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Baby Rogues and Awesome People

I rolled a gnome priest.  She was so cute I rolled her again on another (RP) server.  Then I rolled a human hunter.  Then a gnome rogue.  Then a human rogue.  I’m indecisive, have too many servers I want to play on, and love rolling characters.

So far it’s the human rogue that I’m leveling, if by leveling you mean get to level 8.  I’m terrible at rogues because I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to die at least as many times as I’ve dinged.  Cata or not, I’m still reminded of why I quit rogues the FIRST time, 5 years ago!

I might turn the gnome rogue into a PvP twink just for lulz.  That and then I wouldn’t have to level her much.  Duh.  >.>

In other news, I have to say that the WoW community is hilariously awesome.  There’s a bunch of us–some bloggers, some not–who have formed a surprisingly tight knit Twitter community.  Think what you will of Twitter, our little corner of it is…unique.  When the Lil Ragnaros and Baby Moonkin pets were put into the shop yesterday Twitter exploded–both with people squeeing with glee, and with a few sad laments of how some people didn’t have the money to spare right then.

Now Cranky Tank and I extremely lucky these days, and having been kindly gifted with some money lately, I wanted to pass along some cheer by gifting one of the pets to someone.

…the problem is that I keep getting beaten to it.  Everytime I go “oh oh that person, I’ll get them one!” SOMEONE ELSE DOES IT FIRST.

I’m sitting here giggling because my niceness is being thwarted by other people being entirely too nice faster than I can manage.

It’s easy to forget all about asshats today. 

Still have a baby moonkin looking for a home, too! ;)

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