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You can GO GO GO straight to fucking hell.

I made a mistake last night. Our second 10 man folded due to a last minute cancellation, and the new priest wanted to run heroics, so I thought I would offer to go with. I needed a few more VP for another piece of  gear, anyway.  So. Another guildie who is also new to the guild was tagging along as well, which would put us at a healer and 2 DPS. Eeeenh.  Surely I can tank a Zulroic with 2 pugs and not want to shank people!

No.  Absolutely not.

I have not run the 5 man ZA and ZG much at all.  In fact, I’d say I’ve MAYBE done them each twice, and none of that was terribly recent. I tanked one of them once, but I don’t even remember which one it WAS, so my familiarity is…lacking.

And I’m not a very confident tank. I function fine as a raid tank for my guild, where I know the people and I know the fights. Throw me into an instance that I don’t know very well–where, in fact, I have old memories of tanking it when it was a raid layered over everything–and I slow down a bit, and flail a bit more.

I was, apparently, not fast enough for the pug hunter. Now, I was already head scratching at this hunter because he kept tossing down frost traps. Not the ice cube making trap of helpful CCness.  Not the fire trap of more damageness.  Not even the snake trap of LOLSNAKESness.  No, no he was throwing the frost trap down…on trash that did NOT contain scouts…for no apparent reason. Now, I got my hunter to 85 and then proceeded to not do much with her, but I don’t recall that suddenly becoming useful.

And then he started the GO GO GO nonsense.  I paused and told him, politely, that I was not a tank that liked to be rushed. He then proceeded to ANGRILY AND IN CAPS yell at me when I did not move the next boss fast enough (see: lack of familiarity with fights). I became less polite at this point, telling him to chill or to go back to enjoying long ass DPS queues because no one likes to tank for assholes. Later on in the instance, after a pull went…less than well, he told me he sucked and left.


I’m now back to never tanking for a heroic group containing any pugs at all.  I’ll go sit in my long ass DPS queue.

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This post has nothing to do with anything.  Except this.



So about that haste thing.

I finally got a chance to raid with all of my gear at least reforged to reflect the 4.1 changes and the DW frost DK’s new love for haste.

Just to give you an idea, I did 13.5k DPS in BH last night when I forgot to swap out of my PvP gear. Of course, I also DIED on trash because I yanked aggro off the pugged tank, so… >.> There is an increased risk, as well.

Throw me in a raid with actual PvE gear on (heh) and 15k on boss fights seems to be typical. This is a nice boost up from what it was pre-patch, so change good in that regard.

I can see why some people feel that it’s hectic. I found it less so, but then, my attention was caught by the ‘dead spaces’ in which I had nothing to do. It seems as if there’s a few more of those than there used to be. 

I blame the loss of blood strike, which was my “hmm, I need a button to press” go-to sometimes. Perhaps I will just restlessly spam horn of winter in these spaces instead, where the DPS warrior can promptly overwrite it with a shout.

That, or just run circles around non-cleaving trash mobs some more.  >.>

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A Melee DPS Visual Guide To Council

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Why I Love Being A Frost Death Knight

/dives onto ore node

/rogue appears, stabs

/casts Hungering Cold

/resumes mining

/mounts and flies away

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