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More PvP Musings

More PvP Musings,
Because That’s What I’ve Done This Week Instead of Raiding:
How to Not Totally Suck As A DK No Matter How Much You Actually Do Suck
(In BGs Because That’s What’s Fresh On My Mind And I’m Worse In Arenas)
Disclaimer: I am not as awesome Cynwise

It amuses me how some things have never changed–fighting mid field in Warsong Gulch is still stupid, and everyone still does it.  So I suppose that’s the first piece of advice–don’t do that.  Unless you’re actively chasing down a flag carrier, get somewhere actually useful.  Hint: it involves a flag carrier.

Speaking of flag carriers, you need to be all up in their business.  CHAINS OF ICE CHAINS OF ICE CHAINS OF ICE CHAINS OF ICE DEATH GRIP LOL.  That is your job, wether it be hasseling the enemy flag carrier or peeling people off yours.

Not in a capture the flag BG?  FIGHT ON THE NODE FLAG, OH MY GOD.  Oh, and your job is now to eat healers.  Actually, you job is always to eat healers, but lacking anything else to do that is definitely your job here.

I was amazed at how helpful my tidy plates was in that regard–I had it set up so that my bars were color coded by class, allowing me to quickly focus my hatred on the appropriate target–the frost mage the potential healer.  Making it so that I could see cast bars right under their name was even more awesome.  I’M SORRY ARE YOU TRYING TO CAST HEALING WAVE?

Also, don’t forget Dark Simulacrum.  Like me you’ll probably have to hunt for it in your books because seriously wtf is that damned thing, but it does have good use in pvp.  Sometimes, of course, it will steal something useless like…oh…beacon.  Other times I’ve cast Repentance right back at the poor pally and giggled madly. 

Kill all the things!

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