 sec.)

See above, though it would have its use for Naxx25, yes?

  • Glyph of Smite — Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting Smite by 100%. (Old: 50%)

Blah blah.

  • Glyph of Dispersion  — Your Dispersion ability now also clears movement impairing effects and makes you immune to them for its duration.

Wanna be warlock priest stuff.

  • Glyph of Guardian Spirit *new*  — If you Guardian Spirit lasts its entire duration without being triggered, your Guardian Spirit cooldown is reset to 60 sec.

…better than 3 minutes?

  • Glyph of Penance *new*  — Reduces the cooldown of Penance by 2 sec.

Hell yeah!

  • Glyph of Mind Sear *new*  — Increases the radius of effect on Mind Sear by 5 yards.


  • Glyph of Hymn of Hope *new*  — Your Hymn of hope provides 3 times the normal amount of mana per time, but its duration is 50% shorter.

Is it in the game, or not, Blizz?

  • Glyph of Pain Suppression *new*  — Allows Pain Suppression to be cast while stunned.

Might have some PvE uses.  Might.

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PTR Patch Note Babble: Paladin

Here you go: my personal, informative take on highly speculative patch notes!

Official Paladin Patch Notes:
* Auras will now persist through death.
* Blessing of Kings is now trainable at level 20. Removed from talent trees.

* New Talent Divinity:Tier 1 protection talent, increases healing done by and to you by 1/2/3/4/5%. [Not Yet Implemented]

Oh goodie.  Now I’ll quit being a nub and running around without an aura after a wipe.    And look, the 5 points I spent on Kings will now be spent on Divinity.  Mmm, throughput.  The ‘loss’ of crit won’t phase me because I didn’t have it-and for everyone else it’s a case of six one way, half dozen the other.  More crit or more thoroughput?  FoL-favoring healer that I am, Divinity is a tasty treat.

Undocumented Changes (Datamined by MMO-Champion)

* All Paladin auras have had their tooltip changed to note that they work on the entire raid, not just the party.

…yee haw?


* Exorcism can now be used on all targets, but is now a guaranteed critical strike vs Undead and Demon type mobs.
* Judgement of Light now procs off spells as well. (Previously only “attacks” would trigger this)

These changes are terribly important for fights like Thaddius, where I’m frantically holy-DPSing to make up for the DPS scrubs who either can’t tell left from right, or can’t jump.


* Purifying Power (Tier 6) now reduces the cooldown of your Exorcism and Holy Wrath spells by 17/33%. (Previously increased the critical strike chance of those spells by 10/20%)
* Pure of Heart (Tier 5) now reduces Curse, Poison, and Disease effects by 15/30%. (Previously was 25/50% but did not include poisons)
* Blessed Hands has been moved from Tier 5 to Tier 4 and now reduces the mana cost of Hand of Freedom, Hand of Sacrifice and Hand of Salvation by 15/30% and cooldowns by 10/20%.
* Improved Concentration Aura’s (Tier 4) reduced silence/interrupt effect now works while any aura is active.

Purifying Power – possesses one of those graphics that my brain has imprinted with the meaning “talent not worth taking”. 
Pure of Heart – possesses one of those graphics that my brain has imprinted with the meaning “wow these points are really more useful elsewhere”
Pure of Heart – possesses one of those graphics that my brain has imprinted with the meaning “I haven’t remembered to use my Hand spells since BoPing the mages on Nef”
Imp Conc Aura-what?  So…the effect works regardless of the aura?  So…there is no point to using the aura now if you have improved?  …eh I took my points out of this anyway.


* Blessing of Kings is now a baseline ability. Trainable at level 20.

Good, now everyone can shut up about it.


* Improved Devotion Aura (Tier 4) now increases the amount healed on any target affected by any of your Auras by 2%. (Previously only worked with Devotion Aura active)

For those of us who run around with tankadins, this is good stuff.


No one cares about those nubsauces.


* Glyph of Exorcism — Increases damage done by Exorcism by 20%. (Old: Your Exorcism also interrupts spellcasting for 2 sec.)

One of those leveling up glyphs, maybe.

* Glyph of Divinity — Your Lay on Hands grants twice as much mana as normal and also grants you as much mana as it grants your target. (Old: Your Lay on Hands also grants you as much mana as it grants your target.)

So it replaces the LoH Glyph.  Meaning I have to change my glyph…

* Glyph of Lay on Hands — Reduces the cooldown of your Lay on Hands spell by 5 min.(Old: Your Lay on Hands also grants you as much mana as it grants your target.)

…because I just don’t USE it often enough to make this worth it.

* Glyph of Beacon of Light *new* — Increases the duration of Beacon of Light by 30 sec.

Oh look I’ll have to refresh it slightly less often and use slightly less mana.

* Glyph of Holy Shock *new* — Reduces the cooldown of Holy Shock by 1 sec.

Nifty, for those of you who use it as a more important part of your rotation than I do.  I tend to treat it like an oh shit button, so I hold it in “reserve” rather than using it a lot.

Other important changes:

Mounts will not dismount in water

Wait, what?  Seriously?  Did you GET that? 

Mounts will not dismount in water!!!!!

That’s fucking ground breaking, people!  This is right up there with OPENING CLAMS ON MOUNTS.

Edit: Now with less typos.

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Priest Changes and Paladin Hopes

Hey look, a bandwagon!  Let’s talk about priest changes.

* Divine Spirit – this spell is now a core ability available to all priests.
Good.  Since it gets overwritten so much anyway these days, having it be a talent was sort of silly.  While Imp DS will likely remain a Disc talent, I’m sure it’ll free up a point or two to spend elsewhere.

* Discipline has access to a new talent, Power Word: Barrier. (Think of it as Power Word: Shield for your whole group).
Fuck.  Yeah.  I’ve been jokingly saying “Give me an AoE Bubble!” for awhile now, but if they actually do it?  Oooh, that’ll be fun.  Who needs CoH when we can prevent the damage to begin with?

* Several area of effect (AOE) heal spells have been improved: Prayer of Healing can be cast on any groups in your raid party. Holy Nova’s mana cost has been reduced. Circle of Healing now heals for more.
Good.   They’ve made my AoE heal better, stopped a bit of holy priest QQ, and now I’ll be able to cast more Holy Novas and kill more maggots.   Maybe now our resident FailPriest will fail a little less, because he’ll have one of his crutches back. 

“Amber, are you still angry about that one holy priest?”

Yes.  But that’s for another post.

* Penance – this spell can now be targeted on the priest.
I can laser myself!  Woo! 

So.  What does this all mean?  It means that priests are even more awesome.  Let me tell you, this cements my eventual main swap unless Blizzard does some really unexpected, fantastic changes to paladins.

Part of me hopes they do, because they need it.  How can I not have hopes for my first class?

The holy paladin population in the game has dropped, like a rock.  Every single other healer in the game has some sort of multi-target heal, or a HoT, if not both.  Although we can manage without either, it’s a struggle, and there aren’t nearly enough people willing to stick it out.  If I had been on my own, rather than leveling with my boyfriend with a raiding guild expecting an 80 pally, I probably would have dropped the ball myself.  And I’m a skilled healadin-what about those who need a little brushing up?  Just respecced?  I think we chased away a lot of people who could have matured into good little buffbots had they not run into the wall that was AoE damage happy heroics at first.  A giant wall.  With spikes on it.  And broken glass.

While I’m sure you know paladins who got through that just fine, blah blah blah, if I’m complaining I must suck, blah blah, lrn2play, blah, there’s plenty that didn’t.  You know how I know?

Look around.  How many holy paladins do you see?

My guild has two.  Two.  And one resto shaman, and one resto druid, and one disc priest…and every other healer we have is a holy priest.

Incidentally, one of the strongest AoE healers in the game.

Do I need to draw the obvious conclusion here?  The healers that were best able to cope with the Northrend instances were the ones to ‘survive’.

I’m glad they’re making priests more awesome.  We need more healers, period.  But I really, really hope that they do something to the others as well.  Give us all something as glorious-and entertaining!-as PW: Barrier.

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