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You know…

…it’s really hard to write a Monday post about WoW when I spent all weekend either out and about (The Melting Pot=yum) or playing Dragon Age.  

Here’s to hoping 3.3 hits soon.  Bwuh.  What is there to log on for?  I can’t do too many pug raids because I fear the Cranky Tank’s enrage, and he’s been sick (the sickness debuff shortens his enrage timer by quite a bit) .  Heroics…meh at heroics until patch.  So that leaves…RP!…but that’s on a different server from my primary one, and doesn’t solve the Vanishing GM thing.  Sooooo DAO it was.

(For those of you that are wondering: why yes, I DID chose to play a healery type mage in DAO.  Adorable elf is adorable.)

My hunter now almost outgears my priest.  This fact is disgusting, and highlights some of the issues that come along with, well, playing a disc priest.  I almost said priest, but then I thought of some nice spirit/mp5 laden cloth that dropped recently that had a whopping two rolls for it.  Make it a crit piece and suddenly every damned mage and warlock on your server has magically appeared in your raid to roll on that shit.

Gearing is the one thing I miss about being a holy paladin.  Oh look, spell power plate.  Here you are, Token Holy Pally.  Oh look, more.  Here.  More?  Here!


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If Cranky Tank Blogged

I often tell Cranky Tank that he should blog.  Of course, Cranky Tank hates even the word blog, and I recieve much mockery in my own home for my hobby.   Buuuut if Cranky Tank WERE to blog (I am now using the word blog just because I know he hates the word blog even though he never reads my blog) it would sound like this … only a wee bit angrier and with some mention of bodily harm inflicted upon the developers.

I can share in the frustration, somewhat, too.  There’s some tasty stuff in ToC25…

…and some tasty stuff in ToC10…

…so I kind of need to run both…

…and did I mention that I need trophys?  And that I never get trophys, ever, and at this rate never will because I swear the god the number of people rolling never goes down?  Ever? 

Thank god you can get plain ol’ t9 with badges.  God knows I have enough of those, now.



O Hai, Pre-Patch Lull

Ah, it’s that time again.  Raid attendence drops,  people stop paying attention, and all of a sudden we’re wiping on farm content.

Freya defeated us again last night, which has me wanting to cry in both sadness and anger.  It’s Freya, for fuck’s sake.  In Ulduar.  She’s a keeper that we used to be able to down regularly.   I don’t know where everyone’s head was, but if the trash wipes didn’t clue me in, a Freya pull by someone distracted by the TV should have.  I want to kill Yoggy, people.  :(

It’s a struggle for me, internally.  I’m telling myself that it’s just a natural lull, the kind that BoO has survived over and over.   Then there’s the part of my brain that is screaming YOU ARE THE MOST TERRIBLE GM EVER, and I hate that part.  I’m flailing at my support network on a regular basis (I love you guys).

I GM’d once before, in BC.  We had a cozy little group of friends, barely enough to scrape together a Kara.  Then one day my co-GM and one of our precious healers transferred off server without warning, and I’m afraid I was rather gutted after that and the guild slowly dwindled away.  Gwuh.  Will not repeat.

I’ve got an officer who is perpetually MIA…no, actually, two officers who are perpeutally MIA, though one of them at least occassionaly shows up and leads an off night raid.   Cranky Tank is on that wavering age of burn out and /game quit…again.  Of the other three officers, one is the former GM and lord knows where his mind is…and the other two are also sort of wavering uncertainly in burn out/bored land.  In other words, I’m really afraid to lean on anybody, and the number of people I feel I can count on is smaller than our number of officers.

Of course this just means that I’ll actually be leaning on the people who currently keep me raiding, officer or not.  Myss.  Oasic.  Celaeno.  Pyxy.  Kyr.  Rivyn.  Atropus.  Frost.  All of you who joke around and generally make my nights amusing.  

I have a couple of angry rants saved up, but I’m almost afraid to voice them.  Perhaps tomorrow will be Pull Your Head Out Of Your Asses Lecture Day, where I talk about things like continuing to stare at the TV and not the computer when your GM on vent is going “EVERYONE BACK UP BACK UP BACK OH GOD THE BOSS PULLED” is pretty damn fail.

To cap the fail, I missed taming Loque by like…a minute.  Then I hopped on my warrior and found Skoll’s corpse.  Bwuh.  Sad BM hunter is sad. /pokemons

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Suprise patch = surprise buttsechs.

So I’m already wound up enough, what with the first 25 man with me as guild leader, and then we have to have issues all night.  It started with the Beasts pull and our OT DCing…and being unable to log back on for awhile.  That was pretty much the theme of the night.

Pyxy, tank.  Ghostfacee, melee DPS.  Erdkrieg, healer.  Iknowyou, ranged DPS.  Mikata, healer.  Myself, healer, though I thankfully didn’t have patch issues.   It was a rotating cluserfuck of 24 manning nearly every gods be damned thing because we were always missing someone

Healing felt light and I don’t know if it was due it group comp, silly inattentive people, the particular tanks we’d chosen (Pyx is still catching up in gear to the other thanks and Mega just doesn’t have Zoja’s avoidances), server fail, or all of those.  I know I was lolfailing at one point, to my bafflement-I lolfail at many things, but to be hit by Icehowl?  ICEHOWL?!  On my screen, it looked like he was facing me, so I ran to one side, to you know…get out of the way.  Instead, I ran into him.  WTF?  GAH.  I think I’ll stick with “all of those” as my answer and cross my fingers for better luck next week.

On my Current Things To Do As GM List is “find my spine”.  I should get right on that.

ETA: Kestrel mentioned my name and the phrase “mad comic genius” together.  I feel better now.

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Amber’s Thoughts on ToC

But I don’t want to do the same FUCKING thing on the same FUCKING toon in the same FUCKING instance two FUCKING times a week!



Raid from Hell

It was one of those nights.  Cranky Tank is recovering from the flu and Fearless Leader is coming down with it.  Some raiders seemed to have left their brains at home and stupid wipes were had.  The loot gods were not kind.  RL stress frayed tempers.  I, ever the emotion sponge, soaked it all up and expoloded it right back at everyone (my response to one tank’s “heal me!” was “TPS the boss!”).

Normally, I try to keep spirits up with Amber’s Patended Random Silly, but even that was shot down.  Steve has been refusing to give me assist, which means I can’t /rw spam.  Aside from making me a very sad panda, this also puts a crimp on my role as healing lead.  Vent can get chaotic, and even my healers with perfect hearing can’t always catch what I need them to, nevermind the one without.  Whisper and raid chat can be lost, too.  Let’s face it, /rw makes a noise and splashes red text on your screen for a reason.  There’s some logic behind my request beyond my desire to be a dork, like telling Tank Healer #3 to cover Tank #2 because Tank Healer #1 decided to stand in front of a worm (I’m fucking brilliant some days, let me tell you). 

I have my other gripes, as well.  I disagree with having seven healers for ToC.  How about we make our people learn to not hug opposite color orbs, and other such lazy dumbfuckery?  What about dispells?  Can you learn to do those?  We have some damned fine healers and it doesn’t take much for boredem to set in.  We did fine with 6 healers before when I decided to be a bitch and ignore Steve, and we’ll do fine with 6 again.  The most fun I’ve had in ToC was one ToC 10 with one of our more undergeared healers.  My mana bar was screaming!  It was work!  Holy shit!  I LOVED IT.  …you want us to have HOW MANY HEALERS in a 25 man?

One of our tanks also has aquired the Grate On Amber’s Nerves debuff.   This is…not cool.  It applies stacks, and after so many stacks I just want to scream.  In fact, he gets a post all on his own!…again.

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“Oh but the epics in ToC are better!”


Fuck you!  We’re up to Yoggy for fuck’s sake!  WHY CAN’T WE COMPLETE THE GODS BE DAMNED INSTANCE?  “O noes Yoggy is hard”? 


What the hell are you, a lazy child?  Is the concept for working for epics, or raiding for something other that stupid purple pixels JUST FOR YOU a foreign concept? 




This post brought to you by sick, angry priests who wanted to chew on Ulduar more last night, not do Ony/VoA because, like, only healers and tanks signed up.  No one wants to do the “hard” part of Ulduar, apparently.

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