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Druid Transmog: Aedeminar

I forgot Aedeminar–aka Mina–in my “Now” post, so I thought I would make amends for it by posting her transmog. Although now primarily a healer, Aedeminar will never forget her feral roots, and retains something of a practical streak while still wanting to be “druid-y”. This is her current transmog and I’m rather fond of it.


Helm: Cenarion Helm (actually displayed more often than not, just happened to not be when this shot was taken)
Shoulders: Ravenholdt Shoulders (practical, yet with hints of the purple I want to bring out in this outfit. There’s another, identical set of shoulders you can grab instead, too)
Chest: Malfurion’s Vestments of Conquest (because druid t9 was awesome)
Gloves: Wild Draenish Gloves (because Mina likes purples, but can be easily replaced by another Ravenholdt peice)
Boots: Vicious Wyrmhide Boots (not that they matter much under the robe)
Belt: Arctic Belt
Weapon: Queen’s Insignia (because finding druidy maces on the AH suck and this one was simple and green)

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