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Adventures of a Bear Tank

ICC continues well for us.

I have nothing better to do while waiting for the raid to asemble than sit there and trash talk Tirion.  But there’s nothing terriblyamusing to report on that front just yet, so let’s turn our attention to…

THE BABY BEAR.  Having multiple healers AND tanks, I’ve learned to be considerate of my healer’s mana.  This is usually the mark of a Good Tank ™.  I’m starting to understand why so many tanks are confused on this issue, however…

Well, okay!  This happened to be in Mana Tombs (I believe) and those first couple of pulls almost always seem to come en masse.  I guess a bear is just so adorable and hug-worthy that any mob within line of sight feels left out and comes to say hi.

Yeah you “managed” okay….


I feel that it’s always wise to start an instance will full mana and get a feel for the tank over a couple of pulls before you go “lol, I am fine with only a smidge of mana!”  If I hadn’t been quick with the oh shit buttons, that would have been a wipe…on the first pull of mana tombs.  Becuase someone felt like yelling “gogogo” at me instead of drinking.


Silly people.

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First Impressions of RS

Enjoy the view when you first walk in because it’s a lot of pain after this.

Imagine you’re a guild in about the same state is BoO.  You’re still working on ICC normal, on the last boss or two, or only recently downed LK.  You like your pity buff.  You’ve gotten kind of used to said pity buff, though.

Ruby Sanctum is going to be a bucket of cold water to you.  OS, it is not.

This is trash.  You remember trash, don’t you?  REAL trash, now, not that pansy ass shit.  See the marks on it?  Yeah, we put those marks up there after we wiped to this trash once.  Drag out your dim memories of having a “kill order” and blow off the dust.

DI: sometimes it’s only to save on the caster’s repair bill.  Bye bye, Ori!

As to the end boss, all I have to say is “OW, ORBS”.  When uh, we actually kill him, I’ll let you know, mmkay?

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OT/BoO Bash: How to Warlock Floor Tank IRL

Cirsi, Expert Warlock Floortank

Step 1: Spec into Small Person for lower Alcohol Resistance. 
Step 2: Ask the co-GM and tankadin for one of his infamous versions of a screwdriver.
Step 3: After finishing that, ask the co-GM (who is, incidentally, Russian and thus has vodka for blood) for something that will “fuck you up”
Step 4: Drink it and then stumble into another room.  Congrats, you got what you wanted and will have floor aggro for HOURS.
Step 5: Regret.
Step 6: Hangover.

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If true this is not even funny.  :P

“Thanks” to Mork for e-mailing this to me while I’m down at my parents.

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Friday Funnies: Perverted Numbers

Yesterday I was promoted to the role of BoO’s recruitment officer. In honor of the occasion, here’s my favorite method of recruitment – screenshot posts – here’s some silly (and uhm, NSFW) things we’ve been up to lately.

I have to preface this with something that is true, but no one ever believes.

This is our lovely GM, who absolutely does not hold grudges.

Just because she’s a disc priest doesn’t mean that she makes fun of holy priests and call them fail angels.

When you get on her good side, you get a gold star. What’s the opposite of gold stars?

Sometimes in the guild we have very serious discussions about important matters.

Breaks during raids are an opportune time for such serious discussions.

Here’s one of our members, who is chaos personified. If he doesn’t pull extra trash, it’s not a BoO raid.

Everyone’s favorite BoO meme – Eviscerate’s balls.

We love Evee.

I am an extremely classy lady (dinner is good too).




Click to embiggen!

Boredem + Raid + Noblegarden =

You have to click it to really get the idea.

The bunny does not fear the Cranky Tank.

Things you should be glad I don’t say.

The kicker: in party, he said “please kick me from group so I don’t get the debuff” before he DC’d.

BRB transferring servers.

It’s rather like telling children to never do ____.

Instead of thinking “gee, I’m about to die and this is going to suck” I thought “gee, this will be an AWESOME screen shot opportunity for the blog!”

Officers sometimes get into MToD wars, but I can cheat and take away their ability to edit.  Also, it’s “throne”, nub.   Fuck you!

No, the GM’s weren’t goofing off during the LK pull, not at all. 

Time Out = Mute.

And just because:

Those guys don’t know how lucky they are that I remain BM just to save their egos… (Jamethera,#4)

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Amber’s Musings on Druid Altness

There’s a lot of fuss going around about the potential change to tree form.  I’ve been sitting here blinking at it.  I don’t understand the kerfluffle, but then, I’m also a product of a by-gone WoW era.

There are, for example, no less than three resto druids in this screenshot.

Ah, Celonious.  A brother paladin.  Twig, the tank who never remembered his Onyxia cloak.  Art, one of our MTs (Cranky Tank’s predecessor, actually).  Delbok, one of our two perpetual locks.  And…the druids, Leola, Koufax, and Etheralmoon.

When you played a druid, you saw leaves–on your gear.  You hid your god awful moose antlers.  You watched your character do yoga as they cast spells.  As an elf.

There was no tree.  Tree didn’t exist–for what, two years? 

Eh.  So tree might become a cooldown.  I’m no fan of night elf models, to be sure–I hate the eyebrows.  I hate the crazy, long ass ears.

But it sure as hell beats looking like a stalk of broccoli forgotten on the kitchen counter. 

Color me unusual in this opinion, I suppose.

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April Fools!

I hate this holiday, because there are a lot of unfunny “jokes” made about serious things. HOWEVER, Blizzard always does it right – they embrace lighthearted fun with their April 1st jokes, and that’s something that I can always get behind. For those of you who can’t access the armory from work today, here’s what you have to look forward to when you get home!

As someone who fell in love with the tuskarr the first time I saw them in the Howling Fjord, I’m thrilled with this! WTB some sort of title for the people who are exalted with the Kalu’ak and want to show their Wilford Brimley Tribe pride. :D

Amber Edit: You can see some more stuff here and here!

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