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I Am That Crazy Healer In Your PUGs

When a guildie offered to pop into queue for FoS as heals so that my hunter wouldn’t languish forever, I gladly accepted.  After proving to myself, yet again, that THE TRINKET DOES NOT EXIST, I hopped over to Lyrandre to return the favor.

It’s at the point now where anything but Halls of Reflection is boring.  Thus I feel almost compelled to apologize to any group I’m in beforehand, because boredom does bad things to me.

Imagine this: you zone in to Forge of Souls.  Your healer screams in party, “IF THE TRINKET DROPS WHILE I AM ON MY PRIEST I SWEAR BY ALL THAT IS HOLY THAT I WILL DROWN A KITTEN.”

You’d probably look at her at least a little bit sideways.  Anyway, you move on.  You make the first pull.  This time the charming little space goat says something along the lines of “Bubble, PoM, renew, nap.”  The other priest in the group laughs knowingly.  Apparently napping isn’t actually on the agenda however, because during the next two pulls she is…hopping around the group casting Holy Nova?

Moments later you see “HOLY FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE” as she casts said spell on one of the mobs.  The ret pally by this point is giving some of the casters hugs, but the priest does catch her before she dies.  “Oh,” she says.  “Someone actually needed healing.”

The paladin, blessedly in the spirit of the moment, replied with “I’m just helping to keep you awake.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have raided the easter chocolate,” your healer confesses.  Aha.

The run continues uneventfully–and deathlessly–with the priest happily running  around the party in circles, casting holy nova…

 Beware asking me to heal heroics for you, I guess.  >.>

(The trinket my hunter wants did not drop, but that just adds more weight to my theory that IT DOESN’T EXIST.)

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When I first started this blog, my priest was a baby!alt and I was still, first and foremost, a holy paladin.  You can see my dusty, out dated paladin stuff still there on the sidebar.

Then the priest hit 80, became my main, and it was all about disc flavored bubbles from there.  I was so frustrated with holy paladins that I specced her prot and tanked for a bit.  Now she’s essentially retired, down to being logged out in her level 60 gear. 

I have, however, somewhat regretted the lack of paladin-bubble flavor in this blog.   When my dear Celaeno (Orithea?) posted earlier that she felt odd posting paladin stuff in her Disco Priest blog, I went…hmm.


I have now extended her author privileges to I Like Bubbles, so she can pepper us with her delightful paladiny goodness.

I Like Bubbles, now with restored hearthing abilities.

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A year ago (give or take-technically, it was the 29th), I was sitting at work.  Almost no one was there and I was bored as hell.  I worked through all the blogs that I read and eventually ran out of interesting, unblocked internet to read.

So…I decided to write a blog.  I never had any ambitions, I just wanted to pass the time at work and perhaps entertain/post the occasional useful tidbit.  When I started, I had a holy paladin chewing through Naxx and a baby disc priest…

…and now I’ve given up the holy paladin gig for tanking bubbles, and the priest has stolen the spot light.

All in all, it’s been an amazing year!  I can’t believe that I now regularly get over a thousand hits a day.  Holy crap, that’s a lot of really bored people wandering this way!

Happy new year, merry bubbling, and may you not have much of the RL equivialant of standing in fires this upcoming year!

Me, I’ll probably be posting pictures of some of my guildies being drunk later…

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A Tale of Two Tanks: Ambrosine

I decided to carry out my little experiment.  I logged on to Ambrosine, which resulted in a small explosion of dust.  Her gear is mediocre-tanking ToC10 is really the pinnacle of her ability right now.  Despite that, it is still all epics, gemmed and enchanted and showing that I’ve managed to flail my way through several raids somehow.

I did three heroics, including Halls of Stone, which I loathe.  Things did not go flawlessly-I tried to skip a couple of mob packs to save time, which resulted in people pulling them, naturally.  The healer died at least once.  I lost control of an add here and there, even as a lolpaladin.  I was often mana starved, until I won the Winter Hat in Nexus and put it on.

Yes, folks, I ran around in a gods be damned Winter Hat (visible-see above!) and no one said a damned word.  In fact, everyone was quite nice.  This tells me a few things:
1) Even mediocre epics make a difference in people’s attitudes, or
2) I got damned lucky with the handful of heroics that I did despite every single one over the weekend being full of fail, or
3) The Ruin battlegroup is magically less fail than the Vindication battlegroup, or
4) Winter hats are awesome

Obviously this is an experiment I’ll have to continue, but the initial results are…interesting.

On another note, I was no more OOM with a disc priest healer than I was with the others.  I sure can see the geared paladin plight in the older heroics though-damn, even with Divine Plea up, I was perpetually running on fumes!  I was drinking before some pulls!  My suggestion is that you either downgrade some gear, or wear something silly (like my hat) while still remaining over def cap.  Don’t ask the disc priest to not bubble you, you’ll make me cry (and I’ll swear that it didn’t fucking matter).

ETA: If you want advice better then “wear a silly hat” go here, my fellow mana starved tankadins!

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Apparently you can two disc priest heal ToC10 up until…oh…Anub.

Then it doesn’t work so well.  :(

What the hell happened to our usual ToC10 lolfest?!  Damn you, Kotakh!  You and your dentist appointments! /shakefist

ETA:  Anub basically went like this…



….yeah.  We made it to phase 3 once, and then failed because…well…I don’t know about the other two healers, but I was OOM.  And I was sad, because normally we just roffle all over that place.  QQ.

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Warm and Fuzzy Bubbles

I don’t know what’s gotten in to me today, since I’ve been pretty angtsy lately, but today I feel…warm and fuzzy.

So, my fellow WoW bloggers-thank you.  So many have you been awesome, supportive people.   I started this little jaunt almost a year ago now and it’s been a neat experience.  Yes.  I said neat. 

To my readers-there has been of late around a thousand of you a day.  Holy crap.  While I strive to provide some amusement (even if through angry!) to lighten people’s days, or some help, or even just another soul that’s irritated at the same things you are…I never thought I’d reach that many people.  Hell, I was proud when I hit 300 hits a day.   You’ve all been pretty awesome, supportive people too.  Sometimes you’re even funnier than I am.  Thanks!

To my guildies-I heart you guys.  Thank you for sticking with us over the past couple of…years, for some you.  Thanks for putting up with my awkward flailings as GM so far.  You guys are what keep me playing, you know.  I don’t play for loot or achievements or even Spirit Beast pokemons.  I play because interacting with you guys is a riot, even if I do want to beat some of you just a little bit on occasion. 


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25s: wooooo!

So last night, BoO made its return to 25s.


We still need some solid DPS-we pugged a couple, some of our own still need work, and some alts made appearances.  Of course part of the alt fun was because two nublettes decided that it was okay to take their healer mains to a pug Ulduar25 since OMG we have so many heals right?  …and then we’re short a healer come the night of our run.  

Don’t do that.  You know who you are and you of all people should know better.  :P  Yes, we have more healers than you can shake a stick at.  Yes, you have alts that are capable of going into Ulduar25.  But you have no idea if one of our other healers might have connection issues, wife aggro, kid aggro, or whatever at the last minute.   Save your god damn mains for god damned guild runs. 

Let me tell you, the last thing I want on what is still progression content is Josh healing.  Not because Josh isn’t a fine holy paladin-he is-but because I want him tanking.  

Besides, on his pally Josh gets all up in my healing business.  “I think that not having healing assignments on this was a bad idea.”  Really?  It was a one tank fight  (pummelbot bitch doesn’t really count).  Do I have to explicitly tell you that you’re a tank healer and should therefore be on the tank?  And that the raid healers should be on the raid?  Hello?  /thwack 

If we have an excess of tank healers (and we did, last night) then I’m going to be the one on raid bitch duty.  This is fine with me as I’m the most used to it.  I really want to push the tanks to be comfortable with Celaeno, anyway.  Know the Celaeno, love the Celaeno.  I am not the only disc priest.  I do not want to be the only disc priest.   Feel the warm embrace of the other disc priest’s bubbles…  They seem a bit insecure sometimes because she’s not on vent (with reason), but they’ll have to get over it.  I’ll make them.  >:|  

I’m not sure if my tendency to hand out similar healing assignments is good, or bad.  Familiarity vs boredom?  I’m most likely to assign Kotakh the floating “assist on the tanks but watch the raid”  because I know he’ll be on top of it.  And well…raid is raid.  I could switch up the tank assignments, but…Josh wants me healing him.  So.  You try to work with that and make it interesting, damn it!

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Big Ugly Thing: Vezax Strat

General Concepts:

  • Don’t stand in shit that hurts
  • …except when it’s good for you
  • Everyone around you has cooties (ranged)
  • Oh look a gimmick


You’ll only need one tank unless you are going for the hard mode.  For the most part, it’s a basic tank and spank-stand there and let your face get beat in.  When Vezax starts casting Surge of Darkness, be sure to have some internal or external cooldowns available to survive the OMG WTF BBQ DAMAGE that he is going to inflict on you.   We did it with a prot warrior and a disc priest-cycling warrior cooldowns/trinkets plus Pain Suppression were adequate.


You need at least 4 people (9 for 25 man) standing 15 yards or more from the boss.  IF YOU ARE AN INTERRUPTER, YOU HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT JOB.  IF YOU FUCK UP YOU WIPE THE RAID.  No pressure, man, but Searing Flames is OMG BAD.  Set up a rotation and stick to it.

Mana-based ranged DPS will want to be the ones standing out at range, spread out.  You spread out for two reasons-one, to keep too many people going LA LA LA and getting hit by a Shadow Crash, and also to avoid spreading a debuff that heals the boss.  Boss healing is bad, mmkay?

Anyway, back to Shadow Crash. Think back on Hodir for a moment and the Big Snowpiles.  Run OUT of the shadow crash, and then back IN.  It’ll…fuck, screw the technical terms.  It’ll make your DPS go up and your e-penis get bigger, okay?  When not standing in the pretty shadow crash affect, do not DPS.  Wand, auto-shot, WTF ever…just don’t DPS.  Why?  BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO MOTHER FUCKING MANA REGEN.

When we did this, we assigned a hunter to Crystal Duty.   The wowiki strat has the following: “After every Surge of darkness, a melee or unoccupied ranged dps should go to kill the closest Saronite Vapor. All healers stand in until they have 6-7 debuffs, then step out. If that first regen is not enough, they can step in the vapor for another 6-7 debuffs (once they have lost the first 6-7 debuffs).”  That is…uh…not how we did it.  We had a hunter on Crystal Duty, and he would pop a crystal whenever one of the healers started whimpering and we’d run to it, rather than having the tank drag the boss around to crystals.  Any casters who found themselves needing a hit of mana later in the fight would just join in.



All three of you can heal conservatively and dance in puddles at once, or do what we did-have one healer hold off a bit, and then cycle through healers as you run low.  Please note that your third healer will be whining that he is bored if you chose the latter, though.

You can see our DPS section for the note about wowiki’s strat vs ours on the puddles.  Either way, go puddle dance when you get low on mana.  Either go find the one your  DPS popped, or QQ at someone so they pop one for you.  Oh and uh, priests?  Don’t bubble when you go puddle dance, okay?  You don’t regen mana that way.  :(  We won’t talk about how I found that out, alright?

Although the non mana regen thing sounds scary, even the healers thought this cake was loleasy after Mim.

Note to disc priests in particular: Use Pain Supression for the first Surge.  I suggest this because on one of our initial attempts, the tank called for it while I was puddle dancing.  Using it first improved the timing so that I could om nom nom mana safely. 

Also, you may  want to consider pretending to be DPS and shadow crash dancing. I don’t reccomend this for 10 man, as I found myself still doing direct healing, but for 25s it’s a thought.  Normally shadow crash decreases healing done, but guess what?  Bubbles aren’t heals!  You can cast bubbles at reduced mana cost this way.


I am not doing a Yogg Strat…because I don’t need to.  The best one ever is here.  It’s like, someone channeled from my brain and made pictures for it.  WIN!

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Why Disc Is Totally Awesome And Holy Is Not

(Disclaimer: I love holy priests, just not being one.)

  • We have LASER HEALS.
  • We can sprinkle the raid with bubbles.
  • We can put bubbles on TOP of bubbles.
  • Did I mention that we have laser heals?
  • We can make people REALLY SHINY with Pain Suppression!
  • We can make other people REALLY SPARKLY with Power Infusion!
  • We have huge….pools of mana.
  • Oh, and bubbles.  Mm, bubbles.

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Project Review Day

I have embarked on several WoW related “projects”.  I like multi-tasking, apparently.

Project One:
Fix Lyrandre’s disc gemming!

I robbed the bank and a guildie of four epic SP gems to replace the one in her helm (wtf, it’s my 8.5 helm why did it not have the epic version?) and to put THREE in her belt.  THREE GEM SLOTS IN MY BELT.  Dear crafted belt, I love you, so so much.  Every socket in her healing gear is now effectively red…

Project Two:
Fail less as a shadow priest!

We’ve recently imported a very awesome shadow priest from horde side, who is another co-worker of Mach and Zoja’s.  He totally puts me to shame, but that’s alright-I’ll abuse him as my mentor.  I’ve started tweaking my shadow gear and will sit in front of a target dummy and try a different rotation at some point…but it’s one thing to look at a list of BiS gear and another to stare at what I HAVE and try to optimize it.  Bleh!  Still, with our current bounty of excellent healers and a need to 2 heal some fights, it would behoove me to not suck as shadow.  

Project Three:
Prepare the huntard!

Jamethera the hunter, my raiding main for a large chunk of BC, is in Serious Leveling Mode.  Josh got a bug in his pants in regards to leveling his paladin, so we have every intention of hitting 80 this week.  Originally I had her in a leveling spec, but Josh flopped from ret to holy so I went ahead and threw myself into the current BM raiding spec. 

The only thing I did not account for was the lack of the hit talent in said spec.  Er…maybe that’s fine for those of you in epics, but for me starting out, not so much.  Oops!  She’s currently in a mix of blues and old epics, but with luck all of those epics will be gone by 80.  I’d hate to wear Kara gear into Naxx-I’d hate to be one of those lazy people going “lol carry me through Naxx plox and hand me epics.”

Actually, no, let me rephrase that.  I’d LOVE to be one of those people, but a sense of personal pride prevents me.  So heroics at 80 it will be until I can at least PRETEND I’m Naxx ready, and THEN I’ll be carried through Naxx and handed epics. 

I have every intent on raiding as BM because by the gods, I was BM since before the first hunter talent reset and I’ll be BM when I finally quit.  Some day, I’ll also show our other hunters how to top DPS meters without pulling aggro. 

/stares at them

Project Four:
Prepare the Warrior!

Lyestra is…still at 78.  She’s been 78 for weeks now, because I log on, get lonely, and then log off.  In between mad rushes of hunter leveling, I’ll get her to 80 on her new server (O HAI EARTHEN RING), improve her tanking gear, and…well, casually tank things.  If my friends on that server are welling to tolerate a scrub, I might even pick up a DPS spec.

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