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GnomeClone Adventures: Things That Piss Me Off

So far, being a Gnome Clone–at least, when among other Gnome Clones–has been delightful. I dinged 24 last night and now begin assembling the gear we’ve decided on. Since we’re going to be dipping our toes in the water of instances a wee bit ouchy to us for some of the gear that we need, I’ve been trying to assemble the best gear that I could along the way, but I’ve…be having trouble with that.

The only way to guarantee that you get a drop from an instance should it appear is to go in a full guild run. That’s just the way of things as far as I’m concerned, if I run it with pugs I always risk the chance that another member of the party will need it and win the roll.

That’s the thing though: I stand a chance of that happening. But I’ve experienced something…annoying.

You see, I’m re-discovering (gasp!) that people are assholes. Over fucking lowbie loot.  More than once now I’ve grouped with people who are all from the same guild/server, and each time they thought it was fine and dandy to all roll on loot I was trying for and give it to the priest/mage/whomever among them that really wanted it.

Seriously, guys? It’s a piece of fucking lowbie gear and all 4 of you are going to roll on those cloth shoulders?

Why don’t you just go fuck yourselves up the ass with a pine cone while you’re at it?

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You are doing WHAT to my ice cubes?

MMO-Champ, in their merry datamining, dug up a teensy little change that none the less causes much flailing on my end: a 1.5 second cast time on hungering cold, which is currently instant.

Let’s do a quick review of what I use my beloved ice cubes for, shall we?

-a spell interrupt when my others are on cooldown (PvE and PvP)
-a way to stop spinny mobs of doom (PvE)
-an emergency “oh god this mob got loose HERE TANK GET IT” form of “CC” (PvE)
-a way to really piss off horde that are going for the same mining node I am (PvP) (MAI PYRITE BITCHES)
-A way to protect the flag carrier from being hounded  (PvP)
-an AoE interrupt (o hai Cho’gal worshippers)
-Randomly, just to confuse people and to bring me delight (PvE and PvP!)

I may have forgotten something, but that is my general list of Things I Use Hungering Cold for as a frost DK. I use it a lot and love it to death. It’s also, importantly, a mandatory talent–you need it to pick up Howling Blast at the end of the tree.

Do you know how many of those uses are compatible with a cast time of 1.5 seconds?

None of them. Not a single god damned one. Except maybe the confuse and delight one, but then it would throw off my rotation more and this reduce my DPS and precious e-peen.

What the fuck, Blizz?

You can go ahead and nix that change right now.  >:|

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Search Terms of the Week

My favorite search terms of the week:

“the sexodar” (People still go there?)
“bastion of twilight penesis” (Where?)
“how to ascendant council” (how I mine for fish?)
“mine seagulls” MINE?  MINE?
“amber is a dork”  (yes, yes she is, by why was this a search term?)
“fucked up dragon on speed”
“omg every1 knoes dks cant tank lol nub”  (LOL)

“what does it mean when you say “what is this i dont even””  will be explained by the ultimate winner of the week!  Here it is:

“www you jizz fuck my sister”
I’m not kidding guys:

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Camping Loque, FOREVER

I want to find whoever thought it would be an awesome idea to give spirit beasts multiple spawn points and beat them soundly.

Back in The Day, I camped Humar.  He had a 7 hour spawn timer but only appeared in one place.   He was easy to camp–you sat under the tree and waited.  If someone else tamed him, you knew it and could wander off until later. 

You don’t have that luxury with Loque.  Maybe he spawned somewhere else and was killed, or was tamed, but you’d never know.  You just know that you must do laps around Sholozar, forever, because when you leave is when he will spawn.  You know it. 

I spent a good 5 hours of my snow day doing periodic laps around the basin between camping my favorite spot.  Once when I was tabbed out reading I heard SilverDragon ping.  Oh my god! He sp–

No.  No, King Krush apparently spawns in that location, too.  Hopes dashed and anger riled, I tamed out him of spite.

Just in damn for another hunter to swoop down and say “Gwuh”.  Oops.


By this point, years into my casual hunt, it’s comically exasperating.  I have tamed–or passed up the chance to tame–every other Wrath spirit beast.  I did exactly one pass searching for Gondria and found the other two by accident.  I’ve stumbled across the other two rares in Sholozar.  Yet the beast I actually search for eludes me.


ETA:  Psst!  Mortigan the lock is back, and he’s not even a dirty hordie anymore!  Go say hi!

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If you are a public figure, it is my belief that you have a certain amount of rseponsibilty to totally not be an ass.  After all, whether you want to or not, you are setting an example.

This applies even on a smaller scale–even on our scale, here in the World of Warcraft flavored corner of the internets.  I am the GM of Stands in Bad.  I know that my behavior refelcts on my guild, so I try–in general–to not be an ass, because that affects other people (we want awesome people to join the guild, not turn away because I gave in to the urge to be a raging buttnugget one moody evening). 

I am a blogger and not the smallest fish in the pond (hi guys!), so my behavior reflects on other bloggers/priests/hunters/deathnuggets/whatever I am that week.   This is another solid reason to not be a total jerk face even if everyone around me is being one.

And that’s why behavior like Frostheim’s gets my goat.

Regardless of the fact that he “may” have not known that oops, pulling that boss will wipe the group, pulling a boss without everyone else is still a dickish thing to do.   Yes, if he said no to the optional bosses they should not have gone ahead to try to do them anyway, but contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t give you the right to be an ass.

I only do heroics when I have time to do heroics.  This means that I do not do heroics (unless with guildies) right before a raid, even if I have an hour to spare, because 1) queues are mercurial in temperment and length 2) you never know what will happen and 3) I hate feeling pressured for time.

Frostheim said that he “can’t stand people who leave halfway through a heroic — as if they didn’t know how long it would take them”.   But wiping the group because you were short on time was okay, though?

No, sweetheart, that’s not how it works.  Again, I’m not excusing the rest of the group.  But you are Frostheim, a fairly visible member of the hunter community.  A community that’s already suffered under a negtive stereotype, I might add.

Don’t add to it, cockwaffle.*

*I am fully away of the irony granted by scolding someone about their behavior while tossing around words like cockwaffle.  But I’m not scolding him for his language, damn it.

Also this post should count towards my NaNo word count for the day.  YOU MADE ME ANGRY ENOUGH TO STEP AWAY FROM MY NANO, FROSTHEIM.  /shakes fist

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Amber, did you really go for a shot of Johnny Walker mid raid last night?

Yes.  Yes I did.

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OT: Unintentional Funny

The Lost Amber jokes are by now so old as to almost be tiresome.  In fact, now it seems that they are unintentionally haunting me IRL.

It’s 8:20–I don’t start work for 10 minutes, so I’m hiding in the back room reading a book.  One of the regular employees wanders in a few minutes early and asks my co-worker, “Where’s the other girl?  Did she get lost?”

I’m surprised she didn’t head the THUMP of my head hitting the desk.

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Things You Should Not Tank With

I was digging through my screenshot folder when I ran into my actual reasons for not tree-druiding in pugs anymore.  Here are the three gentlemen I ran into.  On the same.  Fucking.  Day.

GOOGLE.  USE IT, MOTHERFUCKERS.  If you have BoA gear, you should really know better.  Or at least know where you can learn better.

And last but not least, just for the fun of it, my very own DK tank:

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