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Some Bite With My Bark

When I first rolled my druid back in Vanilla, I just wanted to run around as a cat.  I leveled her as a full cat druid into her 30s then dropped her in the dust bin for awhile.  When I picked her back up in Wrath, she got a shiny tree dual spec because I was interested in resto druids, and because DPS queues were a pain. 

…and then I still spent forever waiting for a tank.  I tried tanking in cat spec and that was awful, so I concocted some hybrid bastard spec of CatBeardom and muddled my way through when not waving my branches.

Finally, at 64, I gave up on cat.  I am an AWFUL cat.  I retooled my feral spec for All Bear, All The Time…

…and proceeded to have an aching wrist from doing nothing but frantically spamming my swipe button.  That lovely rotation I researched?  Only for bosses, apparently.  If I do anything on trash other than “roar + maul/swipe macro spam” then boom, loose mobs everywhere.  I’m glaring at you, mages and warlocks and death and decay happy death knights.

My lacerate button sits on my bar, mostly unloved.

I like bear tanking–like my paladin, it seems a little more forgiving to idiocy (both my own, and on behalf of others).  On the other hand, I have multiple o snap buttons like my warrior.  Psych (as she is now known) seems likely to make it to 80 at this point.  Will she tree, or bear, or both?  That is the question…

Of course, the name Psychiatree is cute on a tree and a little odd on a bear…

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