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No, I have no idea how to play my class, please tell me more.

Josh wants to work on his DK’s gear, so I volunteered to tank for him-as a DPS, nothing beats having a tank buddy for insta-queues.  My paladin could still use some badge gear, as I do use her for Ulduar hard mode tanking.  

As always, I am…quite vocal while tanking.  Josh is treated to a slew of commentary, usually along the lines of “You know, I can hold the aggro on that caster over there just fine IF YOU DON’T FUCKING TOUCH IT YOU FUCKING MORON!” and “I guess the concept of waiting until I position the mobs is entirely foreign to you.”

In one particular Halls of Lightning run, I was pulling conservatively.  Not only do I tend to this out of habit, but the group had already proven that they couldn’t keep their trigger happy mitts off single mobs I was dragging.  

This does, however, often leave me faced with mana problems-I’m usually running around sans a piece of armor and using Seal of Wisdom.   This was the case in HoL, but things had gone mostly smoothly.  I say mostly because we did have some cases of Oh Look The Melee Died, but that was mostly the rogue not realizing that running out of The Bad was generally better for his health.

I would also like to note that the only time I had issues with aggro was when Josh ended up in Frost Presence.  Yet for some reason, as we’re clearing the trash to Loken, I get a whisper from the warlock.

“Did you know that Seal of Vengeance does more threat?”

I halted.  All sorts of surprise and sarcasm welled forth (“No shit?”), but I managed a polite, “I know, but I’m overgeared to the point where I have mana problems in old heroics, so  use Wisdom.”  And unable to help myself, I pointed out Vengeance is not the seal to use on trash, regardless.  Mobs don’t live long enough for the stacks to be really useful.

…so they oh so helpfully told me I should chain pull.

“Ah,” I said, “but I’ve learned I can’t always trust the DPS to behave in random heroics, making chain pulling difficult.”  I continue to boggle at how much some people struggle with the concept of letting the tank position mobs.

I got a non-committal response with a : \ face.

…then I whined to Josh that I was being told how to tank, and he initiated a vote-kick for the person.  /facepalm

I’m just wondering why the hell someone would feel compelled to try to tell me how to play when I’m not having any fucking problems.  The rogue died when all the slag mobs exploded?  Not due to threat on my part.  The DK and the rogue died on the lightning crackly boss because they can’t get out of the fucking way?  Not my problem.  I even generally held all the trash, so I’m not sure why this stranger on the internet felt compelled to tell me I was using the “wrong” seal when anyone who actually plays a fucking pally tank would know exactly why I was using Wisdom.

How about you don’t make an already timid tank second guess herself further by keeping your fucking mouth shut?

Thank you.

Oh by the way, did you know that you shouldn’t use fear in an instance?  It’s really annoying.

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Red Gems Are Manufactured With Crack

Dear Blizzard,

My disc priest?  Wants red gems. 
My hunter also wants red gems.
In fact, a lot of people want red gems.  Tasty, tasty red gems with straight (insert crucial stat here).  Things like spell power, agility, strength, and attack power are very important to multiple classes.  So why couldn’t you PUT THOSE STATS ON OTHER COLORS SO THAT RED GEMS AREN’T ALWAYS HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF GOLDS?

Just a thought.

I mean, why can’t a straight strength gem be…yellow?  Or something?  There’s always one color gem that’s cheaper than the rest, shift something to THAT color so that we can, I don’t know, spread the pain?

No love,
The consumer of 200g gems that everyone else fucking wants too which is why they are never in the gbank omg

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Rage, Real and Feigned

A lot of my infamous rage on this blog is, if not feigned, at least greatly exaggerated.  Rants are funny, I like being funny, so what could be better than funny rants?

Underneath the faux rage is, however, a very real build up of genuine anger.  I’m frustrated with some attitudes, and some people.  And some day, I’m not going to bite my tongue anymore.

It’s already starting to show.  Part of the problem is, of course, in my own attitudes.  I often tell myself, in relation to horseback riding, that the horse only misbehaves as much as I let him.  If I don’t get respect it’s because I’ve given people little to no reason to.  If people don’t do what they’re supposed to, it’s because there’s no repercussions if they don’t.

I’m standing on the edge of changing all that.  Brotherhood of Oblivion is my guild.  Not Steve’s, not Josh’s, not anyone else’s.  I do want as many people happy as possible, yes.  It is not, in any way shape or form, all about me.  But right now, it is not in my best interest or theirs that GMing BoO makes me miserable.  And you know what?  It’s making me miserable.

Not any more.

I have my pointy stick, and my sand, and I shall be drawing some lines.  If you cross them I will POKE YOU IN THE MOTHER FUCKING EYE.

/brandishes stick

/pokes self


I want to continue having fun in raids, killing bosses while having ribald conversations about buttsechs-but I want to do it without being talked over in vent during loot.  Tell jokes about how I get lost in Gruul’s and ToC, but don’t arms tank when I explicitly tell you not to.   Be my lovably dorky crew without…you know…being douchebags.

Novel concept?

We’ll see.

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Why There Are No Tanks

Do you know why there are no tanks?  Do you know why the wait on my lowbie DPS toons is 30+ minutes for a group? 


Hey you, elemental shaman!  Yeah you with the mother fucking chain lightning of O HAI I R SHAMAN TANK.  CUT IT THE FUCK OUT.  Especially on mobs I HAVEN’T EVEN TOUCHED YET.  You have BoA gear, that means you have an 80.  This means that you should know that pulling mobs the tank hasn’t touched yet is FUCKING STUPID and just a wee bit rude.  You know my AoE taunt, as a bear?  It takes RAGE.  I generate less rage when I’m chasing you and your new friends around then when I pull them and get hit, okay?  What the fuck. 

Don’t “lol it’s just a low level instance” at me.  What are you going to do when your poor tank hits 80?  Oh that’s right, berate them for not knowing how to tank, BECAUSE YOU HAD TO BE TARDBUCKETS LEVELING UP AND DIDN’T EVEN LET THEM TRY TO DO IT RIGHT.

I’m going tree, assholes.  Fuck you.

…why yes, this has been a healer blog with a lot of tank rage going on lately.  That’s part of the problem of altitis, of course.  Also, healing is inherently different from tanking.  In healing, stupid DPS can make my life harder, to be sure…but stupid DPS can make tanking well nigh impossible.   Haet.  Haet so muuuuuch.

So yes, the drood will get transferred, dual specced into tree, and handed BoA gear.  Then I will heal by WAVING MY ARMS YAY.   Then you’ll hear more about being a tree and a shamananan…and I’ll try to squeeze out some more disc specific stuff for ICC.   Why, we go into ICC25 man tonight!  zomg!

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Fuck You, Sunken Temple

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On Heroics and Altitis

So many toons, so little time.  My priest needs some badges still, because I…still have some trophys in my bag to make use of.   My hunter needs badges because she only has two pieces of t9 and also has some other gear to replace.  She’s also back to being my primary alt, since I fail at shadow priesting and use her to step in for 2 heal situations. 

My paladin technically could use upgrades, but she’s gathering dust.  We don’t need her right now.  My warrior could use a LOT of badges and I do like warrior tanking, but if you’ve been reading along you’re also aware of the fits of screaming rage pugs cause me with her.  O NOES BLUES WHY DIDN’T YOU DING WITH PURPLES YOU FAIL TANK.

A lot of that is related to speed.  People want fast, so that they can run more heroics and get more badges.  Blizzard is even catering to this, nerfing certain longer instances.

Oh, Blizzard.  I don’t want you encouraging people to be speed happy douchebags.  Speed happy douchebags (be they healers who bail, DPS that pulls first, or tanks that rush ahead and pull half a room at a time) are annoying.   No, no, more than annoying.  Rage inducing.

I mean I want to run more heroics, sure!  I just want to run more heroics with people who aren’t dicks.  I guess that the nerfs will make it easier on my poor warrior-assuming, of course, that I can ever bring myself to touch her again-in one respect…but…meh.


Of course I understand that Blizzard is trying to curb one kind of stupid (bailing on lengthy instances) with these changes.  I also understand that they can’t do anything about the kind of stupid that is irritating me (o hai, jerkfaces)*.   But you know what? I’m going to bitch, anyway, because it keeps me from throwing things around the room.

But if you’re going to nerf something, can it be those first whelp pulls in Oc?  I hate those things, they’re annoying.  :(

*Rating systems scare me, exactly because I CAN seem to be the worst tank in the world sometimes.  D:

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