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Wait, 4.1 did what?

If you’re like me, you looked at the patch notes and noted the tweaks and didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to it.  I mean, I raided on Wednesday and Thursday and did more DPS than I had been and didn’t think too much of it*…

…and then someone said “Hey Amber, did you know were were supposed to DPS in unholy presence now?”

Cue me going “What?”

So if, like me, you only JUST optimized your gear a week ago and hadn’t really thought about having to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, and TOTALLY MISSED THIS SHIT, here are the chages to DW frosty goodness as spewed forth by the people who like doing math more than I do:

  • No more Blood Strike! (nooo now my bars are uneven!)
  • DPS in Unholy Presence (wat)
  • Stat priority changed to hit > expertise > haste > mastery > crit

Haste over mastry?!?!?

Unholy presence?!?!?!

Um, okay, if you say so!

And yes, I realize I’m late to the party. Derp derp…

*The change to rocket boots (boosts, whatever) also went mostly unobserved and ended up killing me when I tried to rocket back from a wipe.  Thanks, Blizz.  I was staring at my screen trying to figure out why they were on CD but I hadn’t blown up or anything, and then I died.  From a fuel leak.  Awesome.

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Rarely fail my ass.

I forgot to crop it, apparently.  Oops! 


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BWD: The Elevator Boss

Don’t mock me for writing this strat.  The Elevator Boss has claimed many lives, including several members of SiB.  It may have even claimed some of them more than once.

Tips and Tricks:

As I discovered personally, the engineer’s habit of reaching for his parachute in times of crisis will not serve you well here.  While it’s true you will not splatter on the ground, you will slowly…casually…glide right into the lava.  Where you will die.  And you will not be able to be rezzed by a snickering guildie and you will have to run your arse right back into the instance to brave the elevator again.  I can only imagine that levitate or slowfall will have the same result without perfect timing.

Trying to heroic leap off the elevator early to show off how awesome you are will, more often than not, result in you making an awesome blood smear.  Right Pix?

For the highest chance of not dying, stop on the edge of the elevator platform and wait patiently.  Do not tab out–this is not a dawdling elevator.  By the time you belatedly look over from your 2nd monitor and 4chan to realize that it’s there, you will wander off the edge only to find that it has already left.  Wait and run onto the platform as soon as you see it, especially if you’re laggy.

Levitating someone else to make them float into the lava pit/splatter is cruel.  Hilarious, but cruel.  Lifegrip can also be abused in amusing ways, proving that priests are OP and need to be nerfed.

Someone else with more forethought than I was kind enough to provide images for this tough boss encounter!  You can find them here.  Or here, here, and here if the WoW forums are blocked but you can see imageshack.

Remember, avoiding higher repair bills can be as good as loot!

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