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Help Yourself

I don’t mind helping guildies, I really don’t.  In fact, I think some of our noobs are adorable (Shootnmoove?  He reminds me of myself as a nub hunter…aww).  But when you ask for help (how I gem 4 pally tank?) and I send you to a lovely link (gemming in flowchart form is just epic)…then I’m going to get cranky when a few days later it is once again, how I gem 4 tank?




I have no trouble finding good resources for you, but then you had damn well better USE them!  I’m not going to answer the same question 5 times.   Two times, maybe, because we’ve all been too lazy to tab out, but then it had better be “Stam/avoidance, right?”  rather than flat out “how i gem!!”

Small rant aside, now to lol up your Monday:

Eviserate may be the One and Only Rogue I like, but that doesn’t save him from being made fun of.



Thursday Random

Serious raids are serious.

This is...not the first time I've seen 2nd degree burns as a reason to miss a raid.

Things I do to annoy Jov

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NaNo Cop Out Post Take #24

All I’m doing…is talking about plans to meet up with some of my guild mates IRL…and then all of a sudden…

Kyrilean:  i think you’re trying to enslave us all!
 me:  how so?!
 Kyrilean:  one gm to rule them all
one gm to find them
one gm to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them
 me:  …wtf is wrong with you
Kyrilean:  there seriously is not enough time
 Kyrilean:  and this is gonna end up in a post, isn’t it?…
 me:  …probably

And then:

Arrens:  /nod
Sounds about right.
Amber = Succubus.


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