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Hello, Goodbye…

I think it’s past time to close up shop here at ILB land. I don’t have a lot of WoW talk to share these days, and despite making an attempt or two, can’t bring myself to blog non-WoW stuff here, either.

But fear not!  You can find me over here form now on, instead. I promise I will still toss out the occasional flowchart, the content will just be a lot more…random in topic.

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If Your RP Creeps Out Half The Server…

RP has actually been my primary WoW focus outside of raiding lately, so in the interest of breaking radio silence, RP shall be the topic today.

First, I would like to declare that I have no problem with darker themes in role play. There need to be ‘not nice’ people in the world, after all, but playing the part of the villain needs to be done with caution.

Everyone knows (I hope) that physically maiming or killing another character isn’t something that should be done without permission. Even ‘simple’ thievery should be broached OOCly beforehand. unfortunately, it seems as if I have to add if you character intends to sexually assault and/or rape another character, maybe you should bring it up OOCly first.

For fuck’s sake, people. This isn’t just a “Hm, this could really affect the character” type thing, it’s a “You know, this sort of crime is distressingly common IRL, I might accidentally bring up some really unhappy memories for people this way.”

There has been a thief-type character on my RP server targeting various women on the server for more than simple theft. If this was done respectfully it would be one thing, but it’s not. When my rogue was approached by this guy, I looked at the situation and saw it as a set-up. I figured being robbed was likely, but didn’t peg it as anything worse than that, and decided to go along with it because if you dangle enough gold in front of my street waif she’s going to let some of her natural caution go a bit. You can imagine my eyebrow quirking when the RP turned…elsewhere. Now I had the wherewithal to cut the RP short and handle it ICly and OOCly without it bothering me, but that’s not going to be the case for everyone.  At least one of the other victims was a new RPer on her first character who had no idea she could step up and go hey, this isn’t okay. Elune on a mother fucking pogo stick, people! If your RP creeps out half the server, YOU MIGHT BE GOING ABOUT IT WRONG.

This particular issue is being handled ICly (the Stormwind Guard are now involved) as well as being brought up OOCly. I do hope that this is channeled into less creepy avenues from here on out, because WoW is for having fun, not…trauamtizing people.

This shouldn’t even have to be a mother fucking topic!

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What is this I don’t even

I left Lyr in the image so that you can appreciate this happening when I’m on my priest and not my DK.

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The New Recruit Curse

Murphy’s Law states that if we have a new recruit along–either one thinking of joining, or one who just shelled out good money to transfer on the grand assumption that we don’t actually suck–we will, in fact, suck. At least a bit.

Of course the poor guy gets his first run with us on a night when we’re intentionally wiping on bosses for legendary shenanigans, so that’s splendid. Welcome to the guild, have some repair bills*. But theeeeen we proceeded to wipe on trash.  Three times.

‘Shit, where did these scorpions come from?”
/raid splatters

….x2. Add in some fun with the fire elemental gauntlet and, well.


SiB can’t be the only guild afflicted with this curse, though…can it?


*Gbank paid, though–we’re not that cruel.

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Guild Culture

The culture of a guild is often a key point in guild selection. If you’re a very silly person in a very serious guild (or vice versa), chances are people will be rubbed the wrong way. Being a super serious raider in a casual raiding guild will drive everyone crazy–you’ll think they’re slackers, they’ll think you’re an elitst cumbucket, and no one will be happy.

Matching your personality to that of your guild is important–so tell me, why the hell do people stay in guilds they don’t like?

I set the tone of my guild more so than some GMs, in large part because so many recruits come from the blog. If you like the blog you usually have at least an appreciation for crude humor and absolute silliness, making Stands in Bad absolute hell for anyone who can’t stand a lot of penis jokes.

We had a guildie put in an app to another guild for his main and state that he had me on ignore because I “said stupid things”.  And WORSE YET, when he’d complain?  Everyone else would chime in and say THE SAME STUPID THINGS.  Those Hyperbole and a Half quotes, man, aren’t they terrible?

He took his main out of the guild but left all his alts in, which confuses me terribly. If you hate the guild jokes so much–and they are all very much guild jokes by this point, WE ALL SAY ALL THE THINGS–why the bloody hell are you still around, shitting up the place with your poor attitude? And just to be clear I’m not talking about poor attitude meaning he just doesn’t like my jokes. I mean there’s been shit-stirring forum posts and the like during some other recent drama.

Let’s face it, in any given personality conflict situation, this sort of thing is what often ends up happening.  The person who doesn’t fit in gets upset, and if s/he doesn’t just quietly leave some day, s/he usually starts acting up. Next thing you know they are stirring up shit and you often have no idea why. 

Now I hate gkicking people, I really do, and the more tied up you are to other people, the more I hate doing it.  In a case like this it’s even weirder: what do I say as to my reasoning? You’ve been kind of a giant cockmonger lately and we know you don’t like us anyway,  so why don’t you get the fuck out?

It all comes back to the initial question for me: If people don’t like the guild, why do they stay?  I can understand if a raid spot is important to you, but if you’re not raiding, what keeps you?  If it’s for some particular group of friends, are they happy in the guild?  If they are but you’re not, and you find yourself getting increasingly bitter over stuff, don’t you stop to think that maybe you’re starting to make it less enjoyable for them?

Guild culture is critically important for me–if I don’t like the atmosphere and the people, I’m not staying, and that’s seems to be the attitude of most people. Is there a motivation I’m missing here? Are level 25 guilds that awesome still? Is there an enjoyment some people take in pissing in the pool?

I boggle, internet.

ETA: WordPress just killed me with lulz.

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You’re right, WordPress.  Cumbucket should really be a tag.

Now it is.

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Adventures in MS Paint: Lord Rhyolith


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You are doing WHAT to my ice cubes?

MMO-Champ, in their merry datamining, dug up a teensy little change that none the less causes much flailing on my end: a 1.5 second cast time on hungering cold, which is currently instant.

Let’s do a quick review of what I use my beloved ice cubes for, shall we?

-a spell interrupt when my others are on cooldown (PvE and PvP)
-a way to stop spinny mobs of doom (PvE)
-an emergency “oh god this mob got loose HERE TANK GET IT” form of “CC” (PvE)
-a way to really piss off horde that are going for the same mining node I am (PvP) (MAI PYRITE BITCHES)
-A way to protect the flag carrier from being hounded  (PvP)
-an AoE interrupt (o hai Cho’gal worshippers)
-Randomly, just to confuse people and to bring me delight (PvE and PvP!)

I may have forgotten something, but that is my general list of Things I Use Hungering Cold for as a frost DK. I use it a lot and love it to death. It’s also, importantly, a mandatory talent–you need it to pick up Howling Blast at the end of the tree.

Do you know how many of those uses are compatible with a cast time of 1.5 seconds?

None of them. Not a single god damned one. Except maybe the confuse and delight one, but then it would throw off my rotation more and this reduce my DPS and precious e-peen.

What the fuck, Blizz?

You can go ahead and nix that change right now.  >:|

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 Fuzzbutt:  O.O
 Fuzzbutt:  so apparently there’s a bug
causing runes to NOT HAVE A COOLDOWN
 me:  looooooooooooool
 Fuzzbutt:  that somehow made it out of the PTR

brb killing all the horde (if only–stupid work)

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An Argument for DBM

Sounds silly that we’d need an argument FOR DBM, right?  I mean, who DOESN’T use DBM, or their favorite equivilant?

Yeah, about that. Anyone who has ever tried to require an addon knows that someone, somewhere, will bitch about it. Back in BoO I tried to make everyone use DBM, but it was really hard when my co-GM couldn’t be arsed to use it himself.

“You don’t notice,” he’d brag.  “I know the fights.”

“Steve,” I said wearily, or more often angrily, “I notice every single god damn time you ask how long it is until something happens and I have to look at my DBM timers and tell you.”

He may have gotten away with that in Wrath, but such an attitude is a total no-go in Cata.  Fights are chaotic with MANY things to pay attention to, and stay out of–or in!  Add in trying to keep on top of your rotation and procs an you’re going to miss some things.

No, you will.  You WILL.  You absofuckingloutely WILL, stop arguing with me–oh here, look.  IT’S SCIENCE.

“Well,” some of the problem children may splutter, “SOME people notice.  SOME people can split their attention better.  I’m one of them.” 

Really?  Every single fight?  You’re never tired or distracted or have a cat walk in front of you or otherwise need of GIANT BLUE TEXT?

I call bullshit.

Go install the god damned mod.

(Thankfully I don’t have this problem with anyone in SiB, but I figured that someone, somewhere…)

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